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Mission logs / Re: S1 - M3: Time Paradox
« on: April 11, 2017, 03:37:17 AM »
James stood silent for a second as he looked at Conwell.  The man just told a deep truth about him.  That he was not from this time.  He was not from this universe.  He played god, and this was his punishment.  In a way, he was alone in the Universe in a parallel timeline.

Hawke believed that he did believe that he did enough to hide the truth.  He took himself and send him to the past parallel universe and therefore keeping his timeline intact.  He did a sacrifice so he would not repeat the same mistakes of the past.

“Alright, let’s say you are saying the Truth.   And you are a Temporal Agent and you know about what I did.  Then why not arrest me? “  James asked

He walked up to the control and noticed that the Shran was under attack.  This was not the time to have a philosophical discussion about the timeline and what he did.    James then commented “ok, then if the Shran gets destroyed what mistake did I do this time…I can’t fix the mistakes in the war, but I am early enough to know what I did wrong this time, besides Conwell, we both know you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon”

He then approached and said “ok, instead of using All of our power to extend the Temporal Shielding, we can use the power of the Shran if I get access to both your shield I can try and configure the Shran’s Shield to match the Nemesis, but if I do soo, I will need to see the configuration of your shield which is based of 32nd Technology”  James suggested.                     

"I'm not going to for two simple facts. One my faction I am with doesn't want to work with the TIC after certain events that are occuring right now. Well the governing faction of the TIC. The second is, you prevented that parellal timeline from occurring and the TIC doesn't see you as a major threat to Temporal Security unlike someone else I won't name who has a stolen timeship and causing mayhem across time and space at this very moment." He replied before bring up the shield configuration on the console he was at. The technology was similar in design but the power output needed would likely not be generated by the Shran to fully powered the shields at max effiencies based on what he knew.

"You didn't actually make a mistake. Sloan was just sneaky in doing a surprised assault but I would recommend scrambling the command codes so he can't manually lower shields from his shield. By now he has those codes and his spy is in place on the bridge to help. There is a way to track his timeship while cloaked. Follow not only the warp trail but the quantume displacement or quantum distortions. If Qantum Distortions start appearing, it means he's manipulating time. Displacement he's in Quantum Slipstream.

No, I feel when Sloan is taken care of, I will be returning to my time. My mission here in the past is really almost over." He replied before turning to Hawke.

"These are the schematics but the Shran might not have enough power to fully use the shields at 100% effiency. At mostly, they will handle anywhere between 75-85% efficiency due to power regulations.

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M3: Time Paradox
« on: April 11, 2017, 12:51:13 AM »
“Alright, I can help you with some repairs”   James walked towards.

James began walking and looked the nearest computer.  He looked at the Computer and began looking at it “It appears that your sensor dish is out of alignment.  That’s pretty typical when a new deflector dish is in place.”  James commented.

James looked at the systems and it felt like he was still a Chief Engineer.  Experience has taught him the location and solutions of common problems.  He did find it odd that Justin needed his help.  It almost seemed like an excuse to talk to him and get him our of the ship.

“What is it that you want to talk about?”  James asked

This Conversation was interrupted.

James then looked at Justin.  His eyes narrowed.  Hawke was suspicious of the man.  He did not believe that it was a coincidence that he was not on the Shran  in a moment of crisis.

“Lt. Commander Conwell, we need to stop this whole dance routine and start talking frankly.  What’s going on?  You need to talk really fast, if you want to convice me to stay on this Ship.  The Shran needs me.

"Besides knowing you don't belong in this time line, Sloan is about to attack the Shran in one final assault that will if events go like before, end with the destruction of the Shran." Justin replied hoping to get the Commander attention. He actually didn't expect Sloan to attack this quickly after showing up but that time ship he had would overwhelm even the Nemesis right now.

