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Ship Specifications - USS Challenger
« on: May 08, 2018, 12:49:18 am »

USS Challenger


Name: USS Challenger
Registry: NCC-40117-A
Class: Trailblazer
Type: Explorer/Support Cruiser


Length: 520 meters
Width: 216.52 meters
Height: 90.33 meters
Weight: 3,112,000 metric tons
Cargo capacity: 43,100 metric tons
Number of Decks: 21
Hull Identification Device: HID-10519-236-TB-Blue


Hull: Duranium hull plating over duranium-tritanium structural members

Ablative Armor: 3 cm Ablative Reinforcements

Standard Shield: Deflector shields (8 layer symmetrical close-field subspace graviton layers), with Point of Impact experimental shield grid.


Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 8.2

Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9.88 - For a maximum of 12 Hours.

Warp Core: Joycoms Mark 12 Standard Matter/Antimatter Reaction Drive, based off of
Excelsior-class drives developed by Newport News Engineering Consortium and the Mark 8 improvements made to the Excelsior-refit class.

Impulse Drives: 4 Millennium IX Trailblazer Class Mass Drivers, developed specifically for the Trailblazer class design project.

Normal Impulse Speed: .25 c

Maximum Impulse Speed: 0.994 c

Reaction Control Systems: Several RCS thrusters, each capable of generating 3.8 million Newtons of exhaust in any direction.

Crew Complement: 550 (200 officers, 350 enlisted)

Evacuation Limit: 9800 Souls


Number of Systems: 12

Personnel Transporters: 6 (Transporter Rooms 1-2 - each with 3 transporter stations)

Max Payload Mass: 800kg (1,763 lbs)
Max Range: 40,000 km
Max Beam Up/Out Rate: Approx. 100 persons per hour per Transporter

Cargo Transporters: 3
Max Payload Mass: 500 metric tons. Standard operation is molecular resolution (Non-Lifeform).
Set for quantum (lifeform) resolution: 1 metric ton
Max Beam Up/Out Rate (Quantum Setting): Approx. 100 persons per hour per Transporter

Emergency Transporters: 3
Max Range: 15,000 km (send only) [range depends on available power]
Max Beam Out Rate: 160 persons per hour per Transporter (560 persons per hour with 4 Emergency Transports


Standard Data Transmission Speed: 18.5 kiloquads per second
Subspace Communications Speed: Warp 9.9997


Phaser Banks: 9 Mk VIII Phaser Turrets

Phaser Bank Locations:  Three dorsal turrets on the saucer section, one for the forward, starboard and port sides. These turrets are duplicated on the ventral side of the primary saucer, with the addition on the ventral side of one extra dual emplacement on the rear of the saucer. One ventral turret on the primary hull, dead aft, covers the aft firing arc.  The turret itself is located beneath the aft engineering hull Shuttlebay.

Phaser Arrays: 2 Mk X Phaser Array Strips

Phaser Array Locations: One dorsal array on the saucer section, for the forward, starboard and port sides. This arrays are duplicated on the ventral side of the primary saucer.

Torpedo Launchers: 4 - Two forward, Two aft

Torpedo Compliment: 170 (80 Photon Warheads, 80 Quantum Warheads, 10 Torpedoes without Warheads)

Tractor Beams: 2x Type X

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