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USS Phoenix Specifications
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Classification: Explorer

Design Statistics

Length: 442.23 meters
Width: 318.11 meters
Height: 130.43 meters
Weight: 3,309,000 metric tonnes

Number of Decks: 30
Accommodation:  750 (200 officers, 550 enlisted), plus 130 visiting personnel

Hull: Duranium-Tritanium composite
Phaser Array Range: Maximum effective range is 300,000 kilometers.
Photon Torpedo Range: Maximum effective range is 3,000,000 kilometers. Maximum range before fuel exhaustion is 3,500,000 kilometers.

Warp Propulsion System: Matter/Anti-Matter Reaction Drive
Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.6 for 12 hours

Number of Transporters:
  • 4 Personnel Transporters with max payload of 800kg, max range of 40 000km and max beam out rate of 100 persons/hour/transporter
  • 4 Cargo Transporters with max payload of 500 metric tons and max range of 40 000km
  • 4 emergency transporters (beam out only) with max range of 15 000km and beam out rate of 160 persons/hour/transporter

  • 12 shuttlepods
  • 6 Medium Personnel Shuttles (Ghiberti, Bruegel, Mondrian, Lin, Holbein, Delacroix)
  • 4 Large Personnel Shuttles (Diogenes, Cratylus, Thales, Philo)
  • 1 Danube-class runabout (USS Monongahela-A, NCC-73057)


(Source:    More information about this vessel can be found there)


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