"As of this moment, due to battle damage, I can't help defend the Shran against Sloan and his stolen timeship. They made sure of it before our rescue in 2735 which reminds me," Justin said as he tapped his commbadge. =/\= Conwell to Engineering, 'S'Saavik tell me you have the reactors online. If not can we extend temporal shielding around the Shran with current power.' =/\=

=/\= Second options better grandson. Stablization of the quantum matrix won't be finished for another hour at minimal. Engineering out! =/\=

He started cursing in old Katrolesse in just about everything. Turning back to Hawke, "Three things you should know. One, I'm not technically a Lieutenant Commander. I'm a Temporal Agent operating out of the Thirty-Second Century. Two, I have a former Starfleet Fleet Admiral of this time working on getting the triplet reactors realigned and three, unless we want Temporal Shielding to survive the initial assault, I need some help.

I will tell you two things though. One, Sloan spy is on the bridge currently and two, the prisoner has a relationship to Sloan.

Besides all this, I have very limited time left before I ceased to exist if the future keeps dissolving. This is my final mission of this era, regardless."


Kirok's head swiveled as if on a stick toward the singing doctor.  If looks could kill, Doctor Buehler would have been vaporized on the spot.  Luckily thought, the half Vulcan did not posses such abilities.

"It is Sloan.  He is doing this" Kirok said, still focused on the music but not saying so.  "The prisoner, yes, of course" he added more to himself than to Evan, as he typed in his authorization code for the search. 

Then he turned to T'Ra.  "Ms. Jones, can you take over please?  I need to leave the Bridge" he said.

=/\= Conwell to Kirok. In ten minutes, I will be extending temporal shielding around the Shran from the Nemesis. Need about one hour to bring primary power back to Nemesis, herself. =/\=

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M3: Time Paradox
« on: April 08, 2017, 07:25:15 PM »
[Nemesis – Hanger Bay one]

James entered the Hanger Bay and noticed that it was surprisingly empty.  There was no one around.  “Hellooo!”  James inquired

He took a couple of steps forward and said “Mr. Conwell…why all this cloak and dagger meeting?” James asked.  James knew about this connection with temporal mechanics and he might have information that was vital. 

[Bridge, Nemesis]

It seemed the cloak was still operational at the very least. Well partially operational but sensors were still still out of alignment. If those don't become aligned, a temporal jump would be impossible to perform. Sensors went off letting him know someone entered the hanger bay. Likely Hawke since he just contacted him.

Before the starfleet officer, the Nemesis decloaked temporary before being transported to the bridge. The cloak reemerged hiding the vessel shortly there after. "Computer, run Level 2 Diagnostic on primary systems minus cloaking field." He got a beep in reply before turning his attention to the Commander.

"Welcome aboard again, Commander Hawke. Though you could help me some with repairs and a little convo ue to your past. In exchange, I will provide you the name of the only survivor of the upcoming battle that were attempting to change if Sloan has his way with the Shran... His only agent aboard."

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M3: Time Paradox
« on: April 08, 2017, 06:22:29 PM »

T’Ra was pleasantly surprised to see the form that materialized on the bridge. ~Good to see you again, old friend,~ she said to Zuriel telepathically. She had not expected to run into him in this particular corner of the galaxy, but she was not one to believe in coincidence. The universe was rarely so careless, as Evan was fond of pointing out. As Zuriel spoke with Kirok, T’Ra returned her focus back to the console’s screen. There would be time for the two of them to catch up later.

She furrowed a brow. Surely these readings couldn’t be right. The levels of chroniton and tachyon levels... “Ms. Jaeger?” T’Ra asked, “can you get us in any closer? I want to see if we can enhance the readings any.”
[Sickbay - NPC Evan Buehler]

“I feel like I’m on some sort of game show where I don’t know any of the answers,” Evan grumbled as he pulled up the prisoner’s medical file. It wasn’t the first officer’s queries that were bothering him, for he had been asking himself those very same questions anyways. The file just about made him want to tear his hair out. “There’s almost nothing in here,” he exclaimed incredulously. “The prisoner might as well be called John Doe, no relatives listed...” He scrolled through what little information there was. “I see the blood test Chief McConnell ran before she transferred. We should be able to pull his DNA from that and see if we can match it up with anyone in the database.”

