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Repli-Mat / A good old fashioned bar fight. (Open to all)
« on: November 01, 2017, 12:24:28 AM »
:: Roundtable Pub ::

After pounding back his drink, the ageless boy slammed the mug on the table and peered across the table through narrowed green eyes at his opponent, a Tellarite. "I'll say Grethen... that 2 you just played is lookin real suspicious the now... and I'll also say why. It's on account of I got the same card right here!"

Kyan threw down his cards, displaying the same two of hearts, along with the two of clubs, and the two of spades.

Grethen snorted. "If anyone at this table is cheating child, it's you! Perhaps being up past your bed time has made you sloppy!"

"I'll get me rest when I've taken yer money Oinky." Kyan offered as a retort. "Well, that was me plan. But sure and now I've a new plan you see. And it's to stick an apple in yer mouth and roast yer fat arse over the station core if'n ye don't admit yer cheatin ways!" The boy rose from his seat, for all the good it would do as a gesture. He didn't cut an imposing figure. Grethen matched the gesture, vaulting up out of his seat, his wide nostrils flaring, spittle glistening in his wispy tellarite beard.

"You'd better reconsider your tone boy. I'm not a Starfleet Officer. I won't pat your head and sing you a lullaby."

Kyan leaned in. "Make no mistake pig, you'll have quite a struggle tae sing anything with all your teeth knocked out of your daft head. Keep ahead with your lies, and it's a f*ckin barbeque I'll make of you. Half the folk on this station will be linin up in Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts ready to get their fill you great round bastard. Admit ye cheated!"

"You ought to be getting a diaper changed boy, not playing cards with me. Get out of here!" Grethen huffed, his patience at an end.

Kyan's patience has likewise at and end. "As I see you're not going to do the honorable thing, it's my sad duty to beat the cheatin ways outta yer bacon smelling arse!"

With that the pint sized security officer hopped up onto the table and kicked a full drink into the Tellarite's face for an opener. "Come on Wilbur! Come ahead and get what you got comin!"

His pride tarnished, Grethen let out an angry snort as he lunged for the mouthy human looking boy.

Crew Quarters / Personal Log; Kyan Mackenzie
« on: October 30, 2017, 01:21:48 AM »
Personal Log Stardate: Whatever... This place is WEIRD!

Ok computer, make sure you don screw the pooch on this thing the now on account of I need this for possible future court cases and the loik. So when I get here to this place, my new duty station, the roit farst thing they do, the grups in their infinite wisdom is tell me, Kyan Mackenzie ta go on and go down tae th' Landin Strip.

Well that's a naked dancing place if you dinae know it, which of course you did... but they had me dress up in some sorta outfit what was tight on me arse and left notta thing to the imagining. The eternal, disgusting, wretched, black sadness of it. An then the XO, who is quite gruppish even fer a grup, presents to me, in me tighty tight shorts and cowboy hat with the mortal remains of some stripper who got goosed up on drugs and flittered away to the Summerlands. Ancients Ones strike me dead if I'm lyin to ye.

But lemme get some proper clothes on before you kill me. Can't go out lookin like... whatever this is that I look like the now. So depressin.

I'll let you know how it shakes out. Canne end well though, hence why I made this log. Proof of my innocence in whatever crazy thing these grups got cookin now.

The Arcade Board / Star Trek TOS... Re-Casting!
« on: April 12, 2017, 03:00:20 AM »
Ok guys... so I have been thinking these past few days about what the cast of Trek would look like today is we re-cast it. (The series! not the damned JJ Movies.)

Buuuuuuut! We are recasting it like they re-cast BSG. It's in 2255 (The Cage)

The rules are....

 - You must adhere to character ages in 2255. (10 years before Kirk took command of Enterprise.)
 - Gender-bending is allowed. (Starbuck was a dude  in the original.)
 - Race bending is allowed. (Boomer was a black dude in the original.)

And that's it. Get creative!

