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Liv Forrester - Reporting in 22/11/2017
« on: November 22, 2017, 07:10:15 AM »
Character Details

Character Name: Liv Forrester
Character Age: 28 years old
Character DOB:1 November 2366
Character Image:
Character Species: Human, Liberated Borg
Gender: Female
Character Family: Kali and Ethan Forrester, her parents, no siblings.
Character Bio:

Liv was born to Kali and Ethan Forrester, two starfleet officers who graduated freshly from the Academy. She spent most of her younger years aboard ships, sometimes starbases depending on her parent's assignments until they return back to Earth.

Liv always admired her parents, naturally she always wished to become a starfleet officer. However, it didn't go as planned. When she was 18, she successfully joined the academy and began a training in security/tactical. Few months after graduating, she was assigned to the USS Irathra, as a security officer. During her time on this spaceship, she was assimilated by the Borg and spent several years as a Borg drone. Liv got liberated when the Sphere she was on crashed on a planet in the Alpha Quadrant. A small group of Borg managed to survive, Liv was among them and as their link to the Collective was severed, they all started to remember their previous lives. Together, they managed to attract the attention of a Federation starship which rescued them.

Liv has been traumatized by her time with the Borg, but she retains efficiency, she loves being around people and she still works on accepting her individuality again. Although she could love being on her own, she sometimes miss the comfort of the Hive Mind, the power and the confidence it brought her.

Your Details

Previous Role-Playing Experience: I do some role-play on a mmo, I play also using forums for years.
Department Preference:Tactical/Security
Secondary Department Preference:
Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian: Enlisted

Sample post:

"Miss Forrester I presume?" said a blonde woman dressed in a medical uniform.

"Indeed, it is my designation." Liv nodded and followed the officer to a small room where she was offered to sit.

Liv looked at the woman. "If I may ask, what is your designation?"

"I'm lieutenant Rose, I'm the starbase's counselor. I know you've been through a lot during your time in the Collective. It's been few months now, did you enjoy your time on Earth with your family?" The counselor was looking at her trying to get a feeling of what was going on into the former Borg mind.

"It was... enjoyable. However, I would like to return to my duties. I feel I can do a lot more than sitting around at my parent's house and watching holonovels. I do love surfing too but you know, I love being an explorer, that's what's starfleet about if you think about it. We're not soldiers, we're here to discover strange new worlds." she offered a slight smile as she said that.

Lieutenant Rose and Liv continued talking, eventually ending the evaluation 15 minutes later.

"You'll get some news from Commander Bresson, but for now, really, relax and enjoy your time. Perhaps you should even go to Risa."

"Thank you Lieutenant." Liv shaked her hand, and walked away, mechanically still retaining some of her Borg conditioning.

Additional information:

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Re: Liv Forrester - Reporting in 22/11/2017
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2017, 07:48:36 AM »

A very good post.

I play a liberated borg too!

Do you still have any enhancements? 
If so, what?

Or is your character completely free of them?

Please advise,



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