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Multi-Vector Assault Mode Roster: Discovery
« on: March 18, 2019, 05:20:05 pm »


APC Commanding Officer: Captain Tekin Nevir ALPHA HULL commanding
APC First Officer: Commander Ian Galloway BETA HULL commanding
APC Second Officer: Master Chief Petty Officer Ozu Saya GAMMA HULL commanding


APC Chief Flight Control Officer: Lieutenant Don Damien Addams ALPHA HULL
NPC Flight Control Officer: Ensign Sivak  BETA HULL
NPC Flight Control Officer: Ensign Bok-Char GAMMA HULL


NPC Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Martin Felder ALPHA HULL
NPC Security/Tactical Officer: Ensign Kenuk Kanadda  ALPHA HULL
NPC Security/Tactical Crewman: Crewman Lena Jensen   BETA HULL
APC Security/Tactical Officer:  Lieutenant jg Nira Said GAMMA HULL
NPC Security/Tactical Crewman: PO2 Bradley Strider   GAMMA HULL


NPC Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant jg George Hugo   ALPHA HULL
NPC Engineering Officer: Lieutenant jg Phillip Quin BETA HULL
NPC Engineering Crewman: Crewman Sven Johannsen GAMMA HULL

NPC Chief Operations Officer: Lieutenant Banan Leon  ALPHA HULL
NPC Operations Crewman: Ensign Greer Kelly GAMMA HULL


NPC Science Officer: Lieutenant Jefferson Cadbury ALPHA HULL
APC:Science Officer Ensign Danjar-Torra ALPHA HULL
NPC Science Officer: Ensign Rajagopalan BETA HULL
NPC Science Crewman: PO1 Mart'Ang  GAMMA HULL

NPC Chief Medical Officer: Doctor (Lieutenant Commander) Marcus Thane ALPHA HULL
NPC Ship's Counselor: Lieutenant jg Margaret O'Rourke ALPHA HULL
NPC Assistant Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Jessica Fellows BETA HULL
NPC Medical Officer: Lieutenant jg M'rrow T'Charr Caitian  BETA HULL
NPC:Medical Officer:  Lieutenant jg Sluchaynyy GAMMA HULL
APC Medical Officer: Ensign Leesill Dunngar GAMMA HULL


APC - Active Playing Character
NPC - Non-Playing Character
IPC - Inactive Playing Character
LOA - Leave of Absence
TBD - To Be Decided
*Ship Rep - Ship Rep

If any of the information contained within this roster is incorrect or you would like to apply for an NPC position, please contact the commanding officer.

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