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Ship Specifications
« on: August 24, 2017, 05:15:04 pm »

Specifications of the Prometheus Class Starship USS Discovery

"Out of One, Many"

The Prometheus class vessels were highly classified star ships.  They were designed for long range tactical missions.  They are best known for their multi-vector assault mode.



Name: USS Discovery
Registry: NCC 78393-B
Type:  Prometheus Tactical Cruiser

Length: 415 meters
Width: 165 meters
Height: 73 meters
Weight: 2,100,000 metric tons
Cargo capacity: 34,950 Metric Tonnes
Hull: Heavy Duranium/Tritanium double hull with ablative armor and regenerative shiels.
Number of Decks: 16
Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9.9
Maximum Emergency Speed: Warp 9.999 for 12 hours
Crew Complement: 175 (75 officers, 100 enlisted)
Peacetime configuration: 70 engineering, 45 security, 15 flight, medical, science, and ops
Wartime configuration: 70 engineering, 60 security, 15 flight, medical, and ops
Evacuation Limit: 1200

Enhanced Sensors:  Planetary, Astronomical Phenomena, and remote life-form Analysis, EM & passive neutrino scanning, parabolic field stress scanner for cloaked ships, and scanners for thermal variances & Quasi-Stellar Material.

Enhanced Communication System:  3D Holographic Telepresence System which offers more realistic face to face conversations and reduces the need to physically be at a destination to participate in a mandatory meeting.
Phaser Emitters: 14 Type XII when docked & 18 Type XII when in multi vector mode
Torpedo Launchers: 5 Quantum Burst Fire Launchers when docked and 7 Quantum Burst Fire Launchers when in multi vector mode (capable of firing 5 torpedoes per launcher)
Torpedo Complement: 150 Quantum Torpedoes. 150 Photon Torpedoes, 100 Transphasic Torpedoes, & 50 Tricobolt Devices.
Tractor Beam: 2xType XI

Shuttlecraft Complement:
  • 1x Danube-Class Runabout - USS Allegheny w/ evacuation capacity of 40
  • 1x Eagle-Class freighter - Martha w/ evacuation capacity of 100
  • 1x Type 11 w/ evacuation capacity of 20
  • 1x Type 9 w/ evacuation capacity of 4
  • 2x M1 Sphinx Class Work Pods

[Primary (Alpha) Hull]
Deck 1 - Main Bridge, Conference Room, Captain's Ready Room & XO's Ofice/Ready Room
Deck 2 - Armory, Aft Torpedo Bay, Shield Generator Control, Turbolift Control & Retractable Warp Nacelles
Deck 3 - Captain's Quarters, Senior Officer's Quarters, VIP Quarters, Aft Observation Lounge
Deck 4 - Forward Torpedo Bay 1, Primary Phaser Control, Particle/Matter Injector. Magnetic Constrictors & Matter/Antimatter Reactor
Deck 5 - Auxiliary Engineering, Antimatter injector & Warp Core Ejection System, Impulse Engine Assemblies, Reaction Control Thrusters
Deck 6 - Forward and Lateral sensor array, Transporter Rooms, Primary Computer Core, Forward Lounge, Holodecks

[Secondary (Beta) Hull]
Deck 5 - Spinal Jefferies tube, Ship Separation Manual Release, Beta Hull Ablative Armor/Shield Emitter & Warp Nacelle venting array
Deck 6 - Battle Bridge (Beta), Junior Officer Quarters, & Active Sensor Cloak Device
Deck 7 - Fuel Pod Storage, Antimatter Pod Storage, Antimatter Injector
Deck 8 - Transporter Rooms, Magnetic Constrictors, & Cargo Bay, Crewman Quarters
Deck 9 - Compound Core Engineering;  Matter/Antimatter Reactor, Forward Torpedo Room 2, Auxiliary Computer Core, Sickbay, & Shuttle bay Control Room, Crewman Quarters
Deck 10 - Stellar Cartography, Science Labs, & Security Office & Brig, Shuttle Bay, Aft Lounge, Crewman Quarters

[Tertiary (Gamma) Hull]
Deck 11 - Upper Main Engineering, Holo-Emitter control, Abative Armor and Shield Emitters, Ship Separation Manual Release
Deck 12 - Lower Main Engineering,  Matter/Antimatter Reactor, Warp Core Ejection System, Particle Matter Injector, Deuterium Fuel Storage
Deck 13 - Auxiliary Transporter Rooms, Antimatter Pod Storage, Magnetic Constrictors, Battle Bridge (Gamma), Cryptology Lab, Junior Officer Quaters, Crewman Quarters
Deck 14 - Tractor Beam Emitter, Auxillary Computer Core, Fuel Storage, Particle Matter Injector, Crewman Quarters
Deck 15 - Main Navigation Deflector, Probe Storage, Enhanced Sensors, & Torpedo Turret
Deck 16 - Ground Footpad System, Antimatter Generator & Injector, & Warp Core Ejector Release
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Re: Ship Specifications
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2020, 08:29:32 am »
Okay, did a minor adjustment to the ship deck list.  Keep in mind that between Alpha and Beta Hulls, there is a deck overlap of decks 5 and 6, and technically 4 as well, but thats just the clamps themselves.  The reason for this overlap is due to the schematics that show the Beta Hull as having a domed structure, something not possible if the decks were all flush against each other.  This is a minor change that shouldn't affect the overall ship, so if there are questions or locations you are curious about, or that I missed, feel free to message me.


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