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Katra Re-occuring Background NPC's
« on: January 15, 2019, 03:34:05 am »
Katra Mission Specific NPC's

Season One - Mission One: Meridian's Children
NPC Keshara - Meridian acting leader

NPC Tarin - Meridian (opposition to Keshara)

Elected leader.  S1E7

Season One - Mission Two: Into the Fire
unnamed pirate, mentioned by another pirate as being a general.  Encountered Arrun Dishar on S1 M11 'Fathers and Daughters' on the Rogue Trading Company planetoid operated by Daimon Nalg.  In that mission, his name was revealed to be General Coralis.

Season One - Mission Three: The Delusion Syndrome
Orleanne Nortenot Opheline Betrisse Malvortent Orisse Marrolet

Re-Occuring Background NPC's

Malro Nari - Mondo's grandfather / Nalg's Hupyrian servant (As he appeared for the Tekin-Falleg birthday)
Malro swore an oath to serve Nalg after his son was killed.  He is frequently torn between supporting his employer and disapproving of some of his choices.  Having sworn a vow of silence, he will speak to no one but Nalg, and then only when they are alone.  More often, he simply gives Nalg disapproving looks when the Daimon strays into dark territory.  Whatever disapproval he may feel, however, he remains a faithful servant and valued adviser.

Daimon Nalg - Malro's Ferengi employer - ship the FAS Latinum Lobe
Daimon Nalg is a good (read: wealthy) Ferengi Daimon who has fallen just short of being truly great (read: filthy rich.)  Nalg is an old-school Ferengi adapting to life in the new world.  He keeps his ship well maintained, and employs the best people he can attract, treating them with a semblance of respect.  While he has a generally good heart, his ambitions have led him to break the rules.  He is seeking business opportunities in the Gamma Quadrant in contravention of Sorq's local monopoly.  This means dealing in the shadows, and trading on the black market.  He tries not to think about who might do what with the articles he traffics here, even though Malro frequently reminds him.  His ultimate ambition is to find a way to unseat Daimon Sorq and claim the monopoly the Nagus has granted over the Trialus sector.

Drika - FAS Latinum Lobe Flight officer

Rogue Trading Company
The 'Rogue Trading Company' is a warehouse and smuggler's den that has been cut into a canyon within a rogue planetoid six light years from the Trialus system.  It uses heavily shielded reactors, and low-energy environmental systems, making it almost impossible to detect except by flying right over it and scanning it at close range.  This is where Nalg conducts most of his illicit business trades with local powers and criminals.

Daimon Sorq - Ferengi businessman with exclusive trading rights to the Katra territory granted by the Grand Nagus.  Ship: FAS Hoem Glebbening aka 'Rainmaker'

Lom - Ferengi merchant on the station who frequents Blue Belles, under a license to do business under Daimon Sorq.  Is secretly passing information to Daimon Nalg about Daimon Sorq's operations on the station.

Transport Officer Zot  aboard the FAS Rainmaker

NPC Pok - Ferengi junior of Daimon Sorq, but also selling information to Nalg. (Ferengi male)(S1 - M2)

Ch'erris Shriv. "Cherry" - owner of Blue Belles

Samantha Lillian Kiely - Crewman Moreno's roommate (S1-M1)

Lamar Tidu Nerys

Crista LePrant - Tekin nanny

Mrs Ujosso Cunzisht -  Kintergarten Headteacher

T'Vukees - Kindergarten Receptionist

Admiral Edward McGavin - Starfleet Admiral who sent Jeric th'Zan to Katra Station.

Raiden Darrow - Ensign (medical /mortician)(s1-m1)(s1-m3)

Admiral Leyton (mentioned only) - Rebellion leader - former Starfleet Admiral. (S1 -M1)

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Re: Katra Re-occuring Background NPC's
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2019, 06:52:13 pm »
The Crew of the IKS Nom Pach (reassigned to the IKS LoD Qan)


Captain Noh'ves, Beja's Father

Text color= tomato

Noh'ves is Beja's father.  Although his daughter considers him a staunch traditionalist, he is flexible enough to allow that there is more than one way to accumulate honor and fulfill one's duties as a Klingon.  While he does not fully understand his daughter, he tries to be supportive of her choices.  In fact, his experiences with his daughter are what brought flexibility into his mindset.  Noh'ves is an able commander partly for this reason.  He allows each of his officers to excel in their own way, without expecting conformity to traditional methods.

First Officer K'mpoc

Text color=salmon

K'mpoc and Noh'ves are lifelong friends, having met as fresh graduates of the Imperial Academy at the onset of the Dominion War.  They advanced though the ranks together, always serving side by side.  K'mpoc is an able leader, but he does not have the ambition to command his own ship.  He prefers to stay at the side of his good friend and Captain, supporting him in all things.  Sometimes, this support comes in the form of telling his old friend when he is making an error.  Their friendship is strong enough to survive such conversations.  K'mpoc valued Noh'ves friendship a great deal partly because the man was kind to him even though K'mpoc is part Bajoran.  His mother was a Bajoran slave who escaped into Imperial space and married his father.  He wears a Bajoran earring to honor his mother's heritage.

Flight Officer H'rel

Text color=beige
H'rel has been piloting Birds of Prey since the first days of the Empire's alliance with the United Federation of Planets.  Back then, he was a brash youth.  Now he is a seasoned veteran.  But one thing hasn't changed: H'rel loves flying more than anything in the wide world.  For this reason, he prefers to avoid any promotion that would pull him away from Flight Control.

Science Officer Tolec

Text color=azure

Tolec always had an interest in science, but only entered the field when an injury to his knee left him a less capable warrior.  He has thrown himself into the sciences to preserve his usefulness to the Empire.  As a result, he is a fairly skilled officer.

Chief Engineer Grom

Text color=silver

Chief Engineer Grom lives with the shame of being a cyborg.  When the Nom Pach was crippled in combat with pirates, the ship was found by a Bynar vessel.  The Bynars found Grom near death, and repaired him to the best of their ability.  They did not realize he would have preferred to die than to become a heavily cyborged individual.  Grom nearly invoked ritual suicide rather than live this way, but he was convinced that he could still live a life of honor.  He is an accomplished engineer.

Security Chief M'kai (daughter of M'ord)

Text color=plum

A no-nonsense security officer, M'kai is known to be an expert duellist who attained her current position when she challenged and defeated a superior she accused of incompetence.  She lost an eye to that duel, but it does not seem to have diminished her effectiveness.

Tactical Officer Vilka

Text color=hotpink

Young and brash, Vilka achieved senior status in her department at a young age due to her efficiency.  But she may have been promoted too soon, and remains foolishly headstrong at times.
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