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Kirok is now in the conference room ;-)

We have a few stragglers.

So I will give a bit more time before jumping all the way into why we are here ;-)

[Katra - Corridor to Conference Room]

[NPC Cartis]

"Of course I'm willing.  But I don't think I fit into the current mode of Star Fleet.  You know that precogs are not really used, right?" Cartis replied.

"Yes, I am award of the current thinking.  But just because you can not be a Star Fleet Officer, does not mean that you could not be useful here.  If you will just follow me, I think you will understand more soon" Kiork said before he opened the doors to the Conference Room.

[Conference Room]

As the doors parted, Kirok saw the large group of people gathered.  These were some of the smartest people in Star Fleet.  And they had all come at his invitation.

"Greetings everyone.  I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.  For those of you who I have yet to meet personally, I am Admiral Kirok" Kirok said.

"I am the head of Star Fleet Intelligence.  This is my Cartis, a new friend of the fleet.  After a few others have arrived, we will start our meeting.  Until then, please enjoy the refreshment that are available" he added.

USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
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[Conference Room]

James shook his head slightly before speaking. "Unfortunately, because of the situation it's hard to tell exactly where the society is technologically. All we know is that because one society is introducing advanced technology it's impossible to predict where they'll have landed by the time we've arrived. For all we know, they could be near warp level when we get there." The Captain said, gently steering the conversation back to the mission.

[Conference Room]

"As such, it may not be possible to know until we get there.  That is the first challenge we will meet.  The second, of course, will be the enemy we might be facing" Kirok said.

Yes, the enemy could be the bigger challenge here.  But he did not wish to dwell on it too much.  He would leave that to Naira and James to discuss with the crew.

Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Lt Darov
« on: Yesterday at 06:54:01 PM »

Thank you for your application.

I would love to assign you to a ship.
But we would like to know more about your character first.

Can you provide more info in the bio section.  Where did he grow up.  What kind of childhood he had.  Why he was interested in joining SF.

In addition, we would like to see more in your sample post.  We don't have a minimum word count, but can your add a few more lines, please?

Once that is done, I can get you assigned to a ship.  Probably in a Science Department as that is the greatest need right now.



[NPC Cartis]

While Cartis led the way, he turned back to Kirok.  "Forgive me for asking, Sir.  But why do you want me to join the meeting?  In fact, why did you invite me to come here at all?  As I mentioned to you when we met in the Delta Quadrant, I'm not a Star Fleet Officer and I have no intent to be" Cartis said.

"This is true.  You did tell me that.  I remember the conversation quite well" Kirok replied.  "The thing, however, that I remember most is your desire in wanting to do the right thing.  Not only for your people, but for the universe in general.  I'm offering you a chance her to do both.   If you are willing" the half Vulcan added.

USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:08:12 PM »
Conference Room

Suzie nodded.

"Aye Commander." She replied, already formulating how best to cover the whole planet to try and pick up any transmissions without giving their presence away.

Suzie turned in surprise at the familiar voice and immediately saw the face of someone she never expected to see again.

"Ruth Sigurdsdottir! Well I'll be! When did you get on board?" She asked with more than a trace of surprise on her face.

[Conference Room]

Kirok offered a nod.  Ruth did make some good point.  But it would be best if Naira replied to the questions.

He had given her the floor.  It would be rude for him to jump back in after doing so.   Thus he remained silent.

This sounds perfect to me!

Great, please pm James Hawke and Caelene Tam and report in for duty.

And welcome aboard,



Thanks for being patient.

We can put you on the Medical department of the Shran where you can be a counselor.

Pleaes let me know if that will work for you.



[Docking Pad 1]

After landing on Docking Pad 1, Kirok shut down the controls on the Durat.  The Jellyfish class ship was small.  So it was a quick an easy task.  And when he departed, Cartis was there waiting for you.

[NPC Cartis]

"Several our your invitees have arrived, Sir.  They are anxious to know why they have been summoned.  As instructed, they have been escorted to the conference room without preamble" Cartis reported.

"Would you like to go directly to the Conference Roon?  Or would you prefer to wait until everyone is here?   Before you start the meeting?" he asked curiously.

"I wish to go directly to the Conference Room.  And I would like you to join us.  Please lead the way" Kirok replied.

I already beat you to it. I've got an image ready to go, she just needs to be assigned to a ship so I can finish filling out her ID Card.


I think I will have it tomorrow ;-)

All good, Kirok, take your time and keep me posted!

