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HELP: The Academy
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HELP TOPIC: Shadow Fleet Academy

Commissioned Officers

In order to become an officer in Shadow Fleet, you must have attended and passed the relevant course(s) at Shadow Fleet Academy. There are courses in flight control, science, medical, engineering, operations and security/tactical.

The courses at Shadow Fleet Academy are not meant to be easy. They are meant to test you on your writing skill, Star Trek knowledge and ability to deal with player disputes. All our officers are expected to possess a high level of writing ability and be able to effectively manage the enlisted and junior players beneath them. Sometimes, this involves arbitrating disputes in the SIMM which is why it is essential we pick the right people for the job.

The officer training process itself is a demanding course made up of three levels.

Level one of the course comprises of a selection of scenarios, which are tailored to the Candidates trade, Flight, Engineering etc. Each scenario should be no less than 100 words. After each scenario the Instructor will respond with some feedback, they might even ask you to continue with the current scenario or give you a new one.

Should you be successful in passing level one, you will progress onto level two, in which you will have to incorporate a series of departmental-specific terms and/or equipment into your posts in the correct manner. For example, as a medical cadet you may be asked to incorporate the stimulant “cordrazine” into a post. The examiner will be looking to see that you know of the term and how to effectively use it in a medical environment. You will be required to respond to as many as five such questions, with a minimum of three satisfactory posts.  Each post should be a minimum of seventy five (75) words in length and should be of your own imagination.

The final level is a quiz of sorts. Twelve questions that pertain to the Star Trek Universe in general and your chosen field will be given to you, which you must answer in a Private Message to your instructor. Only a grade of 9/12 or above will result in a pass, and a completion of the course.

On completion of level three, you will be awarded your Shadow Fleet Academy Diploma in your chosen field and be officially assigned to a ship in the fleet. Graduating rank is dependent on how well you perform throughout your course and the number of vacancies in the fleet, however, most candidates usually graduate as an Ensign.

Enlisted Personnel

Enlisted personnel do not take an academy course; they are simply posted to a ship to get into the action straight away. However, there is an Enlisted Persons Course (EPC) for any enlisted person holding the rate of Petty Officer Third Class. This course assesses the person's posting ability in much the same way the Commissioned course does, but only consists of two levels. For more information on the Enlisted Persons Course, please see: The EPC Explained.

If you are an enlisted person wanting to apply for commissioned service, you may do so by sending a request to your Chief of Boat and Commanding Officer. The two of them will then discuss it and if it is approved, you will be forward to the Academy Instructor of the relevant course.

Command Officer Training Course

For a full and detailed overview of the Command Officer Training Course, please see: The Command Officer Training Course

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