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Hey guys I want to see if you all want to hear my funny idea which be funny

First I got this idea from the show MASH

What if my Vorta goes around asking personal questions about the Admiral. He just trying to get information on what he likes for a gift for a birthday or a celebration. But I want to do it in a way when the crew who does not like my character. They might think he is up to some sinister when he is not

Are you talking about on this mission?

Btw - if you want to have the doctor with Kirok instead of with Kinley and Fala you can rejoin him in the tent.

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: Yesterday at 09:26:06 AM »

"Very well" Geefix replied.  He turned and poured a cup of tea for himself and for Kirok.  Then he handed one to Kirok.

"Thank you" Kirok replied.  "Before we start I would like to contact my ship.  -/\-Kirok to Discovery.  Come in-/\- he said after tapping his combadge.

Starbase Columbus / Re: Season 2 Episode 3: Monsoon Season
« on: Yesterday at 08:27:06 AM »

Adeyemi wasn't a sentimental man, but this took even him a moment to process. He'd been expecting such a call since the resignation of Admiral Lafayette, but to have it delivered was quite a thing.

"I accept, of course," He said. "Can I assume that this promotion comes with a mission assigned to it?"

He wasn't being snide. It was quite simply a fact: a flag officer would seldom appear simply to promote someone. There had to be more.


"You get straight to the point.  Don't you" Kirok replied.  "I find that quite acceptable" he added with a slight tilt of his head.

"But yes, I do have a mission for you.  The planet Shotaka is in a nearby system.  The planet has a horrible pollution problem and is experiencing a rain storm never witnessed before.  We need someone to respond immediately and your base and ships are the logical solution given their proximity" he said.


You can start posting on the mission right away.

Tekin is on the Bridge and needs some help in Engineering.

Here is the link:,8540.msg164300.html#msg164300

If you can reply from Engineering, that would be great.

Welcome aboard,


PS - I can have your Enlisted Class started right away if you like.  Please advise.

Starbase Columbus / Re: Season 2 Episode 3: Monsoon Season
« on: November 16, 2017, 09:54:56 AM »

The junior officer indicated the shuttle in question, and when the door opened left without a word.

Adeyemi entered the craft and made note of its occupant. He knew Admiral Kirok by reputation, not by sight. But there was no mistaking the pips or the almost human look of determination in the Vulcan's eyes. Kirok was formidable officer by any measure, and his presence here could not be taken lightly.

"Admiral, welcome to the Starbase Columbus." Adeyemi said. Though he spoke fluently in the tongue of his youth, the UT always had trouble rendering his accent correctly. It was a mixture of Ngerian and King's English and a touch of pidgin. It certainly didn't sound like the voice of a 50 year old man in the prime of his Starfleet career, a veteran of many engagements and diplomatic showdowns.

"What can I do for you, sir?" He asked bluntly, with all the grace of a charging warthog.


Kirok offered the man a small bow as was his custom.  Adeyemi had not been at the station long.  But he had made an good impression.

"Please sit" Kirok said before he took the seat opposite the Captain.  "Your work here has been stellar and has caught the attention of Star Fleet.  I'm actually here to offer you a promotion and more responsibility" the half Vulcan said.

"I need someone to assist me with running Task Group Alpha.  It would entail supervision of the ships in the Task Group.   And we would be promoting you to Rear Admiral Lower Half" Kirok explained.

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: November 16, 2017, 09:46:33 AM »

Kirok eyed the refreshments for a moment.  Food and drink had already been put out before they had arrived.  But still there was a possibility of poison.

"I'll have whatever you are having" the half Vulcan said.  It was the most diplomatic answer he could come to.  At least he thought so.

Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Declan Vincent - Reporting in 15NOV17
« on: November 16, 2017, 08:21:38 AM »

A very nice post.

I typically give people their first department choice and that is still an option.

But greatest need is currently on the Discovery numbers-wise.  We could use an Engineer on the ship.

Would you be ok starting in Engineering there and moving to Sec/Tac later (a Sec/Tac spot on the Discovery will likely open soon).

Please let me know,


USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: November 15, 2017, 11:43:35 PM »

Kirok's left eyebrow arched slightly.  "You knew Captain Janeway?"  the half Vulcan asked.  He stared doing the math in his head.

"Yes" Geefix said.  "I was rather young at the time.  But I was very attentive.  A skill that has served me well, as you can see.  Would you like some tea or a refreshment" the Talaxian replied.

Starbase Columbus / Re: Season 2 Episode 3: Monsoon Season
« on: November 15, 2017, 07:55:15 AM »
[Docking Bay]

It was a captain's prerogative to inspect his base, and one that Adeyemi's predecessor hadn't exercised nearly enough, in his mind.

