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:: Checkpoint Bravo | Shotaka ::

Luckily for Kyan, Cho, and Dunn; Walker had been quick about getting them resupplied. A little more dramatic than he'd have liked, what with 1% remaining on his phaser rifle when the tow headed crewman came running back to their position, but nonetheless he had returned. And they were now beating back the melted half mechanical hordes with relative ease.

Of course nothing could ever be easy right?

Then the gods and their silly sense of humor took over. A Maltov cocktail exploded close to Walker, catching the crewman's uniform ablaze and peppering him with glass shrapnel. The young crewman released his weapon and immediately fell to the pavement, screaming obscenities.

"Arhhhh sh*t!" he yelled, beating his pants leg to put the fire out. Unfortunately, the concoction that the Shotakans were using was something akin to napalm so Walker was simply fanning the flame.

"Use yer aid kit!" Kyan shouted. "There be a foire suppressor in there." He wanted to help, but moving off his position would mean the groups entire right side would be out of action, giving the Shotakans room to break through.

Walker was at least composed enough to follow his orders, but the damage was done. His mask was inoperable too, the visor having been shattered. "I can't see!" He called back. "My mask is broken!"

"Punch yer ticket then. Get back." Kyan called over, dropping a Shotakan in Walker's field of fire.

Walker replied quickly, panic etched into his voice. "I don't have it. I used to for resupply. What do I do?"

They'd only brought four of them, one for each of the security officers. "Oi'm comin tae ye. Sit toight." Kyan shouted back. Then..."Cho, increase yer field o foire. Dunn... shift tae yer roight!"

Two "aye sir's" later, Kyan saw Dunn drop into his new position closer to him, which was his cue to go. He picked up his blade off the pavement in front of him and made his way over to Walker, who was now struggling to take in breath.

"So...rry" he panted.

Kyan gave him a hard pat on the back. "Dinnae worry yerself." he replied jovially. "Ye did good out here so ye did. Cannae all of us stay fer th' whole of the party, the sadness of it." He took his own transponder off his sleeve and slapped it onto Walker's. "After ye've been looked to, be sure tae tell the grups in charge that we're still out here the now, dinnae let'em forget."

"K...." Walker mumbled as he nodded.

"Roight then.. off ye go." Kyan slapped the transponder, which then lit up and a few seconds, Walker was gone. Kyan took his place and set up his own rifle on the wall. The Shotakans were getting closer. The closest of them were now getting within a few meters of the wall before being dropped. He saw one laid out less than a meter away from Dunn's spot. It was simple math now, and eventually they would overtake the wall.

[Shotaka Surface]

Slowly beginning to think all was lost until she heard the unmistakable sound of phaser fire and without a word pulled Rixxy towards the sound knowing it had to be some of the Security team.  Praying that they would see the both of them and not mistake them for someone else, making a waving gesture to get their attention until everything got to much with her existing injury and the others she sustained and collapsed into the welcoming darkness once more.

"Lieutenant!" Cho called out. "I think we have some of our people coming up behind the Shotakans. Can you see?"

Kyan squinted to see through the fogged up mask to where Cho was pointing. Sure enough, there was a humanoid woman out there waving, with what looked like two other people. They wouldn't last long out there if the Shotakans turned their attention to them, riled up like they were. Just as he was considering that issue however, another one came up. His com badge... near useless now having been exposed to the rain made a sickly chirping sound before their Medical Officer's voice came through.

=/\=Mac....zie, thi.......ack, we've sta... the evacu...n..... take about fifteen min... .=/\=

"Oh Morrigu ye scandalous ole bitch ye!" the little Only muttered before tapping the badge angrily. =/\= Black, Mackenzie. Get the lead outta yer arse and hurry! You dinnae have fifteen minutes. You've maybe ten! =/\=

Of course even ten was generous. But just as he was about to curse another of his gods, an idea struck him. A quick look around was all it took to conclude that the idea was sound. Besides, they all had transponders anyway, so blowing up the entrance to the hospital complex wouldn't effect his getting back to the ship. Kyan grinned beneath his mask as he congratulated himself on a good plan.

"Ok, Dunn. Collapse the entrance way tae the hospital. That'll give the doctor types some more toime. After that, form up on me. We're gonna make a hole for whoever is back there behind the Shotakans!"

Dunn turned immediately, ratcheting up his rifle settings and beginning his work on the stone arch behind them. Cho maintained his fire as he inched closer to his friend's position.