Enlisted training sounds dandy to me.

I'm the worst with graphics so a double yes to the help in appearance. The actress is Marion Cotillard by the way, in case you don't want to use that image. I'll make a face claim shortly.

I will ask Ms. Jada to pop in here and get your started on your Enlisted course.

USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
« on: January 15, 2018, 09:32:59 PM »
[ Conference Room ]

Caleb listened intently to the briefing. This was obviously a much more serious matter than he initially thought. It seemed that his hunch was true. If these rogues were indeed causing a ruckus, who knows what could happen. He knew all to well the delicate balance of respecting the local religion. Cole had to scold one of the newbie at his jungle clinic to fix relations with the local witch doctor medicine whom he had gained a friendship with and passed knowledge along. He knew he couldn't bring along Ed or Al if he was needed on away team. This was a heft pickle to be in, but he was confident that the Athena could get things done.

"I understand that we need to blend in. Do we know how advanced the technology is that has been introduced by the rogues?" Caleb asked. "I am not saying we take aggressive action, but having a weapon nearby in case things get hairy is useful. I want to clarify I am not saying I would use the weapons, but I have used them as leverage before. I have a bad feeling about these rogues and I trust my gut when it comes to things like this." As he said this, he instinctively grabbed his wife's hand under the table. He trusted his wife's instincts, but he had a new family he had to think about and he would do anything to protect them. Yes Katheryn would probably be on the away team, but he was going to do his damnedest to be sure that the team was prepared. He was ready to lay his life down to protect his wife.

[Conference Room]

Kirok stood back and watched as Naira took point in the meeting.  Although she had only had the data a short time, she knew it like the back of her hand.   He nodded as she spoke, agreeing as much as approving of her words.

And the crew had good questions.  They were pertinent and on point.  That was good.  Very good, indeed.       


A very great application!

I need some extra time looking for a counseling spot for you.
I should know tomorrow.

In the meantime, would you like to go ahead an start your Enlisted Training Class?

Also, would you like some help making your character look more Haliian?


[USS Durat]

-A- Acknowledged, Katra.  It will be acceptable to meet you, Mr. Cartis.  I have heard many good things about you.  I will see you shortly.  Kirok out-A- the half Vulcan replied.

[Location: Shuttle Iroquois enroute to Starbase Katra]

Tritter wasn't a fan of being gone from the Columbus, it took him away from his Husband and Kids, but he was specifically requested by the Admiral, so that was definitely a strange thing to him. His Husband told him he would be dumb for not taking the offer. Tritter just looked out the window and watched space as it moved by them. He didn't speak to anyone else on the Shuttle, as there was a few others on the Shuttle. A few moments later, the pilot's voice came over the Comms, they were requesting permission to dock to the Starbase.

Tritter looked down for a moment, he took mental notice of the go bag by his foot. He was as prepared as he could be for this. About half an hour later, he felt the ship slow down and proceed to dock with the Station. Once the ship came to a complete stop and heard a hiss, he heard the pilot's voice coming over the comms to tell them that they could disembark. Once the instructions had been given, Tritter rose to his feet, grabbed his bag and made his way over towards the exit. He than ducked slightly as he made his way out of the ship, so he didn't his head.

He studied the area of the Starbase around him, it was totally different than the Columbus. He had been given instructions to report to Operations, so he had proceeded to make his way towards that section of the Starbase, he didn't know his way around this Starbase like he did the Columbus, so he had gotten lost on his way there. The large man was definitely a... unique site on this base.

[Starbase Katra - NPC Cartis]

Cartis had already heard from two of the three Command Officers already.   One was already here and the 2nd on his way.  So, it was likely time to reach out to the third.

-A-Starbase Katra to Shuttle Iroquois.  Do you read me Shuttle Iroquois?  Reply if you please -A- he said over an open channel.

USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
« on: January 14, 2018, 03:42:53 PM »
[Transporter Room One]

"We'll see to it that your ship gets those coordinates," she said to the admiral.

Naira walked over to the transporter operator and instructed him to relay the coordinates to the Lirpa for the guest room adjacent to her own quarters on Deck Two.

"Also be sure to ask if there are any supplies they need, repairs made or if any of their crew would like to stretch their legs for a bit while the admiral is aboard," she addressed the man. There weren't all that many Federation ships this far out in the Gamma Quadrant and of those, it was uncommon to see such a small ship with few defenses, such as the Lirpa. Had they encountered trouble on the way to their meeting point, well...she was just glad to see the ship in one piece.

