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The mission has started.

I hope it is a lot of fun!

Please be sure to post on your SIMM missions before posting on this one.

Many thanks,


[USS Dutar]

Kirok guided the small but fast vessel to it destination, the Katra.  He had called a meeting of some of the brightest minds in Star Fleet that he knew.  All for one purpose, science.

More correctly, strategic science is what he had in mind.  Specific application that would help him with the new intelligence team that he had in mind.  A team that might have helped him prevent the assassination of the UFP President.

Yes, it still bothered him that the assassination had happened on his watch.  While he was at the head of Star Fleet Intelligence.  But at the time he had been busy exploring the Delta Quadrant.

A noble cause of course.  But not an acceptable excuse for his failure in preventing the assassination.  No he had to do better.

Doing better meant focusing on intelligence.  But the system needed updating and it needed people.  This summit was the first step on that path. 

A duty station dinged.  A signal that the Katra was within haling range.  So he tapped a button and opened a comm channel.

-A-USS Durat to USS Katra.  This is Kirok.  I will be arriving shortly-A- he said.

Fleet News Service / New Character - Kalro Zolarim
« on: January 11, 2018, 08:41:34 PM »

Please help me welcome new character Kalro Zolarim.

He is our very first Zakdorn and he has been assigned to the Sec/Tac Department of the Shran.



Fleet News Service / Welcome Back - Bradley Miller
« on: January 10, 2018, 09:53:01 PM »

Please help me welcome Bradley Miller back to the family of Shadow Fleet!

Bradley has been assigned to the Engineering Department on the Shran.




It has been a while since we have run a Features Mission.

So, in honor of our 11 year anniversary, I think it is time to kick one off again.

Featured Missions are open to all players.  So please join in if you like!

This mission will focus on three big research projects:  disguise technology, personal armor/defense technology, and time travel technology.

Naira will be our SO and will head up the disguise technology research team.   Michael Tritter will be our XO and will head up the personal armor/defense technology.  And I will serve as CO and head up the time travel technology.

I'm hoping to kick of the mission around January 15!

So, if you have an interest in joining, please post below with a preferred department and a preferred project to work on!

Thanks in advance,


USS Discovery / Discovery January 2018 Awards Ceremony
« on: January 08, 2018, 08:11:16 PM »
Discovery Crew,

Welcome to the 11th Annual Awards Ceremony for not only the Fleet but also for the Discovery.

That's right.  The Discovery was the very first ship launched on the site and has been going strong ever since.

But the Discovery was originally an Akira class ship.  That all changed recently when she crumbled away due to all the stress over the years.  But I have to say, I'm liking the new Prometheus class ship quite a lot.  I hope that you are too!

But a ship is just a ship without the people on it.  And that is who we are here to honor and celebrate.  The people who served on the Discovery.

Up first are the Service Awards.  These help us recognize people for their number of months or years of service with us.  And without further ado, here they are:

6 Month Award:  Alex Campbell

1 Year Award - EQ Kimball, Kinley Garrison, Lennox Ainsley, & LK Reede


2 Year Award:  Tekin Nevir

3 Year Award:  Steven Black


5 Year Award:  Al Wu & Kirok

Congratulation to those who received service awards.  But I also want to take a moment to recognize our newer players:   Declan Vincent, &  T'Lulu May Soong.  Although they have not hit their six month mark yet, we hope they are here for many years to come!

Most sincerely,


Fleet News Service / Post of the Month Award - December 2017
« on: January 05, 2018, 07:06:19 PM »

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Second, thank you all for a GREAT 2017.  We together hit a big milestone this past year.  We opened our 6th SIMM and Task Force Bravo.  In all of our 11 years, that was a first!  And we managed to maintain that achievement all the way to the end of the year!!!

Third, it is time to announce the December 2017 winner of the Post of the Month Award.

This time around, the winner is Rayek tr’Lhoell and here is his winning post:

PO2 Rayek
[USS Challenger - Deck 20 - Brig]

Rayek said nothing after the Captain made his decision, refusing to acknowledge it. This couldn’t be happening...dammit! He slammed his fist against barrier in frustration, heedless of how the security outside his cell jumped.

