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« on: April 01, 2017, 03:11:56 AM »
OOC: so, we were learning about Coronal Mass Ejections (CME)in my Astronomy class and I thought that would be an excellent mission idea. If you don't know what a CME is, it's a real thing . Google it. :)

Mission Title: Flares
Synopsis: A civilization on a planet orbiting fairly close to its sun is rather vulnerable because their sun is beginning to show signs of a MASSIVE solar eruption. (Scientifically speaking, a Coronal Mass Ejection) This eruption of extremely charged solar particles would be a major disaster for the civilization down on the planet. At best the flare-up would knock out power and infrastructure, which would be devastating alone to the residents of the planet. At it’s worst, the civilization could be totally fried with heat and dangerous levels of radiation. The [insert ship name here] is requested to help out with monitoring/research and  potentially evacuating as many people as possible. However, tempers begin to run high between the crew  and those who they are evacuating…

Starting Point: The [insert ship name here] is called for an emergency scientific intervention.
End Goal: The sun erupts. (That’s a given) and a good portion of the people are evacuated until the solar storm has passed. (That’s just one possible ending. There are a lot of ways this could end.)

Story points that must be passed?:
Ship comes into system to assist in research/evacuation
Begin research/ evacuation efforts
Research: How long until eruption, will the planet be within the star’s range?
Evacuation: Get as many people to safety as possible on the far side of the planet.
Signs show the sun is almost about to erupt.
The sun erupts.
The [insert ship name here]'s Technology gets affected by the intense solar wind
The crew of the[insert ship name here] has a choice: Move to the other side if the planet to minimize permanent damage to the ship and potentially leave thousands unprotected and return to help after the ejection, or to stay and help people at risk of severe to permanent damage of the ship and eventually crashing down into the planet.
Conflict arises with the leaders and people of the civilization as they feel the evacuation isn’t going as fast as necessary.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight:  Fly ship as best as possible with systems failing. Help shuttle evacuees.
- Engineering: Keep the ship running. A lot of systems will fail/be failing due to the solar wind.
- Operations: Computer systems start failing . Deal with angry evacuees
- Security and tactical: Deal with angry evacuees.
- Medical: People may have radiation sickness from the flare, there also may be some injuries from some scuffles between Starfleet personnel and peeved evacuees.
- Science: Monitor the sun, figure out when/how the sun will erupt.
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Re: Flares
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