He stood by a cargo terminal, arms crossed over his sinewy chest, watching a crew of civilians unload crate after crate of something that required delicate handling. Food, probably, but there was only one way to know for sure.

"Drink, captain?" The grizzled old freighter captain wore a scarred pilot's jumpsuit, a mute testament to a life in space. He was carrying a slim bottle filled with a cloudy yellow liquid and two disposable glasses.

Ordinarily, Adeyemi was not one to drink alcohol on duty, but among civilians the regulations were more relaxed. This cargo captain had no oath to Starfleet to keep him in line; if he didn't like the attitude of the Station's CO he could take his cargo elsewhere. While Adeyemi didn't think he would, as the Columbus was the busiest port in the sector, he didn't want to be so cavalier. The Federation depended upon this kind of commerce.

The other captain was filled up the glasses. "From Forcus III. It's called a 'Sunset.' Let me know if its too sweet."

Too sweet was an understatement. Adeyemi was nearly gagging on the cloying flavor. He somehow drained the cup.

"What are you hauling?" He asked, to head off a refill.

"Fish, I think. Hey, Jimmy!" The captain yelled at one of his crew. "Bring that over here, crack it open for the captain."

A crewman deposited a crate in front of the two offers and unceremoniously opened it.

Adeyemi has expected something frozen, but what he saw was a collection of live, alien fish swimming about. He peered closer. They were ugly: huge jaws, two sets of eyes, and strange frills along their sides...

"Woah!" One of the animals had launched itself into the air, causing Adeyemi to fall down onto his butt on the deck. Nimbly, the freighter captain caught it, put it back in the crate, and laughingly waved away the crewman.

"Sorry, captain, couldn't help myself. That's the oldest trick in the book when you're running these things." The grizzled man was barely containing himself. "They're mean little suckers. Fighting fish. They're so aggressive that they'll fly through the air at anything nearby. That's why they're kept in the dark until fight time."

"I see," Adyemi mustered what dignity he had left and stood. "Carry on, captain."

"Oh come now, cap--" The man was saying in response to Adeyemi's tone.

"I hate to break this up, Captain Adeyemi," A junior officer in red said, approaching the group. "But Admiral Kirok's shuttle has just landed. He's requesting your presence."

"Duty calls, I guess." The freighter captain called out, much to the delight of his crew. "I'll be watching the fights on the Lower Promenade later today if you care to join me."

"Let's get out of here, ensign," Adeymei said to the officer. "Take me to the admiral."

[Shuttle Bay]

Kirok had arrived in the shuttle bay just minutes before.  It was one of those special occasions that he had come to look forward to.  The promotion of someone who strongly deserved it.

Unlike the last time, he had made no secret about his coming.  But unlike the last time, a madman was not out to kill him.  So, there was that.

And even though most the Discovery's missions of late had turned into major battles, he had still somehow found a way to use diplomacy and find peaceful solutions.  And that a good in his eyes.  Beyond that, the fleet was stronger than ever.

Kiork asked the pilot to start shutting down the systems.  And waited till he saw Malcolm enter the room.  Then he asked that the door be opened.

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: November 14, 2017, 07:43:14 PM »
[Planet side]

Interesting. They were selling. “An offer well that will be up Starfleet,” the Vorta replied. “It is not my choice. I was always afraid the Borg will always come back to its wounded puppy. You know a mother who protects her kind always come back.” Sadly. It was another attempt on these feathered head creatures.

Now, if he was a diplomatic mission with this with Dominion. He would figured the Jem’Mar would look forward to fight the Borg one on one. Or ship by ship. In their pathetic military brains that would be a dream of a fight. Then they would be over run by the Borg and be part of their collective. So if he was running that some sort of mission for the Founders. He would excute these fools with everything on this planet.  It that was how he would do from his point of view in his old life. However, he was practitioner of medicine. A complete failure saving the Founder who had the disease which The Great Founder of ALL Odo had saved the gods. A true god of power.


Geefix looked at the man for a long while.  It the Vulcan was not interested in his ware, then perhaps the Vorta would be.  He made a note of it and smiled at the Vorta before leading the others to the meeting spot.


Awen's attention turned briefly back towards Kirok and the Talaxian; it seemed they wanted to speak in private. She wasn't sure if Kirok meant just the two of them or if the away team was meant to follow as well. The Admiral hadn't specified, so for the time being she kept following them. If nothing else, the rest of the away team could wait outside.

"Yes, something does seem off," the Bajoran acknowledged. It seemed as if Kinley was distracted by the Talaxians or perhaps something else....or the Chief Science Officer hadn't heard her over the rest of the conversation. Maybe she'd dropped her voice a little too low.