This was not how things were supposed to happen! Why were he and Vulcan the only ones clearly seeing this! He would never have attacked Grelek normally despite how much he despised the Vulcan and his horrible monk chanting. He wasn't that stupid or lacking in control normally.  Fvadt, when the Areinnye would this nightmare end!?  These thoughts and more kept running through Rayek's mind as he paced the small cell much like a caged animal.

No! It wouldn’t end like this for him! For once Rayek found himself hoping for another loop.  Next time he would do things differently.  This wouldn't be his future!  But how was he to change it? Yes, he recalled events and realized the time-loop but usually he was so disturbed by the explosion and the repeating that he lashed out... his last moments of the previous loop affecting his first... That was it!  That was how to he could stop this particular loop.  He had to avoid the explosion! 

Rayek stopped his pacing and looked to see if the Captain or the Chief Petty Officer were still around and noted they were talking but couldn't hear what was being said due to a muting effect of the forcefield.  Rayek motioned in an attempt to gain their attention.

Please help me congratulate Rayek!




The holiday season is upon us.

I hope you get to spend good quality time with those you love.

I hope that you get your Christmas wishes granted.

I hope that you get plenty to eat.

And I hope you get pie ;-)



Fleet News Service / Welcome Aboard - Jus'draal
« on: December 22, 2017, 09:02:31 PM »

Please help me welcome Jus'draal to Shadow Fleet.

She has been assigned to the Operations Department of the USS  Tempest!



Old Topics / D Crew - Survey Feedback Request
« on: December 20, 2017, 08:29:31 PM »
D Crew,

If you have not already done so, pleas please please take some time to complete the online survey.

Here is the link:  here.

Thanks in advance,


Fleet News Service / Welcome Back - Ezac
« on: December 10, 2017, 08:07:24 PM »

I'm happy to announce that Ezac has returned to Shadow Fleet.

He has been assigned to the Sec/Tac department of the Athena.

Please help me welcome him back.




Please help me welcome two new characters to the Fleet.

Jaron Man’dak has been assigned to the Flight Control Department of the USS Athena.

Albus Octavius Marvel has been assigned to the Operation Department of the USS Challenger.

Please help me welcome both of them aboard.



Fleet News Service / Promotion Announcement!
« on: December 02, 2017, 10:07:43 AM »
Shadow Fleeters,

I'm happy to announce that T'Ra Jones has accepted the open CO position on the Discovery.

T'Ra brings a wealth of experience with her.  She has lots of experience running missions and has served on multiple ships over her SF career.

She is also active in OCC roles.  In fact, she is so active that she was recently promoted to Academy Commandant.  And she has participated in a few of the featured SIMMs.

Finally she is super active on her SIMM and in Skype.  She has helped to keep the Shran running efficiently for awhile.  And now we think she should have her own ship.

In addition to this, Caelene Tam is being promoted to XO on the Shran.  She too has a long history with SF and since her return has been super active.  Both on her SIMM and OCC.

Please help me congratulate each of these characters.

Most sincerely,


Season Twelve Missions / S12 - M5: Raid on Paradise (Discussion)
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:35:52 PM »

Here is the discussion topic for the current mission.

You're finally getting some RnR.
What happens on Ilandria stays on Ilandria.
So have fun because nothing bad ever happens while your are one RnR.

Our regular rules apply.
But mostly have fun.


Season Twelve Missions / S12 - M5: Raid on Paradise
« on: December 01, 2017, 07:39:15 AM »
[Ready Room]

Kirok sat in his office and read the shocking news from the Alpha Quadrant.  The UFP had been assassinated.  And Kirok was needed back in the Alpha Quadrant immediately.

He had asked Tekin and Wu to meet him.  He needed to share the news with them.  And introduce them to their new CO.

Fleet News Service / POTM - November 2017
« on: November 30, 2017, 10:28:33 PM »

We have had a pretty great month!

I believe all but one SIMM currently has over 10 players and that number has kind of stabilized this month - instead of dipping and peaking.

And we had a record number of POTM nominations this month.  Each of them good and special in their own way.  Some even unique in fact.

