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Sim Premise - Katra Station
« on: January 03, 2019, 10:19:09 am »

Katra Station is a sim set at the edge of the Federation frontier.  It takes place in and around the Trialus system, in the Trialus Sector, where the Federation has placed its first permanent Gamma Quadrant presence since the end of the Dominion War over 20 years ago.

The Trialus Sector is situated 20 light years past the Bajoran Wormhole, about a week's travel from Deep Space Nine at Warp 8.  Katra Station itself orbits the planet Meridian, which is the home of the Meridian people.  Their planet's tiny population once spent most of their time in an ethereal plane of existence, but now reside permanently in the material realm. 

Katra station is becoming a popular waystation for Alpha and Beta quadrant species who are heading out into the uncharted regions of the Gamma quadrant.  It is also the first port of call for Gamma quadrant species who are interested in trade or travel within Federation territory.   Though the station is somewhat small and underpowered, it still provides some of the best amenities in the sector.  It has limited defensive capabilities which are supplemented by its assigned New Orleans class starship, an improvised Firechain defense system built into orbital buoys, and a passel of embarked runabouts, fighters, and shuttlecraft.

The mood of the Katra sim is one of hopeful exploration, tempered by the dangers of life on the edge of known space and the uncertainties of political intrigues.  Dangers include pirates and alien powers that the Federation has never before encountered.  They also include the New Dominion, an ever-present threat that lies just beyond the metaphorical horizon.

Join us as we navigate the unknown, and grapple with the questions and obstacles of frontier life. 

Explorers Wanted.

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