[Bridge, Shran]

The sight of devestation was getting to him but he knew he had to let the Shran crew figure it out. There was one thing for sure, both his and S'Saavik time was running out to get the Nemesis operational. Once life support for the ship was restored, he planned to get the remaining crew from medical or in temporary quarters back on board so repairs would go faster.

Before heading for the turbolift, he looked over at Commander Jones. "Scan for quantum distortions and focused anti-chroniton charges. Hope you find neither though but I think you will." With that said he entered the turbolift to head back to the hanger bay.

[Nemesis, Engineering, +15 Minutes]

It took him sometime to navigate the interior of the Nemesis with conduits still sparking but aleast all the fires were put out now. From his latest report the last breech was almost finished being repaired by the nanites before he left so by now the hull should finished on repairs. Not so much on interior damage.

Let it be said, the Nemesis may look small but the inside was much larger due to thirty second century technology. Still, the ship could be run on a fifty man/women/holo crew. Arriving in Engineering, he made his way to the Quantum reactor that housed the primary energy supply for the entire ship. The sight of it was pretty and it was similar in design being constructed from the same schematics of the recent Quantum Slipstream technology currently being tested by Starfleet.

There were many difference between them but that was what the reactors were based from. One, the energy output was several times that of current QST and much smaller allowing to house the triplets on all Well's Destroyers.

"Commander, how's the reactors coming?" He asked his grandfather knowing full well both of them were knowledgable in the inner workings of Quantum metaphysics at this point.

"Slow, but I've isolated the issue with the instability balance. Once I get the three streams in squence, we should have full power available again." He got the response and nodded to the commander before leaving Engineering.

He had other area's of the ship to attend too, like restoring flight systems and the tactical consoles on the bridge. Lucky the ships armaments didn't suffer any. It seemed Sloan was aiming to disable us more then destroy but he didn't know why.

He did have a bone to pick with someone on the Shran.. Well two because he did find out who was supply Sloan information. It was pretty easy being the only survivor of the destruction of the ship.

=/\= Conwell to Commander Hawke, could I speak with you aboard the Nemesis in Hanger Bay One. It's important! =/\=

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M3: Time Paradox (Discussion)
« on: April 03, 2017, 03:28:04 AM »
Your treachery knows no bounds...

I won't leave you behind... Maybe beam you into a temporal shielded brig cell until you tell me all your secrets...  Wait, I would know most of them anyways...

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M3: Time Paradox (Discussion)
« on: April 03, 2017, 03:22:20 AM »
Tag Kirok,Conwell please don't let me drift away in space lol

Oh but I want too... Just because you said not too now.

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M3: Time Paradox
« on: April 03, 2017, 12:26:12 AM »
[Present Day - Bridge of the Shran]

Kirok stood and saluted.  He did not require this among his staff because it was somewhat inefficient.  But he replied in kind, if only to prevent them standing at attention for hours on end.

"Thank you for the report, Ms. Stark.  I hope you limited this to your on duty hours.  If not, I will ask Mr. Hawke to have someone cover your next shift" Kirok replied, knowing that the eager Ensign likely worked into the we hours of the night on the repairs.

[Bridge, Shran]

Justin stepped onto the bridge from the turbolift in a new uniform. It was one similar to what he wore earlier except it wasn't in tatters from battle damage. For him, the last week had been difficult but to anyone else, it was like he wasn't gone as long.

With a normal complement of sixty on the Nemesis, for twelve hours he had to deal with thirty turning to only seven remaining. Each death under his command was felt personally but the only way to get Justice and return the timeline back to how it should would be to defeat the stolen time ship in this era before it can cause any more damage. Looking around, the bridge was a bit busy but that was to be expected but he already knew what they would find at Vice Admiral Casas location.