The winner was one of those unique post!  It was writing by a player who has recently returned.  It is our very own Alyssa Meadows and here is her post:

'Shit.' Alyssa thought to herself. She could feel her heart fluttering, attempting to fly out of her chest and into the vacuum of space; she could feel herself salivating, as if her body was anticipating vomit to come spewing out at any moment. Her eyes darted across the room, at the cadets who were playing with the hyposprays on the holographic crew members that she had activated. She watched as their seemingly playful demeanor shifted to one of solemn and fear.

"Doctor?" one of the younger cadets, Jamie Cassidy, a first year medical student at the academy, asked. Her eyes seemed to waver behind her wire-framed glasses, which she pushed up the bridge of her nose. "Is the Captain joking? I mean, he's joked about this stuff before while we've been here, so it must be another one.....right?"

Alyssa shook her head. "No. It's not a joke." she murmured. Her head was swirling now, flashes of different images and phrases threading their way through her consciousness. Her breathing shuddered. She was experiencing a pain, a white searing pain that was worst than anything she had ever felt. It seemed to burn through her skull as if it were melting the bone and flesh with it. She wanted to scream, wanted to cry out in seek of help, but she couldn't. The other woman wouldn't let her.

"They are going to find you." The voice of her hallucination sneered, appearing in an instant. Alyssa looked up to see her, the other her. The hallucination looked a bit different this time. The gray fabric on the collar of her uniform was torn, her face caked with green blood. There was a fire in her eyes, a rage that not even Alyssa had ever seen before. And she was making her way right to her. "They are going to catch you and you will be put in a penal colony for the rest of your life unless you do exactly what you were meant to do."

Alyssa shook her head. No. She couldn't. This had to be a joke. There was no way that any of this could be real. But the pain was real. The ideas she was being forced to see were very real.

"Ma'am?" Another cadet asked, noticing that she was acting a bit strange, but not strange as in the way she normally acted. This was a bit different to the cadet. They had never seen this side of her before.

"Evan!" Alyssa shouted. "Please take the cadets to a safe location. I have to prep sickbay. Have you seen Smithe?"

The cadets were shuffled out and the room fell silent, her question not being answered. As the doors closed behind her, she could hear the second Alyssa sighing in the background. "Why are you trying to fight it? It's no use. The quicker you get this done, the better."

'But I don't want to....' were the words Alyssa wanted to say, but she found that she couldn't. Any attempt to reply was only met with a warm wind of air coming out of her mouth, but it was enough for the hallucination to understand her meaning.

"Well, if you won't do it, then it looks like I'll do it for you."  In a second, Alyssa felt herself moving against her will. It felt like she was on autopilot, being navigated by an unseen calculating force that had already predetermined the route she was going to take. She tried to resist, tried to hold back, but with each step, she could feel herself getting weaker, that putting resistance on her own muscles like that was going to wind up getting her more injured than she already was.

Alyssa was forced to walk to the hypospray cabinet, open it, and blindly grabbed two top shelf hyposprays. She felt herself move to the work station in the middle of sickbay as her hands laid the two hyposprays down. She wasn't given the opportunity to look at them. Every time she tried, her eyes darted across the room to an invisible point that was determined for her.

When Alyssa's hand raised to her commbadge, Alyssa attempted to shriek. This wasn't happening. Please, would someone, anyone help? Could anyone help? On the click of the badge, Alyssa heard her voice beginning to speak.

 =/\=Meadows to bridge, I will be up there shortly to give aid where needed.=/\=

Please help me to congratulate her.



Help Files / HELP: Disciplinary Procedure
« on: November 24, 2017, 04:23:45 PM »
HELP TOPIC: Disciplinary procedure in Shadow Fleet

The disciplinary procedure in Shadow Fleet is based on a "three strikes" system, with a player's first offense based on a simple informal warning, rising to permanent suspension from the fleet.

Category One: Informal Warning

Should a player commit a low-level offense such as godmodding, minor insults to other players or posting non-canon material in missions, it is the responsibility of the SIMM's Commanding Officer to issue an informal warning. This should take the form of simple words of advice and suggestions for improvement so that they don't make the same mistake again.

