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Personal Log - Anastasia Zhestakova
« on: July 20, 2020, 06:56:32 pm »
Kamputor, beegin recording.

Personal log... stoordate...

Kamputor inzert date and time stamp into zhis log.

Duktor Vlannigin said I zhood start doing zhese agin zhough I'm not zure to vhat eevect. Ee said zhey vood elp vis being on starship agin. I'm not zoor I believe zhat but it vas condition on my return. So.

Petty Officer, do you require assistance? You have been motionless and silent for five minutes.

Vhat? Nyat. I vass zhinking. бранное слово! I hate zhese zhings. I zoopose I am to talk of posting to Challenger. As engineer. Apparently zhe fleet is best served by reassigning one of best vyzyzists to keep varp core from exploding. Nevermind kamputor do zhat. Zhis is trial run I know but is still insulting. To zhink, seven years ago I vas expected to be leading expert in temporal mechanics and now I am komputor baby sitter...

I need drink but of korse zhe replicator has limit for me. Of korse transportor screens vhat I bring viss me. At least zhey do not send me to new Diskoovry. I do not zhink zhey vood be too 'appy if I destroy zhat von too. No. But glorified excelsior? I zhink zhis is message. Da? I am not so zpecial anymoor, no? Zhe child prodigy is maybe damaged goods, no? Vell so be it. Send me avay to relic. Am good enough to vork on reliable design. Cannot break too badly. Is vhat is. Maybe zhey vill let me back in lab if I am good, no? Maybe in lab I vill be around for my own miztake zhis time...

Duktor Poostrodaiya says vas not my miztake. I say Duktor Poostrodaiya was not zhere and does not know vhat she is talking about. I retrieve zhe artifact. I set condition for kamputor to interact viss. I leave. Seems to be my vult. Vell, at least I vill not be in charge of artefacts zhis time.

Kamputor! Am I allowed a drink yet?

Negative Petty Officer. You have twenty hours, forty seven minutes, three seconds, until the replicator will dispense alcohol. You are allowed synthehol at this time.

длинный ряд ругательств! Vell I guess I'm not zooposed to be drinking as much anyvay, da? Vutever. Zhe ronabout vill be docking soon and I shood not smell of vodka vhen I report in.

Kamputor, end log.

Log ended. Would you like to end recording as well, Petty Officer?

Vhat are you staring at crooman! Never seen somevan record a- Vhat? Yes, end recording you stoopid бранное слово!

Zeh Gremlin from zeh Kremlin
Physicist specializing in quantum and temporal mechanics


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