Of course his communicator still had a bit of life left, and chirped again. This message was no better than the last.

=/\= "Commander Tritter to all crew, back to the Gibson immediately"=/\=

He angrily shot a few more Shotakans before tapping his badge to reply. Of course the rifle was on stun, but it was cathartic all the same.... sort of. =/\= This be Mackenzie. Negative. We're still keepin the natives away from the hospital. Starfleet people trapped behind Shotakan mob. We're gonna go get 'em. Will return after. =/\=

With that he hopped over the wall and started making a hole in the mob between himself and the people behind it. Cho took up position beside him on the left. Shortly thereafter the high pitched whine of Dunn's compression rifle stopped and the big archway behind them crumbled effectively cutting them off the the hospital, but also cutting the Shotakans off. They'd have to go around it now, which would take several minutes.

"Ahroit Boyos..." Kyan began as Dunn took position on his right. "Let's be about it. Stay toight. Oi'll 'ave em from ten tae two, Cho, six tae ten, an Dunn, you got two tae six. Saavy?"



"Move!" Kyan replied simply, stepping off. Cho stayed on his left about two steps behind, and Walker did likewise on his right. The Shotakans were still coming, and approaching though they were water and the Security team a sinking ship, to be swallowed. This tactic, if it was successful, would allow them to leave a path back to their position behind the wall if Dunn and Cho could keep it open.

Kyan stayed focussed on the mass of bodies in front of him, shooting the closet one each time. He heard a flash bang and the unmistakable hiss of a smoke canister on either side of him as his comrades worked to keep a distance between them and the angry mob. It took nearly a minute, but eventually the sea of screaming protesters parted enough for Kyan to make out the Starfleet crew. There were two female grups, and one was on the ground. She looked to be the worse for wear.

"Please help her!" Rixxy shouted to him, nearing hysteria. 

"Aye that's why we're here the now lass, just hold it together for a wee second!" Kyan replied happily. People liked for their rescuers to be happy, so the grups at Starfleet Academy thought. "Ok... here's the plan. We're all gonna..." he began, realizing that he himself had no transponder. "Oh well gods dammit!" he yelled up to the gods. "Yer games be gettin old so they do!" he added, coming to a decision. "Ahroit. You who's still upright, Cho, and Dunn. Yer gonna hit yer transponders the now an go back tae the ship with this one who's laying here with 'er bits an pieces showin. And Oi, who gave up my own ticket to Walker will lure this lot away on foot."

"Sir you can't stay here by yourself!" Cho spoke up.

"An we cannae be wading through this mob carryin 'er now can we? It's up a river of stink on a small boat we are boyos and no mistake." Kyan replied. "An that was an order so it was, the which you will follow."

"Sir Cho's right." Dunn began before beign cut off.

"Do loik i told ya!" Kyan piped up, peering up at his team. "I'm gonna lead them off tae give the doctor types some toime ye see? You will tell the Gibson that Oi'm out 'ere. They will transport me back. Make sure it 'appens, or Oi'll haunt yer wee grup arse an you'll never dip yer twig in another lady again without I'm there screwin it up for ye. Now GO!"

The two nodded, hitting their transponders. Rixxy did likewise, and Kyan reached down and hit Leana's, sending her back to the Gibson. Then he rose, facing the seething mass of Shotakans, who had paused briefly at the sight of the blue beams taking the others away.

"Ok you lot. Let's have a game of tag now eh?" he laughed. "And.... you're it!" he offered, shooting the nearest Shotakan with his hand phaser. He then turned and took off as fast as he could run away from the hospital.

And now he found himself in a familiar setting. Alone on a ruined planet, running from the very same pissed off grups that ruined it. 

Feels loik Oi'm home again! he thought as he ran.

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No hard tags, just setting the table :D

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:: Field Hospital Security perimeter | Shotaka ::

"I'm almost out!" Walker called out from his position to Kyan's right. The young Human was crouched behind a vehicle of some sort.

"How much?" Kyan answered, sitting with his back to a short wall. The rain was still coming down and his mask was melting around his face. it wouldn't last long either.

Walker fired off a few more shots, felling two Shotakans. The aliens, sickly and angry, took up residence on the scorched pavement with their fellows who had been dispatched similarly. There was getting to be quite a lot of them now. "Umm...three percent."

