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Sounds Good.

PS- Lucas Till. Naira did the work for me.


She does great work ;-)

Please pm James Carter and Naira to report in for duty.

Welcome aboard,


PS - Do you want to take the Enlisted class right away?

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: Yesterday at 07:23:44 PM »
[planet side]

The Vorta bright violet eyes looked up from the medical tricorder. The way his eyes looked like a cat lifting its head up as saying, I hear it. The Admiral had asked if they heard from the ship. He was not aware they had to call in. Which was not bad, but don’t they have scanners to keep an eye on them.

The snob of his personality took a long sigh. He had tapped his combadge.  =/\=  Doctor Riverbank to USS Discover—  =/\=  he frowned as he stopped from the dead silence. He tapped his com badge once and twice. Then three times in a beat.

He frowned. That was strange. “Any of your combadges working....” he observed all his fellow crew member. He tapped his combadge to reply to the Admiral  =/\=  Sir, =/\=  he had decided not to use Admiral because it was like saluting to a high rank officer in a battlefield.  =/\= No. There is no signal  =/\=

That was when the Vorta felt there was something bad. It was an extinct. Fear was a trait of his kind. Especially when you feel the people hate you.

So he had spun around looking desperate for the mans at arms. Black. The security officer. “Sir Black,” He asked as he was back tracking or attempt to track the man down. Poor eye sight gives a limit perception. “We have lost contact the Discovery,” he shared.

Now splitting the team up was not a wise idea.  =/\= Away team...please reply... =/\= he asked. They could lost contact with other members too. They need to stay together. Splitting up was no good. Vorta rather be in large groups. Being alone was scary. Like hiding from those who hunted his people before the Founders.


Kirok frowned then the reply came.  -/\-Acknowledged, Dr. Riverbank.  Are the scans picking up anything that might explain the break in communication?   A geological structure or something that might be interfering with the signal?-/\- Kirok asked.

Geefix brought over the hot tea.  He laid it in front of Kirok.  "Problems?" he asked.


A very interesting character.

I can put you in the Engineering Department on the Athena.

Would that be ok?


PS - who is the actor in your face pic?

Mess Hall / Re: Mission 5: Faith and Duty
« on: Yesterday at 03:11:17 PM »
So, either Tekin or I would start off seeing the visions, then others would as well. Would more than one of us have seen the visions before we get the orders we're potentially defying?

So I think you and Tekin would start getting visions/dreams.

Maybe you end up chatting - find out the other is having the same.

You bring the idea to Kirok.  He sends it up the chain.  Gets a hard no.

He could either start getting vision too - or do a mind meld with one of you.

He gets convinced that the right thing to do is help the group of Species 8472. 

And we can rest of the story from here.  But in envision maybe a defector.  Who maybe wants help.  Possibly leading into a civil war among Specie 8472.

Fleet News Service / Welcome - Declan Vincent
« on: Yesterday at 08:34:22 AM »

Please help me welcome Declan Vincent.

He has been assigned to the Engineering Department of the Discovery.



Mess Hall / Re: Mission 4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: Yesterday at 08:17:09 AM »
PS - Slight twist here.  Instead of Kirok being captured and held prison, I will have him just negotiate with Geefix.

The rest of the Away Team can continue exploring the planet.

The big battle can continue in space though ;-)

Mess Hall / Mission 5: Faith and Duty
« on: November 18, 2017, 05:38:56 PM »

Next month is fast approaching.

So it is time to start planning the next mission.

Faith and Duty was mentioned before.
With some tweeks I think we can make it work for the Disco.

The premis is that a crewmember start having visions.  They are lead to defy a direct order from higher up.  Do they choose faith or duty?

So, since we are in the Delta Quad and we have a few Bajorian - maybe we could start off by having them see the visions.  Then a day or two later, maybe the telepaths start having the visions/dreams.

And we can have the visions come from Species 8472.  A small group could be sending a real distress signal - defectors seeking asylum.  But the orders came back to ignore them.

So, in typical fashion the Disco crew goes out to answer the distress call ;-)


USS Discovery / Re: Discovery WAR Board (Welcome and Recognition Board)
« on: November 18, 2017, 05:15:18 PM »

Please help me welcome to Declan Vincent to the ship.

He will be working in our Engineering Department for a while.



Ms Tam,

It looks fun.

Can you post an ad on that sight for us please?


USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: November 18, 2017, 04:58:49 PM »

The order to explore had left Black with a problem, First he wanted to look around and spot possible threats and escape routes, two the security of the away team and finally but in no way least the safety of Admiral Kirok.

His hand brushed the phaser at his hip as an automatic reaction and he turned to look around but decided not to let Kirok fully out of his sight. He walked over a nearby building and climbed to sit on a low wall so he could not only get a look around but also see the place the Admiral moveds to.

He scanned the area with his eyes taking in the terrain and buildings, noting the spaces between buildings as well as any cover he could use if needed. It was the curse of any security officer, when anything was going well they prepared for when it wasn't "In a time of peace, prepare for war" he spoke softly to himself as he remembered a quote that had stood him in good stead all his career.

