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Application Template, Notes, & FAQs
« on: March 09, 2017, 02:25:24 am »
If you are having any problems with your application, please do not hesitate to contact the Admins.

All current players wishing to create a second character must ensure they have first met the criteria as stated in the Shadow Fleet Rules.

The current year is 2398

Welcome to Shadow Fleet!
We are always on the lookout for new members, so if you want to join, this is the place to start! Please follow the guidelines below to get assigned to a ship or station and remember that the Shadow Fleet Rules always apply.

Just follow these simple steps to join the fleet:

(1) Register for an account:

Click here to register for an account on the forum if you haven't done so already.

(2) Create an application topic:

Create a new topic within the application board. The title of your topic should follow the format:

Name of Character - Reporting In (Date posted)

For example:

Kirok - Reporting In (12th March 2008)

(3) Create your application form:

Post your application form by selecting, copying and pasting the following code into your newly created application topic.

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Details[/b]

[u]Character Name[/u]:
[u]Character Age[/u]:
[u]Character DOB[/u]:
[u]Character Image[/u]:
[u]Character Species[/u]:
[u]Character Family[/u]:
[u]Character Bio[/u]:

[b]Your Details[/b]

[u]Previous Role-Playing Experience[/u]:
[u]Department Preference[/u]:
[u]Secondary Department Preference[/u]:
[u]Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian[/u]:

[u]Sample post[/u]:

[u]Additional information[/u]:

[u]How did you find Shadow Fleet?[/u]

(4) Complete your application form:

Complete your application form using the following notes as a guide.

Character Name:
Name of your character. This must not be the name of a well-known character within the canon Star Trek universe. If you already created an account with a well-known character name, don't worry as an admin can change it once your application has been filed.

Character Age:
How old is s/he on joining? (min age: 18)

Character DOB:
Your character's date of birth.

Character Image:
Post a link to an image so we can create your forum ID card. No well-known character images from the Star Trek Universe or any cartoons/drawings that are not from or do not appropriately represent a species from the Star Trek Universe, please.  For images of celebrities in Starfleet uniforms, or to request your own picture, head along to Modifications of this rule are at the discretion of the Administration team.

Character Species:
Only canon Star Trek species allowed

Character Family:
Mother, father, brother(s), sister(s), spouse, children, etc.

Character Bio:
Include interests, hobbies, family history, reasons for joining Starfleet etc. Do not include your Starfleet career as this will be fleshed out in-game.

Previous Role-Playing Experience:
Star Trek or otherwise. Detail any senior positions and forum responsibilities held (e.g. moderator/admin), as well as any other character(s) you have on Shadow Fleet (if any).

Department Preference:
Security/Tactical, Medical, Science, Flight Control, Engineering, Operations [Starfleet]


Entertainment, Trader, Security, Miner or Prospector, Haulage [Civilian]

We regret that we cannot currently accommodate those departments highlighted with a red strike-through. However, you may apply for another department with the possibility of transferring at a later date.

Secondary Department Preference:
In the event we cannot accommodate your preferred position

Commissioned or Enlisted:
This determines how you want your character to start. As an Enlisted Officer, with accelerated promotions and less responsibility, or a Commissioned Officer, with slow promotion, but more upper echelon power.

As a Civilian, you likely be assigned exclusively to Starbase Columbus. There you can serve in a range of gainful employment, employment includes. Entertainment, Trader, Security, Miner or Prospector, Haulage - Unless you are the Owner of the establishment, you will be offered a job by the Owner

  • Entertainment - Bars/Casino's etc
  • Trader - Cafe's, Restaurants, Shops etc - The Owner of the business will decide what is for sale, legal or otherwise.
  • Security - Civilian Security will find themselves on Promenade duty, along with Starfleet Security. Or maybe assigned to the surface installation.
  • Miner/Prospector - Columbus is in orbit of Anditia, a planet of great mineral wealth. You could either work for a Mining company or be a Prospector and search for ideal slips of land to mine, for the right price of course.
  • Haulage - The Civilian ships of the station. Freighters or even passenger ferries.
Sample Post:
We require a sample post to check your current posting skills. It doesn't have to be long, but we will look at creativity, spelling, and grammar, use of NPCs and general Star Trek knowledge. The content of the post itself is not the main focus of our assessment of you, but try to keep it reasonable and within established canon.

