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Arrun Dihsar - Reporting In (Aug 25th 2017)
« on: August 25, 2017, 04:38:44 AM »
Character Details

Character Name: Arrun Dihsar
Character Age: 25
Character DOB: 2370
Character Image:
Character Species: Bajoran
Gender: Male
Character Family: Farr Dihsar (Father), Aprel Dihsar (Mother, formerly Aprel Lata)
Character Bio: Born from an isolated Bajoran colony that was exceptionally cold and distant from Bajor itself. Arrun was brought up with parents who had served in Starfleet, who both were not very spiritual themselves and were instead focused on maintaining the colony and ensuring the resources gathered there were efficiently and safely gathered. Starfleet protocol maintained a sort of order and smoothness in the colony. Growing up with Starfleet parents, the history of the Federation's Starfleet was just a common story as any tale of the Prophets and the Bajoran people.

Unlike many Bajorans, Arrun's mere distrust of Cardassians pales in comparison to most of his people. For him, the occupation was a distant struggle and the reason his family could not live safely on Bajor or its nearby colonies. Eventually Arrun was old enough to travel the stars on his own and made his first destination Bajor; when Arrun moved to his people's homeworld, he spent much of his time educating himself on their struggle and embracing his faith in the Prophets. Taking up the path of the priesthood and secluding himself in prayer and service at the age of 18.

At age 25, Arrun's spirituality was informed by an orb experience aboard DS9 that led to Arrun turning away from his religious order to enroll in Starfleet to see and experience the galaxy at large. To him, Starfleet is a vocation that Prophets have laid out for him. That said, he has struggled with the various challenges to his beliefs and teachings he garnered. However, Arrun has opened his heart and mind to the Federation.

Your Details

Previous Role-Playing Experience: Various Tabletop RPGs both new and old; LARPs of the Whitewolf "Mind's Eye Theatre" tradition; play-by-post RPGs of free-form and various systems.
Department Preference: Flight Control
Secondary Department Preference: Operations
Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian: Commissioned

Sample post:
[Bajoran Temple, Promenade, Deep Space Nine]

Standing before the temple entrance, Arrun Dihsar stood silent as the promenade slowly wound to a halt and trickled away the last people with business that coming night cycle. Arrun stood there long enough for the temple's attending priest to step out and ask if Arrun was indeed ready.

"Honestly, I do not know, but this I must do to ensure I walk the path of the Prophets,"  whispered Arrun.

The priest nodded and waved him into the temple. Within, Arrun slowly and reverently approached the case upon the altar. For all the incense, soft light, and empty solitude: Arrun could not help but stare at the case that held the Orb. Arrun had spent so long merely hearing of such things, spent so long studying such things, and now was somehow given the rare gift of viewing one. In his reverie, he began to lose all track of time. He was afraid, having been so far from his people and their teachings for so long, could he possibly be unworthy of the path he had chosen?

He sighed as if releasing a deeply held breath, "There is only one way to find out."

Without another moment wasted, he approached the altar and swung open the case.

Additional information: Maybe a little obvious, but been watching Star Trek since TNG, and a huge fan of the series from TV, Movie, and video games. Other note, I admit I have not played freeform PBP for some years, but I am excited to jump into the Shadow Fleet.

How did you find Shadow Fleet?
Heard about this on CortexPBP and was excited to hear about a Star Trek PBP.
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Re: Arrun Dihsar - Reporting In (Aug 25th 2017)
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2017, 07:38:11 AM »

A good application.

We have a open spot in the Flight Control Department of the Athena.

I can assign you there if you like.

Please let me know if that will work.

Most sincerely,


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Re: Arrun Dihsar - Reporting In (Aug 25th 2017)
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2017, 12:03:15 PM »

I would be glad to serve aboard the Athena!

Arrun Dihsar

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You are nothing but a book of lines and paper." ~neochivalry

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Re: Arrun Dihsar - Reporting In (Aug 25th 2017)
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2017, 01:36:12 PM »
Hey Arrun!
I'm Constance, the CO over on the Athena. I have a pretty similar background to you- I've done a lot of live action stuff and tabletops (I actually write 3rd party for Pathfinder). Super excited to have you on the ship!

We are wrapping up this month's mission in a few days but feel free to jump in and get a handle on how things work.

What's happened thus far in the mission is:
-The crew went down to a planet to facilitate  diplomatic relations.
-They were invited to a party/ceremony.
-It turns out the ceremony revered everyone's gender who was there at the time (feel free to have your character's gender change or not- up to you).
-A fight broke out between security officers and one of the delegates was injured- now they want someone to suffer the same fate if talks are to be continued!

Feel free to report to Constance in character (she's on the beach) and I'll get you into the swing of things!

Rear Admiral Constance Lafayette
Commanding Officer, USS Athena
Academy Command Officer Instructor


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