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Shadowfleet Update 3/21/21
« on: March 21, 2021, 02:20:41 pm »
Hello all,

In light of recent events we have decided to do a bit of house cleaning and rearrangement in order to better manage and continue this wonderful site.

Carter, who has done a phenomenal job, is stepping back from active administration of the site.  They will still hold access to the admin account for maintenance and upkeeping purposes, but the day to day dealings are being shifted.

As a result, the two remaining Captains; Nevir and Ian, will be taking on the role of management of the site, as well as our respective ships. 

The three XOs, Kyle, Ruth, and T'Lara, will make up the rest of the CLO with myself and Ian.  This will be the council that runs the site and makes sure we are all in communication and transparent (I know we've heard that term multiple times).  In addition to the CLO, will also be the Captain of the station Katra.  Which brings me to...

I would like announce a return of a former player, Kirok, who will be taking over as Commanding Officer of Katra Station.  Kyle Briggs will assist as Executive Officer.  So the following are your Command Level Officers:

Katra Station:
CO - Kirok
XO - Kyle Briggs

USS Challenger:
CO - Ian Galloway
XO - Ruth Sigurdsdottir

USS Discovery:
CO - Tekin Nevir
XO - T'Lara

Those of you on Katra, Kirok already has a plan for the transition between what happened during the last mission, and what will be going forward.  Please watch Katra's board for further details.

As always, feel free to message any one of us 6 with questions or issues, or reach us on our discord.


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