Here is the cast

Enterprise Crew
CO - Captain Christopher Pike
XO - Number One
Science Officer - Mister Spock
CMO - Dr. Phillip Boyce
Navigator - Jose Tyler
Yeoman - J. Mia Colt

Not on Enterprise.....
Fleet Captain Robert April (1st Enterprise Captain)
Lieutenant James T. Kirk (Assigned to the Farragut)
Cadet Hikaru Sulu
Cadet Nyota Uhura
Pavel Chekov (age 11)
Leonard McCoy (probably just entered Starfleet)
Lieutenant Montgomery Scott

For funsies

Janice Rand
Christine Chapel
Commodore Matthew Decker (USS Constellation)

I shall post my own ideas up as well. :D

Ok, so we've all seen Voyager. Some of us liked it... some of us didn't. What I want to know is if anyone is interested in doing a Voyager reboot story... which of course would take place on a different ship with our own characters. Here is the concept.

We combine elements of the following

-DS9 episode "Valiant"
- Star Trek Voyager
- [reboot] Battlestar Galactica

to create our own story. The basic backstory is thus...

- There exists an anomaly that pulls in random ships every so often. [ X years between cycles] These ships come from different times, but arrive at the same moment. So at once you'll have ships from all eras and locations pulled into one place. Could have an NX Class pulled in at the same time as a Klingon Negh Var Class ship, or a Vulcan ship from 300 years ago, or a very early Earth ship... or whatever we choose. Some of the ships are badly damaged by the trip and unsalvageable, but there are some people alive aboard them. So we would then have all these various people together in one place and have to put together a crew, and find [or scrounge together] our ship from parts. Then we go about our lives in this new area, or try to get home.... wherever that is.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested... let's brainstorm and see what we can come up with. We can run the pilot mission on the holodeck here and see where it goes!

Website & Forum Discussion / Rank Pips?
« on: January 18, 2017, 06:41:04 AM »
Making sig cards got me on a photoshop binge... which led to downloading a bunch of high res uniform pics from various places.... which led to downloading rank insignia to go along with them for photomanip purposes. That led to maniping a set of enlisted ranks (because the only one out there in photo form is Obrien's Sr. CPO rank patch... which then led to provisional ranks... which lead to the following rank charts.

Feedback is always appreciated!

:: Crew Quarters | USS Discovery ::

The dreaded day had thus arrived. Kyan had been thinking of nothing else for several days now. More accurately, he'd been thinking of nothing else... but how to escape. Yes. It was that time of the year.

Annual Physicals.

Kintiss and Cottle and their team of butchers down there in the sickbay would no doubt be expecting him any minute now for his yearly torture session. Poking and prodding and questions and hyposprays and all manner of other barbaric cruelty awaiting the little pilot down there in the lizard doctor's house of hypocrattic horrors.

Not this year. Not this time. Kyan had a plan. If those raggedy grups thought that he would just march down there and subject himself to their vile ministrations, they were sadly mistaken.

"Aren't you being a little.... over dramatic?" Ellsworth asked, watching in some fascination at his room mate packed weapons and other unidentifiable things inside a bag. "It's only a physical after all.'

Kyan stopped packing for a moment and peered over at him. "No." he replied simply, and zipped up his bag.

"Suit yourself mate. But they are going to find you. We're out in space. Where can you go?"

"I'll worry about that won't I? Kyan replied, slinging his bag. "They way I have it figured, I can evade them for a while, and so they'll just get bored of it and stop looking. Or maybe some great alien menace will come and they'll forget me and worry with that. Either way, I'll not be setting foot into that sickbay. See you round.'

"And what'll I tell them when they come calling?"

Kyan shrugged. "What can you tell them? I haven't told you anything."

Ellsworth sighed. "Alright mate. See you when you get back."