He could see the Science officer and the doctor from where he sat, he had taken a like to the Doctor as soon as he had mentioned the Admiral's security. He kept more than a casual eye on the Science officer, he was sure she was no pushover as he'd never met a Bajoran woman that couldn't take care of herself, but the Talaxians seemed very interested in her and he wondered if they were trying to seperate her from the others.

He tensed slightly and moved to a position where he was ready to move fast if he needed to.


Kirok's right eye arched slightly when the link did not connect.  "I'm not getting a signal.  Odd" he said.

Then he tapped his com badge again.  -/\- Kirok to Science Team and Dr. Riverbank.  Have any of you heard from the ship recently?-/\- he asked.

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures (Discussion)
« on: November 17, 2017, 09:42:43 PM »
Hey guys I want to see if you all want to hear my funny idea which be funny

First I got this idea from the show MASH

What if my Vorta goes around asking personal questions about the Admiral. He just trying to get information on what he likes for a gift for a birthday or a celebration. But I want to do it in a way when the crew who does not like my character. They might think he is up to some sinister when he is not

Are you talking about on this mission?

Btw - if you want to have the doctor with Kirok instead of with Kinley and Fala you can rejoin him in the tent.

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: November 17, 2017, 09:26:06 AM »

"Very well" Geefix replied.  He turned and poured a cup of tea for himself and for Kirok.  Then he handed one to Kirok.

"Thank you" Kirok replied.  "Before we start I would like to contact my ship.  -/\-Kirok to Discovery.  Come in-/\- he said after tapping his combadge.

Starbase Columbus / Re: Season 2 Episode 3: Monsoon Season
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:27:06 AM »

Adeyemi wasn't a sentimental man, but this took even him a moment to process. He'd been expecting such a call since the resignation of Admiral Lafayette, but to have it delivered was quite a thing.

"I accept, of course," He said. "Can I assume that this promotion comes with a mission assigned to it?"

He wasn't being snide. It was quite simply a fact: a flag officer would seldom appear simply to promote someone. There had to be more.


"You get straight to the point.  Don't you" Kirok replied.  "I find that quite acceptable" he added with a slight tilt of his head.

"But yes, I do have a mission for you.  The planet Shotaka is in a nearby system.  The planet has a horrible pollution problem and is experiencing a rain storm never witnessed before.  We need someone to respond immediately and your base and ships are the logical solution given their proximity" he said.

Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Declan Vincent - Reporting in 15NOV17
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:16:30 AM »

You can start posting on the mission right away.

Tekin is on the Bridge and needs some help in Engineering.

Here is the link:,8540.msg164300.html#msg164300

If you can reply from Engineering, that would be great.

Welcome aboard,


PS - I can have your Enlisted Class started right away if you like.  Please advise.

Starbase Columbus / Re: Season 2 Episode 3: Monsoon Season
« on: November 16, 2017, 09:54:56 AM »

The junior officer indicated the shuttle in question, and when the door opened left without a word.

Adeyemi entered the craft and made note of its occupant. He knew Admiral Kirok by reputation, not by sight. But there was no mistaking the pips or the almost human look of determination in the Vulcan's eyes. Kirok was formidable officer by any measure, and his presence here could not be taken lightly.

"Admiral, welcome to the Starbase Columbus." Adeyemi said. Though he spoke fluently in the tongue of his youth, the UT always had trouble rendering his accent correctly. It was a mixture of Ngerian and King's English and a touch of pidgin. It certainly didn't sound like the voice of a 50 year old man in the prime of his Starfleet career, a veteran of many engagements and diplomatic showdowns.

"What can I do for you, sir?" He asked bluntly, with all the grace of a charging warthog.


Kirok offered the man a small bow as was his custom.  Adeyemi had not been at the station long.  But he had made an good impression.

"Please sit" Kirok said before he took the seat opposite the Captain.  "Your work here has been stellar and has caught the attention of Star Fleet.  I'm actually here to offer you a promotion and more responsibility" the half Vulcan said.

"I need someone to assist me with running Task Group Alpha.  It would entail supervision of the ships in the Task Group.   And we would be promoting you to Rear Admiral Lower Half" Kirok explained.

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: November 16, 2017, 09:46:33 AM »

Kirok eyed the refreshments for a moment.  Food and drink had already been put out before they had arrived.  But still there was a possibility of poison.

"I'll have whatever you are having" the half Vulcan said.  It was the most diplomatic answer he could come to.  At least he thought so.

Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Declan Vincent - Reporting in 15NOV17
« on: November 16, 2017, 08:21:38 AM »

A very nice post.

I typically give people their first department choice and that is still an option.

But greatest need is currently on the Discovery numbers-wise.  We could use an Engineer on the ship.

Would you be ok starting in Engineering there and moving to Sec/Tac later (a Sec/Tac spot on the Discovery will likely open soon).

Please let me know,


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