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USS Discovery Auxiliary Craft
« on: September 05, 2016, 04:40:41 am »
USS Discovery-B Auxiliary Craft Complement:

2x Type-9 Shuttlecraft (Sally Ride, Valentina Tereshkova)
1x Danube Class Runabout w/ tractor beam, 2 person transporter, & evacuation capacity of 40 (USS Allegheny)
2 M1A Sphinx class EVA craft

Type-9 Shuttlecraft:

Type:  Medium long-range warp shuttle
Accommodation:  2 Flight Crew, 2 Passengers
Power Plant:  One 400 cochrane warp engine, two 800 millicochrane impulse engines, four RCS thrusters
Dimensions:  Length, 8.5m, beam 4.61m, height 2.67m
Mass:  2.61 metric tonnes
Performance: Warp 6
Armament:Danube Class Runabout:

Type: General Purpose Interstellar Vessel
Accommodation: 2 Flight Crew, 12 Passengers (Max Evac: 40)
Dimensions: Length 23.1m, Height 5.4m, Beam 13.7m
Mass: 158.7 metric tonnes
Performance: Normal Cruise Speed Warp 4, Maximum Velocity Warp 4.7 (for twelve hours)
Armament: Standard - 6 Type V phaser arrays + 1 torpedo launcher (optional)

Requirement of a warp capable shuttlecraft was issued in the 2340s. The development of such a warp capable shuttle was to be capable of short and medium range missions and assignments. The original Type-10 runabouts were created, but soon we found to be limited in their size. The development of the Danube-Class runabouts began in 2363. They were first introduced in 2368. The Danube-Class runabouts feature a front cabin for four. The pilot, co-pilot/operations, and two mission specialists. There is also a two person transporter in the rear of the front cabin. Aft of the front cabin are the mission specific modules. Based on the nature of the modular design, the runabout can be converted to other mission-type specific requirements such as personnel transporter, cargo transporter, scientific expeditions, tactical assignments, prison transports, medical transports, etc.  There is also an optional photon torpedo module on the top of the Danube-Class runabout.The Danube-Class runabout is highly customizable and for extended travel, the rear of the craft can be configured as a large cabin with sleeping (bunk beds) and dining areas. In normal cases, this rear area is generally used as a cargo bay.

The impulse engines are constructed from eight fusion reactors divided into two sets, space-time impulse drive coils, and vectored exhaust directors. The engines also include intake vents for atmosphere or interstellar travel. When maintenance is required, the impulse drive assembly can be removed. The Danube-Class computer core, which measures 2.3 x 2.1 x 1.3 meters, is located under the cockpit. The core is a standard isolinear unit with 186 isolinear banks and 53 command pre-processors. Sub nodes are installed throughout the runabout and are connected to the core by standard optical data network relays.

2 Sphinx Workpods

Type:  Light industrial manipulator (Sphinx M1A), medium industrial manipulator (Sphinx M2A), medium tug (Sphinx MT3D).
Accommodation:  Pilot (M1A, M2A); pilot and cargo specialist (MT3D).
Power Plant:  One microfusion reactor, four alfinium krellide power storage cells, four RCS thrusters.
Dimensions:  Length, 6.2 m; beam, 2.6 m; height 2.5 m.
Mass:  1.2 metric tones.
Performance:  Maximum delta-v, 2,000 m/sec.
Armament:  None

Eagle-Class Freighter:

Type: General Purpose Freighter
Accommodation: 2 Flight Crew, 4 Passengers (Max Evac: 100)
Dimensions: Length 27.3m, Height 6.4m, Beam 15.4m
Mass: 328 metric tonnes
Performance: Normal Cruise Speed Warp 4, Maximum Velocity Warp 5.0 (for twelve hours)
Armament: None

Designed in 2175, the Eagle is one of the oldest freighters still in operation, although not many are still function. These ships were the first civilian ships to benefit from the NX-Class Warp Five Project and have engines based on that design.

Completely modular, the craft are divided into three basic sections: the command module, the passenger module/service pod, and the superstructure (containing the landing gear, access corridor/galley, aft compartment, fuel tanks and main propulsion system). The command module of the Eagle can detach from the main body enabling it to dock with another compatible craft or for use as an emergency escape capsule.

There were many modules designed for use with the Eagle and they include Passenger, Reconnaissance, VIP, Rescue, Transport/Supply, Laboratory, and Freighter. The Martha carries two Freighter modules giving it a cargo capacity of 2,000 metric tonnes.
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