Kyan's only response was a nod before he turned on his heel and walked out the door. He'd been scouting the ship for several days. There were several nooks & crannies to hide in. He'd also managed to get hold of several com badges, which Kali had given him because he told her he lost it... over a month or so he'd aquired five com badges. He could plant them in different places to throw off the search. He could evade these grups. Wouldn't be the first time. Wouldn't be the last. Ole Kintiss and Cottle wouldn't be catching him and using their death devices on him. Not today. "Good luck boyos." he murmured as he rounded the corner to his first destination. "You'll need it!"

Old Topics / Disco Crew Theme Songs!
« on: December 03, 2016, 11:12:38 PM »
Everyone has a theme song right? So what theme songs do you guys see as fitting your fellow crewmen?

Crew Quarters / Personal Log: Kyan Mackenzie
« on: September 23, 2016, 05:25:04 PM »
[Begin Log]


Ahh.. I see the little light the now... so I shall begin.

So the great grup creatures of Starfleet's command have seen fit to make me an officer and allow me FINALLY to fly one of their ships, even though I was already a pilot, AND a gunner on the Latinum lady for nearly ten years, the which was great fun and very profitable. But since that boat got taken in by Starfleet Security, and isn't allowed to ship freight any more, I'm here now. Well, I've actually been in Starfleet for several years the now, all the way back to my time on the little Science Boat called Gibson. Why does Starfleet name their space ships after old people or things? I'm told that the Discovery is named after several old boats... even some actual water boats from Earth. I think that's silliness. They should name them after better people anyways. I think they ought to name on after the Latinum Lady. That ship saw many many glorious adventures and battles... mostly with Nausiccans and Federation ships... but still.

Also, I'm to be in quarters with another person. He's a young grup, and he has a funny accent...

Oh yeah... also, there aren't any great blue aliens on this ship, the sadness of it.

I will record another log later. Right now I'm going to the holodeck to practice flying the ship.

[End Log]

Old Topics / Next Mission? And a proposal....
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:42:53 PM »
If we have something already planned out, please disregard, but if not... then I propose a 5 part story arc...

Time & Time Again

 *** These are just ideas right now. Feel free to contribute mission ideas of your own.****

Mission 1:

[Possible titles] A Trip to Yesterday, The Path to Yesterday, I’ll be there Yesterday, I’ll See You Yesterday, A Day ahead; A Hundred years back.

Stopping to investigate a singularity, the Discovery soon finds herself being inexorably pulled into the anomaly’s event horizon. Having exhausted all conventional means of escape, the Captain orders a log buoy launched, just as the ship is sucked in, taking heavy damage. Braced for what they believe will be their end, the crew is shocked to soon find themselves very much alive, but in the 23rd Century. And if that weren’t bad enough, the heavily damaged Discovery is forced to crash land on a forgotten planet in a remote sector of the Beta Quadrant.

Mission 2:

[Possible Titles]Paradise Reimagined, The Darker Side of Paradise, A Study in Contrast, Finding That Which Binds Us

While the Discovery lies at the bottom of an ocean, her crew explores their new accommodations, and looks for ways to repair their ship. After weeks of nothing but the wildlife, the crew discovers the true identity of this planet, and a team of junior officers makes a discovery that could help get the crew back to the 24th Century.

Mission 3:

[Possible Titles] ???

The crew hatches a plan to repair the [Saladin class ship] and take her to find the parts needed to repair the damage to the Discovery. Getting around the warring Cheron factions proves to be quite the dilema, and things are made even more complicated when it’s discovered that this planet lies deep in Romulan territory.


Mission 4:

[Possible Titles] The Grand Old Captain Kirk, Jimmy and Friends Fight the Space Flu!

The [Saladin Class Ship] is spotted, and subsequently rescued from the talons of the Romulan Empire by none other than the Legendary Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. However, the Enterprise is herself threatened when a strange virus attacks the crew, incapacitating them. the Discovery's crew must find a way to get themselves and the crew of the Enterprise to safety before the virus... or an unexpected guest destroys them while keeping their identities hidden from the Enterprise's crew

Mission 5:

[Possible Titles] What can Q do for U?, The Amazing, Seafaring Discovery Crew!