Luckily, Kyan had been able to re-aquire his own rifle, which was still at nearly ten percent. Walker just had a hand phaser, and the other two were spread out to Kyan's left. The Shotakans had no beam weapons, but were pretty accurate throwing their rocks and whatever else they could heave at the Starfleet crew. He knew Black needed more time, and that Tritter had yet to check back in.

"So ok, here's the plan then." the ancient boy piped up. "Oi've ten, Cho an meself will lay down some foire so's Dunn can get to Walker's spot." Kyan popped up and picked off a Shotaka as a flaming bottle whizzed by his head and exploded on the wall behind him. "Then..." he continued, taking cover again as Cho mimicked his action. "Walker'll be usin his one way ticket back to the ship. Get some power cells, another compression rifle, some more flash bangers, smoke, an some fresh hand phasers. Beam back to the hospital and then get back here. And hurry yer arse up lest ye find us overrun when ye come back."

Walker nodded. "Yessir." he answered.

Kyan nodded. "Ahroit. Dunn, go on tree. One, two.... tree!"

On three, Walker activated his emergency transponder, disappearing in a radiant blue light. Cho and Kyan popped up and began firing in unison at the wall of aliens twenty yards in front of them, and Dunn ran in a crouch behind Kyan and to his right to take up the spot from where Walker just beamed away. Once he slid into place, Kyan ducked back down and Dunn took up firing. The little officer checked his charge. [8%]

Hoping that Walker moved quickly, he re-drew his blade and set it beside him on the still dry ground under the wall's slight overhang... just in case it came to that. "Ok boyos." he called out. "Same plan as before. Keep em back for as long as the phasers have charge. If Walker don get back before we run out af juice, we'll have tae go hand tae hand with the creature so we will. Get yerselves ready for it!"   

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Welcome back to the fleet!

U.S.S Challenger [NCC-40117] / Re: Challenged Crew Choice- 2017
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Mine votes are cast.

Fleet News Service / Re: Welcome Felicity Ellis
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Welcome to the fleet! They're a good bunch of people on the Columbus and they've been looking forward to a new medical type person for a while now.

First: Merry Met Felicity!

Second: "Good" and "looking" are strong terms that do not apply to all of us on the station! We've a few bad apples Felicity that you'll need to be watching out for!

Starbase Columbus / Re: Starbase Columbus Welcome and Recognition
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Welcome, Counselor. Take a good look around - you have just agreed to take responsibility for the mental health of everyone in this room.

You speak for yeself there grup lady. I dinnae need no headshrinking counselor pokin around in my head!

Welcome tae the station anyways! :D

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Thanks Naira! :D

All good ideas. And remember that your crew can be from any time period too. TOS, ENT, Discovery... TNG, whatever. :D

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[Shotaka: Outskirt Hospital Site]

 =/\="Mackenzie, this is Black. It'll be half an hour to stabilize patients and prep for transport before we can evacuate. If you can't hold the perimeter, we need to start the process now."=/\=

Kyan took aim at the sickly looking... but also angry....Shotakan who was bearing down on him in his mechanized scooter hover thing. The little officer squinted to see through his mask, which had been scarred by the acid rain, clouding his field of vision. A predatory grin crept across the boy's features as he watched the creature drew closer in his rifle's sights. "Keep on comin then boyo!" he muttered.

By the time he noticed his mistake it was almost too late to do anything about it. The rain had warped the visor on his mask, which made the Shotakan seem further away than he was actually. If not for the target display on his rifle sight, the alien would have collided with him before he could fire. As it turned out though, the Alien did end up colliding with him and Kyan was tossed back several meters. It took a few moments to collect himself, but the alien wasn't so lucky, having been caught square in the chest with a stun blast from Kyan's phaser rifle, from which he now found himself seperated.

"Bloody rain!" he swore. The rifle had been clipped to his tactical vest, but the corrosive rain had eaten through the rifle sling. He couldn't retrieve it just now though, as there were more Shotkans coming at him and the other three members of his team. He reached for his hand phaser, but didn't bother to draw it. The rain had melted the firing button, there was no way to discharge it now.

Then his com badge went off.

