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Author Topic: HELP: How To Get Promoted & Promotion Criteria  (Read 3422 times)

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HELP: How To Get Promoted & Promotion Criteria
« on: March 05, 2018, 07:06:16 pm »
HELP TOPIC: How to get promoted in Shadow Fleet

How to Get Promoted in Shadow Fleet

In case you were wondering, there are criteria that you have to meet in order to gain promotions. If you ever want to get past crewman or ensign you need to demonstrate potential - not just in terms of your character, but your posting ability as well.

Listed below are the different ways you can show your superiors that you deserve promotion.

General tips for gaining promotion:
  • Posting regularly
  • Avoiding spelling mistakes
  • Contributing out of missions
  • Submitting mission ideas
  • Working well with others
  • Showing initiative
  • Observing the chain of command

Enlisted Rank Promotions:
Promotion up the enlisted ranks is quicker than the commissioned rank structure.

All new players who choose the enlisted route begin as a Crewman. After they have completed their first mission and hit the 30 post mark, they are promoted to the rank of PO3. Promotions after this point are pretty much made on a time-served basis, differing only slightly, depending on each person's performance.  As long the player doesn't do anything that might jeopardize promotion, they will eventually make it to P02 and beyond.

Promotion to the rank of Petty Officer Second Class and above is more difficult.  As people move up in rank there are fewer and fewer open spots available.  Thus, players will need to compete against others holding the same rank as ships or stations may only have a certain number of each rank (past PO3) on the roster.

Enlisted personnel can elect to take the Enlisted Training Course right away.  But, they must take and pass the ETC before they are promoted to PO2.  The ETC helps new players learn how to post on the forum and helps us evaluate a person's suitability for promotion to the higher ranks.  If you are interested in taking the EPC, head along to the Shadow Fleet Academy for more information.

Commissioned Rank Promotions:
All new players who choose the commissioned route begin as an Ensign. Upon reaching 60 posts they are promoted to Lieutenant (JG).  Ensigns must take the Officer Training Course right away.  Here is the link if you need it:,7.0.html.
Note:  While Commissioned personal go through the OTC they are called Cadets, which is not an official rank recognized here at Shadow Fleet, but a term commonly used in the Star Trek Universe to describe those who have yet to complete the Academy.

To bring it into line with current military practice, commissioned promotions up the junior ranks (Ensign to Lieutenant) are based on posts and number of missions completed. This does not necessarily mean they are awarded automatically on reaching a certain post count, as promotions are ultimately at the Commanding Officer's discretion, but it does mean most people will reach the rank of Lieutenant given time. Promotions after this point are based on merit.

From a Commanding Officer's point of view, promotions to the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade) may be made at any time provided a player has met the minimum promotion criteria.

Promotion up the senior commissioned ranks - Lieutenant Commander and above - is slower than the junior or enlisted rank structure, as higher standards are expected of you. Promotion past the rank of Lieutenant is based on merit and personal contribution to the SIMM.

Promotions to the rank of Lieutenant Commander will only be made if there is a department head or first officer position available for the officer to assume. No Lieutenant Commander will be appointed as simply a department officer.

Promotion to Command Level Officer status will only occur after careful assessment of a player's activity and overall contribution to their SIMM. As a position of First Officer comes with increased moderator privileges we need to ensure that only reliable and trustworthy players are awarded this right. In return for these enhanced powers and increased responsibility on the forum, Command Level Officers are continually assessed by the Fleet Admirals. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure on Command Level Officers to perform at the level required of them and it is no easy job.

Switching to/from Enlisted to Commissioned:

It is possible to switch from one group to another.  One simply need contact his or her Commanding Officer or XO and ask to have it done.  But this should be done infrequently. 

Rules regarding alts:

If you create an alt, you do not have to retake the OTC or the ETC.  If you passed one of them previously, your new character is exempt from the OCT/ETC requirement.  However, there is a max number of alts a player can have as well as a rank cap for alts.

The maximum rank for an alt is Lieutenant/PO1. The maximum number of alts is currently 2 active alts per player plus the primary character - three characters in all. If a CLO has an alt, the alt can not also hold a SR, SO, XO, or CO role.  In addition, the alt can not hold a DH role if another candidate exists.

If you have any further questions regarding promotion in Shadow Fleet, contact your commanding officer.
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