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The Firechain Defense System
« on: October 21, 2020, 02:28:15 pm »

The Firechain Defense System is a network of modified navigational buoys placed in the orbital space around Katra Station, filling positions 1 million to 4 million kilometers away.   There are currently 5,000 units forming a cohesive semi-spherical coverage area around the station.  Each buoy is 5 meters tall and 3.7 meters across. 

The buoys are armed with Type VII phaser arrays with 3.75 MW emitter output on their dorsal and ventral ends, and also a pair of micro-torpedo launchers at their midsections facing port and starboard.  The buoys feature a tachyon emitter which emanates waves of tachyon particles that propagate between the units.  Any unrecognized vessel passing between them will disrupt the waveform and trigger a Red Alert on the Station, raising shields and arming weapons- although this response can be modified at the discretion of the station's Strategic Operations or Tactical officer.

The Firechain buoys are each powered by a micro-fusion reactor which provides 1 Megawatt of power to charge a stack of onboard Sarium-Krellide powercells.  The Powercells allow momentary use of significantly higher power output during combat operations.  The Type VII phaser arrays can produce 30 seconds of fire before the powercells are depleted, although they need not fire continuously and are more often deployed in short bursts of 2-3 seconds each. 

Solar cells provide reserve charging capability when Pergium fuel is unavailable for the micro-fusion generator for any reason.  However, without microfusion operation, it takes 5 days for the solar cells to fully charge the Sarium Krellide power stack.

Each buoy also contains 20 micro-torpedoes with an effective range of 1.5 million kilometers.  These micro-torpedoes traditionally use photon torpedo warheads, but can be swapped for quantum warheads at the discretion of Katra's Strategic Operations or Tactical Officer.  Together, the Firechain network can launch 100,000 micro-torpedoes before the entire network is depleted, although it is unlikely that the entire network will be in range of any particular enemy vessel at the same time.  Micro-torpedoes have a rated yield 1/10th that of their full size torpedo counterparts: 20 isotons for photon warheads and 50 isotons for quantum warheads.

The buoys do have ionized gas thrusters allowing for stationkeeping and maneuvering, and the units can reposition themselves with an acceleration of 150 meters per second.  This gives them a speed of 9 kilometers per second after just one minute of acceleration.

Each buoy only has the most rudimentary shielding to protect from micro-meteorites and orbital debris.  They are intentionally tempting targets for an attacker, in the hopes that weapons directed at the buoys will not be directed at the station or any defending ships.

Buoys can be replicated and dispatched at a rate of 4 per hour per industrial replicator set to the task.  Katra station alone has 12 Industrial replicators, not including those in the auxiliary drydock, and could replace the entire network in a bit over 4 days.
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