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James A. Hawke
« on: May 09, 2016, 04:59:25 am »
Character Details

Character Name: James Alexander Hawke
Character Age: 25 on records; 30 actual age
Character DOB: March 30 2368
Character Image:
Character Species:Human
Character Family:

Paternal Grandfather:

Joseph Hawke (Retired)

Joseph Hawke is a former Starfleet Admiral.  He served Starfleet with distinction earning him several medals and honors.  During his time in Starfleet he was known for his bravery and rose to the rank of Admiral and obtained several contacts.  He is currently retired living in Earth

Paternal Grandmother

Jane Hawke (Diseased)   

Wife of Joseph Hawke, former Starfleet Officer rose to the rank of Captain.   She died at the Battle of Wolf 359.


Kenneth Hawke 

Kenneth Hawke is a Politian and Weapons Developer.  He served as a cabinet member for 2 presidents of the United Federations of Planets. He is a very smart and charismatic individual.  He is well known in the civilian government of Starfleet.   


Maria Hawke – Died in Childbirth.

Twin Sister

Meryl Hawke

James' Twin Sister, she is the oldest one.  She is Charismatic and powerful leader on her own right.  She is in charge of management of corporations.  She blames her twin brother for her mother's death since the complications began at his birth.  They grew up with an antagonistic relationship and the twins don't see eye to eye on things.  She has a more manipulative personality and is closer to her Father than James.

Character's Wife: Unknown (Alternative Timeline)

Character Bio:

James Hawke was born in March 30, 2368 in Ohio Earth.  He was the son of Kenneth Hawke an individual with a lot of connections in the Federation in large part because of his Grandfather Joseph Hawke.

James was the second of the pair of twin.  When James was being born complications in the birth occurred and his Mather choose her give her life for him. 

In early Childhood James was educated by Vulcan and Human Philosophers.  He was educated to be leader like his sister.  Both of them were meticulous raised so one day they can continue the name of honor of the family Hawke.

His Father made sure that his tutors and both siblings visited both of the major cultures as a way to expose them to multiple ways of thoughts.  In essence so one day understand both the micro and macro political systems of the United Federation of Planets.

During childhood, James had extraordinary difficulty with science and discipline.  His sister on the other hand was a better student of science and was better disciplined. As the twin's grew up his sister was subject of great appreciation while James was subject to disappointment. His child was also filled with light in a tunnel, his grandfather Joseph Hawke spent time with James and teaching him the value of bravery, teamwork and the federation. 

At the age of 18, in 2386 James went to Oxford University in London to complete his education.  He was also part of the School's college Tennis Team.  When he graduated from college he was considered one of the top professional prospects in professional tennis.

In 2390, he played professional tennis.  Due to disciplinary issues he was kicked out of professional tennis. People in the professional circles remember James and the even that lead his dismissal in the league.

In 2391, during a visit in Bajor there was a major incident involving school children.  While most people fled the scene, James reluctantly turned around confronted the situation.  Due to his heroic actions people took noticed of him.

In 2392, his Father figured that would help him politically to have his new began a new generation of heroes in the Hawke family.  James enlisted in Starfleet and after his Father pulling some strings he obtained a commission in Shadow Fleet.

James was assigned to the flagship of Shadow Fleet the U.S.S. Chin'toka and was promoted to the rank of Lt. Jg. He served the Federation under the Federation-Klingon war. Hawke disappeared for 2 months during the war behind enemy lines. 

After the Federation-Klingon war, James was mysteriously transferred to Earth.  Recently, James was transferred to Shadow Fleet. 

Classified Information for Starfleet Level X Only...

In late 2392, James Hawke went in a mission behind enemy lines to gather intelligence on a Klingon Operation in the sector. During the mission, Hawke encountered future version of himself.

The future version informed the present Hawke, that they were at a critical moment on the Federation-Klingon War.  In his future the Klingon found device created by the same civilization that created the guardian of Forever.   

Both Hawke's destroyed the device and at the end of mission they switched.  In essence the James of the Future came and took over the place of James in the past.

Alternate Timeline Klingon Federation War

The Klingon Federation war lasted for five years.  This timeline was interrupted when Commander James Hawke and the crew of the U.S.S. Churchill travelled back in time.

The war began similar to the way it occurred in Shadow Fleet.  At the end of 2392 of year 1 of the war the Klingon discovered a device that would tell the Klingon visions of the future.  Armed with probable fleet maneuvers the Klingons were able to outmaneuver Federation ships and began defeating them.

During the second year of the war the Federation believed that they had a several moles that were feeding information about Federation fleet movements to the Klingons.  The Federation began countering by dividing all fleet movement by cells in order to contain the leaks.  James got promoted to Full Lt.

The third year of the war things began getting worse for the Federation.  James got engaged and married with his wife.  He got promoted to Lt. Commander. 

The Fourth year of the war the Klingons invaded earth.  Most of the Federation forces attempted to defend Earth but the Federation forces were ultimately defeated.  Earth fell to the Klingons. During the Defense of Earth James' Wife was killed she asked him to promise him something.

The Fifth Year, of the was the last forces of the Federation were scattered.  James got promoted to Commander and managed to get a crew together from survivors from Earth. In order to save the life of his Wife, James went back in time and violated the Temporal directive.  He also wanted to go back in the past and correct some of the mistakes that he did in the war. 

Your Details

Previous Role-Playing Experience: I remember doing post by post on a 56 K Moden....ahh the good old days of dial up music in my ears
Department Preference: Engineering
Secondary Department Preference: Flight
Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian: Commissioned

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Additional information:

I like beer and wine

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