Additional information:
For any additional snippets of information you would like to include that don't fit in any of the above. Including your other Shadow Fleet accounts, if any.

Additionally, if you have a particular SIMM you would like to be assigned to (Not Required) you may indicate it here, and if possible we will attempt to make such a placement.

How did you find Shadow Fleet?
For example: through Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or recommendation from a friend.

Additional Notes

The information you provide will give us an idea of what you are like as a poster, and how you will fit into Shadow Fleet.

We have two types of career progression here in the fleet; enlisted crewman and commissioned officer.

The Enlisted Path is one of rapid promotion but does not allow the Command of a Starship at the end of it. However, it does hold it's own power as when you reach the rank of Chief Petty Officer, you have become a Department Head, or a Chief of the Boat, which is the first Enlisted Command Position. When choosing the Enlisted Path, there is no entrance exam, and you don't have to a Course until Petty Officer 3rd Class. When you reach PO3, you are required to take the EPC, to enable any further advancement.

The Commissioned Pathway is slower than the Enlisted. The promotions are spaced further apart. When choosing Commissioned, you are required to take an entrance exam. If that is passed, then you are given the rank of Cadet and placed onto a ship. At this point, you are 'lower on the food chain' than the Enlisted. Every 50 posts, you are promoted until Cadet 4. At the end of Cadet 4, you are given the Full Academy Course to sit through for your department. This course will not be easy. If you pass that course, you will be given the rank of Ensign, and progression up the Commissioned tree can finally begin. The promotions are further apart, but there are more Command possibilities for those who prove they are good enough.

For further assistance in creating your character, see this topic. For a full list of all prior applications, click here.

Joining Enquiries

Q. How does my character's date of birth have to be presented?
You can either choose to present it in stardate format (123456.1) or in standard date format. Most people tend to write it as a standard date but you can calculate the stardate by clicking here.

Q. How long does it take for my application to be processed?
You should receive a response to your initial application form within 24 hours. Provided there is nothing you need to amend, you should be posting on one of our SIMMs shortly after that.

Q. I named my account incorrectly. How can I get it changed?
Your account will be automatically renamed to the name you supply in your character application.

Ranks & Promotions

Q. What rank will I start at?
That depends on which pathway you choose. If you choose Enlisted, you will start at Crewman Recruit, and if you choose Commissioned, you will be a Cadet 1.

Q. How fast is promotion?
The Enlisted Path has the fastest progression, but it all depends on how often you post. For more information, please see: HELP: How to Get Promoted & Promotion Criteria.

Forum Functionality

Q. How can I create a topic?
You can create a new topic on most boards by clicking on the "New Topic" button at the top-right of the page.

Q. How can I edit my post?
You can edit your own posts by clicking on the "Modify" button at the top of each post.

Q. How do I send a new message to someone using the private message feature?
You can send a new PM to someone by heading to the person's profile and clicking on "Send member a private message." Alternatively, you may hover over "My Messages" and click on "Send a message". Then simply enter the name of the recipient in the appropriate box.

Q. How do I use the forum's instant messaging system?
The forum's instant messaging system is located towards the top of the home page and is called the "chatbox" (sometimes referred to as the "shoutbox"). Here you can chat with anyone who happens to be online at the time. Bear in mind that it is a group messaging system, which means everyone will be able to see what you post there. You can type your message in the little rectangle below the chatbox and click the "save" button, which is immediately to the right.

Q. How do I change my forum rank insignia?
You can change your rank insignia by clicking on "Profile", going to "Modify Profile" and clicking on "Forum Profile". From there, under the "Personalized Picture" heading, click on "Choose avatar from gallery" and select the appropriate insignia for your rank.

That's it!

So, that's it! Now all you have to do is wait for an Admin to reply and give you further instructions. In the meantime, feel free to browse the rest of the forum and post in the General Discussion board, play a game in The Arcade board, catch up on the latest fleet news or read the mission archives of one of our SIMMs.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy yourself in the fleet!
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