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Bonnie Moors - Reporting in, 23.09.17
« on: September 23, 2017, 06:27:57 PM »
Character Details

Character Name: Doctor Bonnie Moors M.D.
Character Age: 25
Character DOB: 4th February 2370
Character Image:

Character Species: Betazoid/Human
Gender: Female
Character Family:
  • Mother:
Lucille Moors
  • Father:
Aakis Omat

Character Bio:

Bonnie Moors was born to her parents Lucille and Aakis Omat on Betazed. Bonnie spent her early years on Betazed, learning how to control her telepathy and learning general studies at lower school. Bonnie spent around 6 years on Betazed until her parents decided to part ways. Bonnie’s mother decided to adopt her maiden name once again and Bonnie also took her mother’s name, they returned to Earth and settled in Austin, Texas, her mother’s home before Betazed.

After moving to Austin with her mother, Bonnie took an interest into the sciences, specifically chemistry and biology and decided she wanted to do medicine when she was older. She studied hard, trying to block out the hard life at home as her mother struggled to get by without her father.

Despite the success at school, Bonnie’s mother barely made enough money for rent. Eventually, when Bonnie was 14 years old, she was left at an orphanage so she could ‘have a better life’. This had a downside, for a while, Bonnie struggled to concentrate at school and her grades begun to plummet. It took a year for Bonnie to get over it enough to do well at school. After seeing a psychologist, Bonnie was diagnosed with depression, which barred her from joining Starfleet.

Bonnie excelled in her final exams and went on to further education, completing college and when she was 18, going on to study medicine at university with a minor in biology. Bonnie spent 4 years studying at Stanford university and graduated out as one of the highest scoring in her class in 2392. Bonnie got a job as a general practitioner and spent 3 years in the job before being given an interesting offer from Starfleet.

Star fleet offered Bonnie a job on a star fleet as a member of the science department on the USS Challenger to help fill staffing demands and to see if a civilian working along with star fleet would work. Bonnie was reluctant to take the job at first but eventually took it, knowing she could go back to medicine if she wanted to later.

Your Details

Previous Role-Playing Experience: Here since 2014
Department Preference: Science
Secondary Department Preference: Medicine
Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian: Civilian

As we have already talked about it, this character will be placed on the Challenger.

Sample post:

See Kira Wyman

Additional information:

Bonnie can play the guitar.
Bonnie, despite being charismatic, is introverted, and likes to spend time alone.
Bonnie has a degree in medicine with a minor in Biology from Stanford University.
Barred from Starfleet.

How did you find Shadow Fleet?

Brother introduced me to it way
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Re: Bonnie Moors - Reporting in, 23.09.17
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2017, 06:35:41 PM »

A nice application.

I know you have been in discussion with Dylan about the idea.

So, please report to his Science Department for duty!

Welcome aboard,



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