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Personal Log - Lek
« on: December 25, 2017, 09:55:21 pm »
[Officer's Quarters]

The camera view is a close up of the speaker with no discernible background to identify where image is being recorded.

"Computer, open personal log." There was the soft beep as the recording activated and the speaker continued. "It has been forever since my first entry as we've gone from disaster to disaster that the rest of the crew calls missions. I've sustained severe burns, been captured, trapped under water, and accused of treason.

"In this time, I have yet to make a single friend or even met anything that likes me. Counselor Maddux is a nice person, but she is just a therapist and colleague, no hope of friendship there.

"One of the security officers, Rhymus Cleroux has taken an active dislike to me, or at least actively goes out of his way to torment me whenever possible and was the one who shot me, twice, while I was trying to save the ship.

"All in all, this assignment has proven to be quite miserable and has made me actually question my decision to join Starfleet. As one of only two Ferengi in all of the fleet, I expected to be lonely and misunderstood, but I find the last few missions to be right at the edge of what I can take. On the positive side, I've been promoted twice, but I'm not sure if that's enough to offset the misery of being alone in a ship with over 800 crew.

"Even though this assignment has me questioning my career, it is not enough to make me leave, the work is simply too fascinating for that. If I continue to feel beset by my own crew, I will put in a transfer to see if a change of venue might not be what I need to restore my confidence. Only time will tell."

The speaker paused and looked thoughtful for a moment and added.

"Computer, end log."
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