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"Kosst Holana" Civilian Hauler Specs & Crew
« on: February 07, 2019, 09:38:59 am »
Kosst Holana
"Knowing your destiny is only half the journey."

Name: SS Kosst Holana
Registry: NAR-68524
Class: Janitza Class (Civil Variant)
Type: Scout Ship, Transport

Length: 60m
Width: 30m
Height: 15m
Number of Decks: 3

Hull: Standard Duranium/Tritanium Hull
Standard Shield: Deflector Shields

Standard Cruising: Warp 8
Maximum Cruising: Warp 8.5 - For max of 12 hours.
Crew Complement: 6

Phaser Cannon Turret Mk.VII
Tractor Beam

Captain / First Pilot
APC Arrun Dihsar (Bajoran Male)

First Officer
NPC Carnel Modist (Human Female)

Chief Engineer
NPC Gaal Mayb (Bajoran Male)

NPC Wist Presbt (Human Female)

NPC Lila Clad (Bajoran Female)

NPC Vander Sonnier (Human Male)

Second Pilot
NPC Erazia Zaff (Bolian Female)

Kosst Holana while berthed aboard Katra Station


Deck 1 (Command Deck):
-Crew Mess
-Emergency Airlock

Deck 2 (Commons Deck):
-General Mess
-Kitchen / Ship's Food Storage
-Passenger Quarters
-Crew Quarters
-Captain's Cabin
-Surgery Bay
-Main Docking Port

Deck 3 (Operations Deck):
-Main Cargo
-Engine Room
-Engineer's Cabin
-Phaser Cannon Maintenance and Manual Control Room
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