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Cooked - CLAIMED
« on: August 12, 2018, 04:04:15 am »
Mission Title: Cooked

Summary: The YourShip finishes an intense battle from hostile ships, they are victorious. However, the YourShip has suffered critical damage to its heat management systems. The ship is keeping together, however various systems aboard the ship are cooking the crew aboard as the ship heats up more and more from various systems. Even if the ship cut power to everything aboard, the ship would not be losing heat fast enough to space. The crew must devise a way to vent heat or everyone aboard will perish!

Start Point: The YourShip has successfully destroyed the last enemy craft after a long battle.
End Point: The Device Vents heat and the crew can finally start to relax and repair the rest of the ship.

Story Beats

1: "Sensors Clear! No Hostile Contacts Left!": The YourShip has just dealt the finishing blow to an enemy ship. However, the YourShip is badly damaged.

2: "Sir, the Heat Management System is Down": The worst damage the ship suffered is the heat management system: it is completely blown. Meaning: the ship's ambient heat and heat generated by various systems is going to cook everyone aboard!

3: "We have reports of heat exhaustion and stroke on every deck of the ship!": Medical emergencies across the ship, the crew has to find a way to cool down.

4: "It's too hot to touch, Sir!": The ship is getting so hot it's getting hard to handle anything metal, even the consoles are uncomfortably hot.

5: "Nope, the heat system is done, we need a better way." The main heat venting systems for the ship are not repairable, the crew has to fabricate a new way to vent heat quickly.

6: "Team Up and Get to Work!" The Crew has to pull together in one team or more to figure out how to best vent heat; meanwhile doing whatever they can to cool themselves down. 

7: "We got it working!" A device has been fabricated and now the crew has to install it and get it up and running before more of the crew passes out...likely some of the main crew has collapsed.

8: "Take it slow." The device is working, the ship is slowly cooling and those who have collapsed are recovering. That heat spike did a lot of extra damage on its own...but at least the crew now has a chance to save the ship.

Department Overview:
Science: They can explain the concept of how space is actually really bad at sucking heat from an object in space. Without a way to vent heat out: the ship will slowly heat itself up....turning off systems will help, but the warp core is heating the ship too...time to figure some solutions!

Medical: Heat Exhaustion and Stroke are real dangers in a high-heat area....2nd and 3rd degree burns will becoming in...and the medical staff need to work in the heat too!
Flight: The ship needs to be careful moving around, any propulsion will heat the ship. The shuttles will be a welcome reprieve since they are the only place with heat management....but there are only so many shuttles.

Sec/Tac: Ship of injured and various weapon systems and torpedoes that don't react well to intense heat...time to secure anything that's flammable and assist all departments in keeping peace aboard ship

Engineering: Time to be miracle workers: you are a ship in space with no way to vent heat...along the way you find you'll have to fabricate a new one...time for the engineers to shine!

Ops: Many gases, flammable materials, and perishables aboard ship will not react well to heat. In addition, all personnel functions aboard ship will be severely hindered by the heat wave. Move quickly!

Optional: Cascade failures of various systems and bio-gel packs and isolinear chips begin to fry out...explosions in areas that have way too much heat....the heat management system isn't the only critical part damaged!
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Re: Cooked
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2018, 02:16:55 pm »

Claimed for the Athena.

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