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Personal Log - Lyra
« on: March 21, 2019, 08:10:09 am »
[Log I]
Textlog, originally written in vulcan

My first personal log on the Challenger. No, my first log as an official starfleet crewman. And what a start it is.

I am doing this job now for a few days -training on Mars not counting- and find myself in a warzone. Apparently there are some starfleet rebels, lead my a mad admiral, that have taken over a starbase. My ship is part of the detachment that tries to get the station back and to "quench" this uprising.

This is insane. I'm a scientist. And I definitely don't like this. The conflict being starfleet against starfleet certainly doesn't make things better.

However, the ship seems to be a fine one, a homage to a great starship of the past. I like that, quite romantic, you could say. As for the crew...I have absolutely no idea. I haven't talked to more than maybe three people since I'm on board. Other than duty stuff, that is. They all seem tense. Right now I'm still managing to keep the coolheaded vulcan appearance. Not so much because of them but because of me. I don't want to get myself caught up in the tension before I even had the chance to get my bearings. This won't be easy for me. I know I can't go all the way back to being a walking piece of rock, emotionally speaking. Overcoming the physical ramifications a realease of emotions has on Vulcans has closed that door for me. Permanently, as long as I don't subject myself to another kolinahr. And, well, of course there's the issue how my new crewmates will react once they find out I'm not the average Vulcan. Gods, I can't hear one more Vulcan-joke.

Well, got to go, I'm expected on the bridge.

[End of Log]


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