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Sleeping dogs lie - CLAIMED
« on: August 01, 2018, 07:34:56 pm »
Mission Title: Sleeping dogs lie
Synopsis: A large ship full of cryotubes is found near [SHIP NAME]. The ship is malfunctioning and some of the sleepers have woken, others have died, and the systems are shutting down soon, so the rest will die unless [SHIP NAME] interferes. When/if systems are restored, a holographic message will play to whomever is on the bridge explaining that the people sleeping in the tubes are all war criminals. Each of them committed murder, torture, genocide, and more. Their society decided that the best solution was to set them adrift in space, and to let the universe decide their fate.

Starting Point: Alert as the sensors pick up a drifting ship moving into range, traveling at the speed of intersteller winds. The ship is unfamiliar, but your sensors indicate there are life forms on board and that the ship is in an emergency.
End Goal: The captain and his command officers decide what to do with the sleepers.
Story points that must be passed?:

Hey there!
-- Meet the conscious passengers
-- Find and allow grieving of dead sleepers
-- Decide if wake remaining sleepers
-- Encounter hologram explanation of ship
-- Leader explains that their side lost the war, or they might have done the same to the other side.
Moral Dilema
-- Senior Officers debate? Captain seeks out advice?
-- War Criminals try to socialize
-- War Criminals try to seize control of [SHIP NAME] because it is much more advanced than their prison ship.
-- War Criminals are repelled and captured/killed
-- Captain and Officers must decide what to do with survivors

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Navigation
- Engineering: Getting prison ship running again
- Operations: Getting prison ship running again
- Security and tactical: Guarding all 100 prisoners
- Medical: Creepy eugenics talks with war criminals, and treating the symptoms of exposure and PTSD.
- Science: Figure out that the prison ship originated in the Gamma Quadrant.
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Re: Sleeping dogs lie
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