If there was anything the larger science vessel could do to boost their chances of a safer return home, she was willing do whatever it took.

[Conference Room]

Naira followed Captain Carter and Admiral Kirok to the conference room. She took her place standing behind her usual chair, the one to the left of the head of the table and waited for all of the senior officers to file in and take their seats before she would sit down. One hand rested atop the headrest with her fingers dug ever so softly into the upholstery. 

"If everyone can please take a seat we can get started right away. The admiral has some very important information he would like to share with us and from my understanding we don't have any time to waste."

When those gathered started to take their seats, she gestured to the admiral. "Please go ahead."

[Transporter Room -> Conference Room]

The CO and XO were efficient.  That was made evident from their quick transition from the Transporter Room to the Conference Room.   As they walked, Kirok observed various people completing one take or another.

After they did arrive in the Conference Room, the half Vulcan noticed just how quickly everyone responded to the hale to come to the meeting.   That was a good sign too.  And no sooner had they arrived that it was time to start the meeting.

"Thank you, Naira.  Thank you all for allowing me to join you today" Kirok said as he stood.  He clicked a button to put an image onto a monitor for all to see.  "What you are seeing here is a planet that has not yet reached warp capability.  So we are not able to make contact with the inhabitants directly due to the Prime Directive.  But we have reason to believe that someone is taking advantage of the inhabitants.  It is our job to stop them" he said.

"You Captain and Naira have more details.  It would be best if we had one of them explain the rest" he said.  Then he turned and looked from Carter to Naira.

[USS Dutar]

Kirok guided the small but fast vessel to it destination, the Katra.  He had called a meeting of some of the brightest minds in Star Fleet that he knew.  All for one purpose, science.

More correctly, strategic science is what he had in mind.  Specific application that would help him with the new intelligence team that he had in mind.  A team that might have helped him prevent the assassination of the UFP President.

Yes, it still bothered him that the assassination had happened on his watch.  While he was at the head of Star Fleet Intelligence.  But at the time he had been busy exploring the Delta Quadrant.

A noble cause of course.  But not an acceptable excuse for his failure in preventing the assassination.  No he had to do better.

Doing better meant focusing on intelligence.  But the system needed updating and it needed people.  This summit was the first step on that path. 

A duty station dinged.  A signal that the Katra was within haling range.  So he tapped a button and opened a comm channel.

-A-USS Durat to USS Katra.  This is Kirok.  I will be arriving shortly-A- he said.

[Starbase Katra - NPC Cartis]

-A-USS Durat, this is Starbase Katra.  We have docking pad 1 reserved for you.  You are free to land.  And my I say, Admiral, it will be acceptable to finally meet you-A- Cartis replied.  Then terminated the signal.

Delta Flyer Santa Ana, En route to Space station Katra

Suzie had been rather puzzled by the rather cryptic orders she had received over a week ago. She had been ordered to report to this out of the way station and to tell no-one where she was going.

As per the orders, she had been transported on the USS Rhode Island before taking the Mk II Delta Flyer, the Santa Ana, the rest of the way.

She had been alone with her thoughts for the last 48 hours. All she knew about the assignment was that it was under the purview of Admiral Kirok, a man she respected. But could only mean it was a Starfleet Intelligence assignment.

She flyer was on Autopilot and she had just finished her morning meditation when the alert sounded. She exited the rear compartment and sat at the helm. She could see from the readout that they were approaching the station and the flyer had already dropped out of Warp

She could see the huge station fill the window and was suitably impressed. She immediately opened a channel.

=/\= Delta Flyer Santa Ana to Space Station Katra. Lieutenant Venator arriving as per orders. Request permission to land. =/\=

=/\= Santa Ana, this is Station Operations. You are cleared to land on pad B6. Upon arrival, you will be met. Please await your escort. =/\=

=/\= Received Operations. Heading to pad B6 and will await escort. Santa Ana out. =/\=

Suzie closed the channel and headed for the identified pad. After gently touching down, she powered down the flyers systems, collected her bag and disembarked.

Exiting the Airlock, she waited for the escort that Ops had advised her of.

[Starbase Katra - NPC Cartis]

"We are going to have a busy day, it seems.  Good thing I foresaw this and got plenty of rest.  And I had a hearty meal before shift" the Ocampan said to the Ops Officer in the Command Center. 

USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 Discussion Thread
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tag Naira

Starting a bit early.

Others are free to join in if they like!

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