With padd in hand walked by the back stations to Admiral Kirok. "Admiral, just wanted to thank you again for saving us and Commander S'Saavik. After we left time deteriorated after another way destroyed what was left of the resistance.

I have some good news, though. I've been able to get the Nemesis back to basic operational condition. Hull breaches are nearly repaired but it will be another four to six hours before I can have ninety percent operational status." He spoke up before lowering his voice a little so only the admiral and Commander Hawke could hear. "You may wish to go to Yellow Alert. I know why Vice Admiral Casas hasn't responded to any of your hails thus far."

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M2: Delta Gateway
« on: April 01, 2017, 03:53:05 AM »


Kirok's left eyebrow arched after he stood and bowed.  "I will take your word for it" he replied.  Then nodded to the officer at the comm station, who opened a channel.

=/\= Azure Fliment, this is Conwell. I am safely on the Shran. =/\=

It was a few moments before the reply came on the view screen showing a very old and aged former Fleet Admiral, possible shocking the crew as to how he was still alive.

"Grandson, it's good your still alive." S'Saavik replied before looking towards Admiral Kirok. "It's been a very long time, Kirok. My time is ending soon. You must return to the past and correct this before time completely unravels.

This is not an order, only a request from an old friend. I'm no longer a Fleet Admiral of Starfleet, but S'Saavik."

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M2: Delta Gateway
« on: April 01, 2017, 02:17:27 AM »


"Ah...not long, they're taking a lot of direct hits." She reported once she'd wheeled back around to face the panel. "Communications, life support, shields are all alive but failing quickly."

Fingers moving quickly, she looked up only when a message came through from their chief engineer. Or the time agent. Or, whoever he was, Conwell. It was hurried and staticky, but somewhat intelligible.
"Their shields are completely down! Life support about to shut down as well." She reported to Kirok, watching as the sonic turbulence brushed by them, upsetting the ship, but not nearly doing the damage it did to the already-hurt Nemesis.


"I see" Kirok replied.  "They will need assistance as soon we bring them into our hanger.  Please go with Eve and prepare to assist them" Kirok added.


Within minutes, the Shran was at the Nemesis side.  Justin would feel the tractor beam attaching.  The pulling them inside the safety of the Shran hanger.

Justin felt the tractor beam pull them into the hanger bay slowly as the turbulence subsided after the last volley. There was a reason he preferred to be behind a mothership or on it instead of in front of it. Especially in situations like this, they hurt or cause more damage. Within moments he felt and saw they were in the hanger bay as the movement stop. It was a tight squeeze for sure.

He stood up before shaking making his way over to the one of the few remaining operations tlcars consoles and inputted commands. Across the Nemesis, the remaining five remaining members of the crew were transported to the Shran sickbay leaving himself and Lt. Rocky on the bridge. Before activating a delayed transport to the Shran bridge for himself and Rocky, he managed to lock out all remaining main commands for the moment.

Within a few more seconds two yellow-blue transport beams appeared on the Nemesis bridge before disappearing to immediately reappear on the Shran Command Deck. Appearing before the crew was there Chief Engineer but he was wearing a different but torn up uniform with his official rank from TIC-KA faction. Dried blood was stained to the large cut that looked like it reopen and if you looked closely could see the burns across parts of his arms, and shoulders.

"Admiral, good to see you again. I apologize for displacing you from your current time but events have lead to this point that you would be needed here. This is the future or whats left of it if Section 31 wins in 2395. I would welcome you here but this is a bad time for my faction. This is all that remains of the resistance in 2735. History past this point is gone now" Justin spoke up while Lieutenant Rocky stood silently by his side.

"Can you open a channel to the Azure Fliment.. You will be surprised who the commander of the vessel is."

