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Robért Garlandè reporting for duty, 10/17/17
« on: October 18, 2017, 12:33:35 AM »
Character Details

Character Name: Robért Michaél Jonathȃn Richȃrd Garlandè
Character Age: 31
Character DOB: March 17, 2365
Character Image:
Character Species: Human
Gender: Male
Character Family:
Father: Victor Garlandè (Deceased)
Mother: Abigail Garlandè (Deceased)
Brother: Raphael Garlandè (12 years younger)

Character Bio:

Robért Michaél Jonathȃn Richȃrd Garlandè was born on Bringloid V and was only a couple of weeks old when he and two hundred and twenty four other people were rescued by the USS Enterprise D in 2365 after massive solar flares from the system’s star devastated their colony.

Upon their return to Earth, his parents relocated them back to Rennes, France where their family was originally from before his ancestors departed Earth to help colonize Bringloid V.

His parents were Botanists. A field that utterly bored Robért to death. I felt there was no excitement in it. He was always told that this was the reason he always took dangerous chances and risks. He needed the adrenaline. He was always going off on his own little adventures and getting into trouble. He had stolen a transport vehicle when he was ten years old. There were times that his parents weren't sure what to do with him. They eventually came up with a solution that they thought would keep him grounded and home more. they had another son when Robert was twelve. Robért loved his brother enough but the thought of staying home was just as boring as his parents jobs. When he was off doing his own thing, he did think about his brother and how he couldn't wait to get him involved with his mischief.

A few weeks after Robért turned fourteen, his parents were called away to some convention of sorts. He never really paid much attention to them any more. Their shuttle crashed and killed them both, leaving Robért and Raphael with no other family and in the Foster system. At the age of two, Raph was adopted out almost immediately but no one wanted an older, troublemaking brother. the family did allow Robert to stay in touch with his brother and Robért vowed to calm his ways and to be around to watch over and see his brother grow up. When Raph turned seventeen, he was accepted into Star Fleet Academy. To stay close, Robért thought he would join to. He was twenty nine years old. Because of his past, Star Fleet did not think he would be a good candidate for their Commissioned Officer field and quickly offered him a spot at the Starfleet Technical Services Academy. Robert would end up going the Enlisted route. He spent two years on Mars, training in Operations. Upon graduation, he was assigned to Shadow Fleet.

Your Details

Previous Role-Playing Experience: Over 15 years on various Star Trek RP sites
Department Preference: Operations
Secondary Department Preference: Flight Control
Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian: Enlisted
Sample post:

"What are you doing? Are you crazy? Do you know how much trouble we'll get into?"

Thomas had always asked these questions just before he and Robert would do something that was deemed wrong.

"Relax. You always get so scared when we're out having fun." Robert replied.

"There's a difference between fun and stealing a transport. If we get caught, they'll lock us away for ever. Then how will you see Raph? How will you take care of him?" retorted Tommy.

"Have we been caught yet?" asked Robért as he climbed into the control seat. "Come on. Get in here so we can go."

He waited for Tommy to enter and get settled. He had their transportation up and moving in less than two minutes. They weren't going anywhere special. Robért had just felt like taking a joy ride. The sirens caught up about ten minutes later. Tommy now sounded like he was going to hyperventilate.

"Just remember. You're deaf and I don't speak Terran." Robért said as they pulled over and the officer approached. That had probably been one of the longest nights Robért had ever spent in jail.

How did you find Shadow Fleet? Alt for Kyle Briggs
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Re: Robért Garlandè reporting for duty, 10/17/17
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2017, 10:05:06 PM »
Mr. Garlande,

A fine app.

The Challenger needs you in Ops.

Please report into Dylan Torngate.

And welcome aboard,


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Re: Robért Garlandè reporting for duty, 10/17/17
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Thank you, Sir

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Re: Robért Garlandè reporting for duty, 10/17/17
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Welcome to the fleet!

(Never mind, mispost.)
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