The aim of the informal warning is to provide players with a polite reminder before going down a more serious route. Informal warnings do not need to be mentioned on the Monthly SIMM Report.

Should a player commit a more serious offense such as posting hurtful messages of a racial or sexually oriented nature, this stage may be skipped altogether and the player placed on a Stage Two or even Stage Three warning as appropriate.

Category Two: Formal Warning

If a player continues with their behavior without taking onboard the advice they have previously been offered, it is up to the Commanding Officer to issue a more formal warning. This would take the form of a stern reprimand warning the player against continued behavior of this nature. While the message should be stern and authoritative, it should also be polite and respectful in accordance with the Shadow Fleet Rules surrounding communication with other members.

The aim of the formal warning is to enter an official record about a player's misconduct. As such, this will be discussed with the Task Group Commanding Officer before the warning is issued.  Follow up with the Task Group Commanding Officer should occur as needed after the warning has been issued.

Category Three: Escalated Referral

If a player continues to exhibit behavior that is related to the previous formal warning, the next step is the escalated referral. If this occurs, the Commanding Officer will message the Fleet Commanding Officer with a break-down of what has occurred, the circumstances surrounding the player's infraction and his/her recommendation as to further action to take. The Fleet Commanding Officer will then consider the situation and issue one of the following resolutions:
  • No further action: The player's conduct is deemed not to warrant further action by the Fleet Commanding Officer and the matter will be referred back down to the SIMM Commanding Officer to deal with internally.
  • Enhanced formal warning: The Fleet Commanding Officer will issue the player with their own formal warning not to continue their course of action or risk an escalated response, as outlined in the following points.
  • Loss of rank and/or position: Should it be deemed an appropriate response to the matter in question, the Fleet Commanding Officer has the authority to authorize a reduction in rank and/or position for the player concerned up to and including three ranks below present standing depending on the severity of the offense. For example, a Lieutenant Commander could, in theory, be demoted to the rank of Ensign for a serious infraction against the Shadow Fleet Rules. This option may be considered appropriate only if the Fleet Commanding Officer believes it will have an impact on the player's behavior. If there is any doubt, an alternative resolution should be sought.
  • Temporary suspension: The Fleet Commanding Officer may issue a temporary suspension from the fleet.
Appeals Process

If you believe you have been wrongly disciplined, or believe your disciplinary proceedings have not followed the procedure outlined above, you may lodge an appeal against it. The appeals process is relative to the stage of proceedings you have reached:
  • Stage One: If you feel you have wrongly been issued an informal warning, you may contest if by sending a message to your Commanding Officer outlining your reasoning. The Commanding Officer will then further justify why you have been issued with an informal warning, or if appropriate, rescind it.
  • Stage Two:In the event you are not happy with the Commanding Officer's response, you may request that the matter be referred to the Task Group Commanding Officer who will evaluate it further and issue a final decision.
  • Stage Three:In the event you are not happy with the Task Group Commanding Officer's response, you may request that the matter be referred to the Fleet Commanding Officer who will evaluate it further and issue a final decision. 
Timeline For Disciplinary Actions
After a player has gone through the above process (informal warning, formal warning, escalated referral) the questions still stands on how long the actual punishment is active for. Below is a detail description. Reminder: These are a loose outline and are subject to change.

Rank Reductions

If you have had your rank reduced as a result of disciplinary action, you will not be eligible for a promotion for three (3 months) of the transgression. In certain instances the Task Group Commanding Officer or or Fleet Commanding Officer may see fit to extend this time. If that is the case, the involved parties will be informed as such.


This action is determined by the transgression. The following is a brief overview of some possible options:
  • Spamming - 1 Month
  • Unnecessary Violent/Crude Posting - 2 Months
  • Offensive Out of Character Communications - 2 Months
Other options will be discussed on a base by base basis. Again, this is determined by the upper fleet command. Ship Commanding Officers may make suggestions concerning the punishment of the individual if it pertains to a ship transgression.


Banning a member is a last resort, and it may not be temporary. In fact, deemed appropriate a planer may be permanently banned.  This is to be decided by the Fleet Admiralty, who will review the matter on a case by case basis.

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