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HELP: Ship Representatives
« on: August 29, 2017, 10:50:52 AM »
A Ship Representative (SR) is elected by the consent of a ship’s crew, either by poll, nomination, application followed by confirmation, or other similar means. Their term lasts for 1 year unless they are chosen or reaffirmed by the crew to continue serving in the role, or if they are transferred to another ship or take on a higher Command Staff role (XO, CO).

Main Functions
The SR serves a few primary functions, but may take on other duties or responsibilities based on the needs of the ship upon agreement with the ship’s Command Staff. The main functions of a SR include:

  • Represent the crew’s interests in Shadow Fleet Council discussions and to the ship’s Command Staff
  • Provide transparency and act as a check against abuse of power by Command Staff
  • Anonymously relay feedback, concerns, etc of the crew to either the Command Staff or Shadow Fleet Admiralty, as appropriate
  • Introduce themselves and create rapport with crew in order to better serve their crewmates in the aforementioned ways; crew should feel comfortable approaching the SR as needed/desired

Additional Functions (Examples)
Other duties or responsibilities may be taken on by the SR and may vary between ships, depending on the ship’s or Command Staff’s needs and desires. Some examples of additional functions a SR could provide would be:

  • Assist the Command Staff in getting insight from the crew
  • Manage the Crew Choice Award poll
  • Attempt to contact or touch base with crewmembers who have disappeared or have shown low activity (Note: This is not specifically to determine IPC status of a player, just checking in to offer assistance or ask if there are any issues that need to be addressed, etc - basically checking on the well-being of the player and ensuring they are no issues to be resolved)
  • Other duties as determined by the SR and ship Command Staff

In line with the functions of a SR, he or she should be able to listen to the crew objectively in order to provide or pass on information without bias. Records of conversations regarding complaints, concerns, or issues should be saved as screenshots (IM conversations, PMs, etc) to avoid any misunderstandings or “he said/she said” incidents. These records should not be shared unless necessary (specifically requested by Command Staff or to resolve a discrepancy in what was discussed) so that crew can feel safe coming to the SR, knowing that under normal circumstances the conversations will be kept private.

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