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Crew Quarters Layout - USS Challenger
« on: May 08, 2018, 12:47:35 am »
Crew Quarters

Crew assigned to the Trailblazer Class starships for periods over three months are permitted to reconfigure their quarters within hardware, volume, and mass limits. Individuals assigned for shorter periods are generally restricted to standard quarters configuration. If families are aboard, they are quartered together in more spacious arrangements, dependant on family size. Two Crewmen share this modest size quarters.

NCO Quarters:

Petty Officers, Chief Petty Officers, and Warrant Officers on Trailblazer Class Starships have a standard quarter design. Two NCO's share a single quarter setup. Each Crew Member has their own twin-sized bed, and a shared common area. Each bathroom has an ultrasonic shower. The shared living area has one open, multipurpose area, a basic replicator, and a personal workstation. NCO's are allowed small pets with their department head's permission.

Junior Officer's Quarters:

Cadets, Ensigns, and Lieutenant (JG)'s on Trailblazer Class Starships have a standard quarter design. Junior Officers include a standard bed, combined with an open personal area. The combined room is connected to a bathroom with a standard ultrasonic shower. The living area includes an open multipurpose room, with a basic replicator, and a personal personal workstation. Junior officers are allowed small pets with their department head's permission.

Senior Officer's Quarters:

Lieutenants, Lieutenant Commanders, and Commanders on Trailblazer Class Starships have a standard quarter design. Senior Officers of this grade include a standard, queen-sized bed, connected to a living and work area, a bathroom with ultrasonic shower, and a personal living area. The living area contains an open, multipurpose space, basic replicator, and a personal workstation. Senior Officers are permitted pets.

Department Head's Quarters:

Department Heads on Trailblazer Class Starships have a standard quarter design. These officers quarters include a standard, queen-sized bed, with personal workstation, a bathroom with an ultrasonic or water type shower, and an attached living area. The living area includes a replicator, dining or table area, and a multipurpose open area. The quarters open space per person is greater than those of equivalent senior officers quarters. Pets are allowed.

Executive Quarters:

The Executive Officer of the Trailblazer Class starship has special quarters, located on Deck 2. They are located on a higher deck because the occupant must be close to the bridge in the event of an Alert situation. These quarters are much more luxurious than any others on the ship, with the exception of the Captain's, VIP, Diplomatic, and Guest quarters. Both the Executive Officer's and the Captain's quarters are larger than standard Officers Quarters, and this space generally has the following accommodations: A bedroom, living/work area, bathroom, food replicator, ultrasonic shower, old-fashioned water shower, personal personal workstation, provisions for pets, and even a null grav sleeping chamber. These quarters are nearly identical in "comfort" to the Executive Officer's quarters on a Galaxy Class Starship. Pets are allowed.

Captain's Quarters:

The Commanding Officer on Trailblazer Class Starships have their own unique, personal quarters. The quarters are meant to be a secluded, private area that give the CO a respite from the duties of the day. The Captain's Quarters has a private bedroom area, with either a standard queen sized or king sized bed, depending on personal choice. The quarters have an attached, full size bathroom with both ultrasonic and water showers, and a bathtub for water baths. The personal study includes a workspace and is certified as a SCIF, or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, for the discussion of classified materials. The Captain's living area is the largest private area on the ship, with a large sitting area, dining area, and a more advanced replicator. The sleeping quarters can be changed to a null-gravity design on request.

VIP/Diplomatic Guest Quarters:

The Trailblazer Class is a symbol of UFP authority, a tool in dealing with other races. Starfleet intends to use most of its starships in a diplomatic role, with the Trailblazer Class being no exception.  The need to transport or accommodate Very Important Persons, diplomats, or ambassadors may arise, to which the Trailblazer Class may respond. These quarters include a bedroom, spacious living/work area, personal viewscreen, ultrasonic shower, bathtub/water shower, provisions for pets, food replicator, and a null-grav sleeping chamber. These quarters can be immediately converted to class H, K, L, N, and N2 environments.
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