Not having gone back far enough in time to suit a curious member of the Q Continuum, who actually planted the anomaly...she launches the Discovery crew 600 years into the past. The crew finds herself on a Discovery of a different time. An 18th century ship of the line.  Feeling remorseful, but not ready to give up her entertainment, the Q member imparts the crew with the knowledge they need to function aboard the ancient sailing vessel.  A brush with pirates, a fire at sea, espioniage and naval justice of the period test the crew's ability to adapt and survive. Every difficulty that is resolved brings the crew closer to home as they struggle to endure the hardships of life at sea. The deal is that if the crew can endure the journey, and make it to North America without any of them being killed, then Q will restore the discovery and her crew to the proper time and place.

(OOC= I started this a few years back on the Churchill. It's open for anyone to come and join!)

:: 2267 | Somewhere in the Typhon Expanse ::

The dingy light shone down upon the cluttered, aged command deck of the old freighter bathing the motley crew in a reddish glow. At the helm a burly Klingon plied his trade in stoic silence, making course corrections and occasionally glancing up at the flickering viewer. At the Gunner's position, the helmsman's doppleganger growled at the readouts and kicked the workstation's base, which apparently produced the desired results. Working the sensors was a Human female, her own blond locks tucked into a quickly secured bun, and her face illuminated by the blue glow of her station's scanners. No one spoke, save for the ship itself, which creaked and groaned like an old wooden schooner riding the waves of a stormy sea. Occasionally the gunner growled, and the sensor station bleeped and whirred. Otherwise the Latinum Lady's crew rode their vessel through space in relative calm, each plying their trade; lost in their own duties. After a few moments though, the came was broken.

"Captain!" the Klingon gunner called out gruffly. "There is a vessel approaching!"

The command chair, which had been facing the compartment's aft section, swiftly spun in the direction of the Klingon gunner. It's small occupant's feet never coming in contact with the deck plates. The ship's captain, a wild looking crimson haired youth, eyed the viewscreen eagerly.

"In range?" he called out.

"Two thousand kellicams!" the gunner replied, shortly thereafter. "In range."

The little commander grinned ferally. "Let's see it then!"

The static filled viewer, with the crack running up the side of the old LED display blinked into another shot. The vessel in question took up most of the screen. Her curves were unmistakable. Smooth, rounded primary hull which gave way to a slim swan neck that connected it to the saucer section. Blinking lights, long powerful engines glowing green at the front. The ship hung in space, waiting. Kyan hopped from his chair, his boots clanking on the deckplates as he landed. This was the one that they'd been looking for.

"Registry NCC One seven...."

"I know who it is Korak!" Kyan replied, excitement permeating his speech. "Raise the shields! Get the weapons ready, and prepare a boarding party!"

"Aye Aye!" the gunner called out, a toothy grin playing at the corners of his mouth. "They will sing songs of this day!"

Kyan eyed the ship flickering on their viewscreen. The pride of Starfleet. USS Enterprise. HIS ship. He'd been looking for her since he'd taken over command of the Latinum Lady several months ago. And now here she was. Hopefully those prefix codes that he'd purhased from that Orion Trader would work. If they didn't, the only songs that would be sung would happen in the Summerlands, when the Gods asked him about his battles.

"Let's give the ole grup a chance to surrender. Hail them!" Kyan called out, laughing. "Let's see if he's in a talking mood the now!"

Tok's hands flew over his console as he complied. "Frequency open."

Kyan stood defiantly in the middle of his bridge, hands on his hips. "Kirk! You ole creature! This is Mack Nasty! You have five minutes to surrender or we're taking the ship! If you try to resist, I promise you by the Lord and Lady that your crew will be sold to the Orions and your ship will be shot to bits! I'll collect'em all up and put them in a jar by the end of the day! What say you grup!"


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