Regardless, she reached into her away case and pulled out the scientific tricorder as she addressed Kinley again. "I'm not sure about you, Commander, but I must admit that I'm rather curious about that city. If it's abandoned, there might be some interesting finds; if it's occupied, perhaps the inhabitants could shed some light on what's happening. Either that or somewhere on this planet there might be some explanation as to why the Talaxians chose it over other planets."

Awen's dark eyes glanced back at the city as they moved further away. Something about this place, this situation, or both was definitely not right. Based solely on what they'd seen, she couldn't quite figure out what though.

Turning on the scientific tricorder, she quickly tapped on the screen and adjusted its settings. Awen decided to start by running a basic scan, then leaving it to a passive scan mode while she did more in depth scans of particles and minerals in the area. With a final tap of a button, the tricorder began its work.

"Commander Garrison, I'm doing a basic scan, then will do some more detailed analytical scans of particles, minerals, and other items of scientific interest to see what I can find. Unless you want to do some of that and have me look into something else," Awen said to her.

The Bajoran glanced from the Lieutenant Commander in services gold to her own department head. They were ranked the same, so she wasn't entirely sure who would be in charge if Kirok did speak with the Talaxian alone. What she really wanted was clearance to investigate that city. Of course, if one of her scans came up with something, that would also give them something to look into.

OFF: Tag Kinley, soft tag away team


Once inside the tent, Kirok spoke again.   "We actually did come down to speak to you about the borg technology you are selling.      But before we get into that, would you mind if my Science team and doctor explore the area?" the half Vulcan asked.

"But of course" Geefix quickly answered.  "And should they find something to their liking then we can negotiate a good trade.  We leaned that from your Captain Janeway" he said.

Kiork offered a nod to his team.  They were free to depart.  And explore if they so wished.

Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Reporting In _ Elijah Aldin
« on: November 14, 2017, 07:30:08 PM »
Thanks! He's based on my daughter, who is also on tje ASD spectrum. And the Challenger works for me, I'll adjust his bio for Science.


And please report into Dylan Torngate and Kyle Briggs for duty!

Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Reporting In _ Elijah Aldin
« on: November 14, 2017, 07:21:46 AM »

A very interesting character idea.

The Challenger could you a Science Officer.

Would that work for you?


USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: November 13, 2017, 08:36:36 PM »

Kirok looked from Geefix back to the doctor.  When the silence went long enough he turned back to Geefix.  "Perhaps that is something we might be able to discuss in private" he suggested.

"Certainly.  If you will follow me" Geefix said.  His excitement of making a quick sale dwindling as he did.  But he turned and let the way.

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: November 13, 2017, 07:29:54 AM »
[Planet side}

The Vorta grew a smug smile to these vultures who seemed to have a collection of salvageable machines and Borg. He was not sure what they have but there was a way to know.

Interesting. With my poor eyes site. Are those Borg parts?” He asked sounding very curious with sweetness in his voice. “And how too?” He made his eyes bright with interest. “I am new. But is it dangerous  to have these? I mean one can be turned into a Borg?” Throw in psychology of fear of suggestion to them. A bit of diplomacy of his own.

Tag  away tea,


Geefix turned on his heel and smiled at the Doctor.  "But of course.  These are the finest in Borg technology.  I would offer to sell them to you, but I already have a buyer" he said.

He looked at the man for a long moment and reconsidered.   "Unless of course you can offer a better trade than my buyer.  What would you pay for these beauties?" he asked pointedly.

Kirok had too stopped walking when Geefix had turned around.  The doctor's question may have been innocent, but it did get their host to reveal a big piece of information.  Or at least a clue as to what was happening here.

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures (Discussion)
« on: November 12, 2017, 09:38:38 AM »
Tag Kinley (if you want to say they went to the transporter room together, that's fine - I can modify my post if needed or have a bit more of a conversation) & away team

Tag - we are now on the planet ;-)

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: November 12, 2017, 09:37:50 AM »

Moments later, the Away Team arrived in the center of what looked like an open camp.  There were tents and the smell of food cooking wafted in the air as would be expected in a nomadic race.  And Talaxians milled about in the circle around them - much like the way vultures circle their pray.

Kirok wondered to himself if the circling Talaxians were a coincidence or a sign.  But he said nothing of it a moment.  Instead his eyes went to the things that were out of place.

First there was a city just at the edge of the camp that did not look Talaxian in nature.  Perhaps it has been here before the Talaxian had arrived.  But more importantly, there were Borg items in a covered tent being box up - possibly ready for shipment.

"Ah, you came" Geefix said as he emerged from the circle.  "Very good.  Please come this way" he said and turned back towards the tent closest to the city's edge.

USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« on: November 11, 2017, 10:18:45 PM »
[Transporter Room 1]

After the quick briefing, Kirok lead the team to the transporter pad.  "Five to beam down.  Proceed" he said to the transporter technician.

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