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Starship Lexington Ship Schematics
« on: February 04, 2017, 02:49:20 am »
Name: Lexington
Registry: NX-06
Class: NX-class
Type: Exploration Cruiser/Warp 5 Testbed

Length: 225 Meters
Width: 135.8 Meters
Height: 33.3 Meters
Weight: 80,000 Metric Tonnes
Hull: Light Monotanium Single Hull
Number of Decks: 7, numbered Aphabetically
Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 5.2 - For a maximum of 12 Hours.
Warp Core: ZC-05 Warp Engine
Crew Complement: 83
Evacuation Limit: 160

Energy Weapons Arrays: 6 Pulsed Phase Cannons
Torpedo Launchers: 4 - Two forward, Two aft
Torpedo Types: Photonic and Spatial Torpedoes (25 Photonic and 30 Spatial)
Torpedo Compliment:  55
Tractor Beams: 2x Grappling Attachments
Defenses: Polarized Hull Plating

Auxiliary Craft:
1x Type-XI Inspection Pod
2x NC Mk. V Shuttlepod

A Deck: Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Umbilical Connects

B Deck: Science Labs, Computer Core (Upper Level), Deuterium Tanks

C Deck: Science and Engineering Labs, Computer Core (Mid Level), Stage One Plasma Accelerators, Maintenance and Fabrication Facilities, Waste and Waste Water Recycling Systems, Gymnasium and Recreation Facilities, EPS Power Taps, Deuterium Pump and Conditioning Systems, Dorsal Observation Gondola

D Deck: Main Engineering (Upper Level), Gravimetric Field Displacement Manifold (Warp Reactor), Computer Core (Lower Level), Transporter, Junior and Enlisted Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays, Matter /Antimatter Injector Assembles, EPS Distribution Manifold, Aft Observation Room

E Deck: Sickbay, Launch Bay and Support Facilities, Main Deflector, Plasma Accelerators Stage 2 & 3, Impulse Rockets, Officers and Enlisted Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays, Decon Chamber, Mess Hall, Captain's Mess, Galley, E/V Staging Area, Medical Labs, Life Boats, Hydroponics Bays, Main Airlocks/Docking Ports, Inspection Pod Bays, Warp Plasma Coolant Distribution Manifold, Laundry, Morgue

F Deck: Armories, MACO Training Facilities, Spatial and Photonic Torpedo Storage, Outer Launch Bay Doors, Brig, Antimatter Containment Storage, Main Weapons Locker, Launch Bay Observation Deck, Planetary Science Labs, Ventral Observation Gondola

G Deck: Main Guest Quarters, Planetary Sensor Array, Sensor Processing Systems

Credit for Deck Layout goes to and CBS/Paramount
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