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Discovery Roster
« on: August 20, 2017, 05:52:45 pm »

Click on a crew member's name to view their profile

This is the crew roster of the USS Discovery. Please refer to it frequently to check any changes in position or rank of your fellow crew member's as this may affect the chain of command. Remember, if you have a problem see your Head of Department and if they cannot solve it they will go to the First Officer, and if he cannot solve it the last stop will be the Commanding Officer.

APC Commanding Officer: Captain Tekin Nevir
APC First Officer: Lieutenant Commander T'Lara
TBD Second Officer: Open

APC Chief Flight Control Officer: Lieutenant Don Damien Addams
 NPC Flight Control Officer: Ensign Karen Malloy
NPC Flight Control Officer: Ensign Bok-Char (Bolian Male)
APC Flight Control Crewman: PO2 Alexander Graham

NPC Chief Security/Tactical Officer:  Lieutenant Commander Martin Felder
NPC Assistance Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Siruk (Vulcan Female)
APC Security/Tactical Officer Lieutenant jg Nira Said (Betazoid Female)
LOA Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant jg Safefta Pardek (Romulan/Vulcan Female)
NPC Security/Tactical Crewman: PO2 Bradley Strider
NPC Security/Tactical Crewman: PO2 Thiloth jav Zull (Tellerite Female)
APC Security/Tactical Crewmanr: Crewman Dranik (Hirogen Male)
APC Security/Tactical Crewman: Crewman Zavrol Gohun (El-Aurian Male)


APC Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Lek (Ferengi Male)
NPC Asst. Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Giancarlo Gianetti
NPC Engineering Officer: Lieutenant jg T'farr
NPC Engineering Crewman: PO2 Surak (Vulcan Male)
NPC Engineering Crewman: Crewman Sven Johannsen

NPC Chief Operations Officer: Lieutenant Banan Leon
APC Operations Officer: Ensign Danjar-Addams Torra (Grazerite Female)
NPC Operations Crewman: PO2 Elena Forscher

NPC Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Inge Halverström
NPC Science Officer: Ensign T'Les (Vulcan Female)
NPC Science Officer: Ensign Rajagopalan
NPC Science Crewman: PO1 Mart'Ang
APC Science Crewman: PO2 Anastasia Zhestakova
APC Science Crewman: Crewman Recruit Roxo Dur

NPC Chief Medical Officer: Doctor (Lieutenant Commander) Marcus Thane
NPC Assistant Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Jessica Fellows
NPC Medical Officer: Lieutenant jg M'rrow T'Charr (Caitian Male)
NPC Medical Officer: Ensign Stoerm (Vulcan Male)
IPC Medical Officer: Ensign Susan Nolan
APC Medical Cadet: Cadet Lucy Belle ('Luby') Wentock

APC Ship's Counselor: Lieutenant jg Ashley Weir
NPC:Ship's Counselor: Ensign Kevin Gillian

APC - Active Playing Character
NPC - Non-Playing Character
IPC - Inactive Playing Character
LOA - Leave of Absence
TBD - To Be Decided

If any of the information contained within this roster is incorrect or you would like to apply for an NPC position, please contact the commanding officer.
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Re: Discovery Roster
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