[Shotaka: Outskirt Hospital Site]

 =/\="Mackenzie, this is Black. It'll be half an hour to stabilize patients and prep for transport before we can evacuate. If you can't hold the perimeter, we need to start the process now."=/\=

Kyan tapped the delta as he sprang to his feet. =/\= Start the now =/\= he replied. =/\= We made it to the perimeter checkpoint but the guy'cha roof fell in before we got there. We cannae make a barrier here except for our own selves. The which we have. And save some bandages for us, for we might need them. Mackenzie out. =/\=

His rifle gone, and last hand phaser inoperable, Kyan reached under the back of his tactical vest and produced his mek'leth. The rain created little sizzling pock marks on the blade's surface as he helt it at the ready.

"Ahroit my friends, it's toime tae be getting serious now so it is. Come on then!"

I have settled on a movie era ship of some sort. Probably an Akyazi or an Abbe class. character TBD

If I use Rayek can I claim the Romulan Bird of Prey we towed the Challenger back with? (in Mission S1E6 was it?)

Smells legit to me :D

The Arcade Board / Re: The Acronym Game
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You Oughtta Untie The Hummingbird

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soft tag to any security types who want to reply. Also to anyone not otherwise engaged who wants to get caught up in the perimeter defense. :D

Mission Logs & Archives / Re: Season 2 Episode 3: Monsoon Season
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[Location: Shotaka]

=/\= Commander Tritter to Admiral Ayedemi and Lieutenant Mackenzie, myself and Crewman K'mpar will be unavailable on comms until further notice  =/\=

:: Shotaka | Checkpoint Bravo ::

The team had set up the bottleneck, which would in theory force any Shotakans who had designs on mixing it up with the Starfleeters to come to them on their own terms. In effect, Kyan and his team had set the terms of any engagement with these people, and it would be their choice entirely on whether they wanted to fight, which he expected some of them did.

Kyan had been following the traffic on the com badges and tapped his own when Tritter finished speaking. =/\= Aye sir. We're all set here, moving to the fallback location. Now. We be expectin resistance. =/\=

Then, after ending that conversation, he tapped the badge again. =/\= Mackenzie to all Security. Xo is off the net, Oi'm takin command out here. Perimeter checkpoints aknowledge in order. =/\=

After hearing reports from the other perimeter checkpoints, Kyan shimmied into his pack and checked the charge on his rifle. [98%]. "Ahright!" he called out to the others, who were doing likewise. "Set yet rifles tae maximum stun the now. These folks be riled up so they are, but we're not after killin'em. Just putting em down for a bit of a snooze is what we're tae do. Oi'll grab up the force field emitters. Da tree of ye stack up on the doorway. Walker, you toss out the flash banger. Dunn, you have the smoke aye?"

"Yessir." the Terran nodded. "Got it right here." he added, holding it up.

"Good. Ok. Flash, then smoke ye see." Kyan ordered, moving to the emitter. "Once I click this off, some of'em might get in so. Mister Cho, you'll be in charge of makin sure they're sent off to dream land if they do and then we'll exit right after the smoke gets good an thick."

Kyan got himself into a crouching position and slung his rifle. He pulled out a hand phaser and leveled it at the door, putting his free hand on the switch. "Ahroit. Say yer prayers to whatever gods ye got hearin em." he called out, then muttered his own prayer to Morrigu as he signed the pentagram for protection. "We're single file out, and then quick to the next check point."

The little Security officer heard their acknowledgement and then pressed the switch. The forcefield on the door shimmered and them blinked off. For a split second there was a pregnant pause in the cacophony, then a few Shotakans tried to barrel into the doorway on their weird cobbled together conveyance. Cho took one out with a blast from his rifle, sending the desperate, angry looking alien back out the way he came. Kyan caught the other with his hand phaser. That one slumped to the ground where he stood.

By that time, Walker had thrown the flash grenade. Kyan winced as it went off, blinding temporarily anyone not expecting it. Dunn then threw the smoke, which quickly filled the entry way and several meters in front of it with a thick red smoke. It was now time to go.

"Ahright boyos!" Kyan called out, picking up the emitter in his free hand and pocketing it. "Let's be off!"

As the human security crewmen disappeared into the mist, Kyan heard their phaser rifles working to clear a path. He was out right behind them, and smiling like a kid at Christmas, quickly added his own to the fray. 

It's all still experimental right now, looks like. I believe Kyan is more or less taking up the reigns of this one.

Correct sir! Basically we're all going to either have our own ship, or pair up, team up, whatever. you may choose just about whatever ship you wish, although it ought to be smallish. Bigger ships get more damaged passing through the anomaly.

And also a welcome to Jaron! :D

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