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M2: Delta Gateway
« on: March 31, 2017, 01:28:14 AM »
[Bridge, Nemesis, 2735, orbit of Kantro Prime]

This battle wasn't going well was an understatement of his life. If it wasn't for the nebula at it's weakest point again, which rogue TIC faction were exploiting, then this battle wouldn't be taking place so close to home-world. Sadly it was and he really wanted to send Ricky down a drainage tunnel at this point. The bridge shock under another impact from the dreadnought but Justin knew it wouldn't take much more to take the shields out. Only a matter of time but he had once last ace under his sleeve to hopefully turn this battle to a favorable outcome. Displacing the Shran from 2395!

"Direct hit to engines, imbalance in quantum drive and were losing structure integrity on all decks. One more hit to shields and were done, Commander." Agent Rocky reported from Ops. The situation wasn't good whatsoever. "Confirming life support is failing on all decks."

"Crap, Rocky open a channel to the Azure Fliment!" Conwell ordered as the Shields took a glancing blow. Another time ship, the Trivial took much of it.

=/\= This is the Nemesis to KA Flagship Azure Fligment, we've taken severe damage to engines... Heavy dam..e ... to ... a..l  de..ks.. Temp..ral S...elding fa..ure imm..ent.. =/\=

=/\= Standby Nemesis.. Helps on the way.. =/\= responding a very familiar voice to all parties.


"Good job, Ms. Stark. How much longer can the ship last? What operations are still functional there?" Kirok added.


"Can you please establish a lock on their wounded? Then start transporting them to Sickbay. You will be need there once we accomplish that task" Kirok said.

"Ms. Atwood, please take us closer to the Nemesis. Avoid the confrontation, if possible. Then use a tractor beam to draw pull it into our hanger" he added.

"Eve, communicate with Mr. Conwell. Tell him help is on it's way" he finished. "Aye, Sir" the hologram replied and set about doing her assigned task.

As they waited the largest unknown vessel on the Shran sensors started breaking a holding pattern towards the Nemesis. At the same time, fighters started to surround it as multiple points across the hull were lighting up from charging weapons emplacement. The Azure Fliment was finally deploying there largest weapons at the dreadnought while protecting the smaller vessel.

=/\= Nemesis, this is S'Saavik of the Azure, were moving towards you to provide cover. Prepare to sonic turbulance. Main gun is charging salvo for the dreadnought. We also have detected new contact moving on your position. Be advised! =/\=

=/\= Understo.. =/\=

The comm cut out before he could go any further but he already had a message come in from the Shran. "Divert any remaining available power to the nanites to close the breeches and comms." He said turning towards Rocky. There were very few of them left aboard and they were mostly all in bad shape right now. Even Justin was with a large bloody cut across the left side of his face and too many burn marks across his arms at this point.

=/\= Shran, I don't know if you can hear this but welcome to the party. Communications systems are failing so I don't know for how much longer we can maintain communications. =/\=

Just as he sent the message the first volley from the Azure fired off stretching across space into the forward shields of the Dreadnought. Being so close to the fire flying by, consoles across the bridge sparked from the sonic turbulence. Within seconds the second volley was off and hit in the same positions as the first causing the shields to finally collaspe under sustained pressure.

It was at this point the enemy vessels started opening portals and high tailing it from the system leaving many ruined vessels behind.

Old Topics / Re: Shran Crew - April Check In (Please read & reply)
« on: March 23, 2017, 06:13:35 PM »
I'll be back on the first.

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M1: Shall we Begin (Discussion)
« on: March 01, 2017, 01:43:02 AM »
Want me to send your prisoner back or keep him for a while?

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M1: Shall we Begin (Discussion)
« on: February 24, 2017, 10:27:45 PM »
McConnell and Kane were just beamed directly to the bridge. So tag to the bridge and Hawke too

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M1: Shall we Begin
« on: February 24, 2017, 10:11:23 PM »
[Bridge, Nemesis]

The bridge of the Nemesis was rocking from the sustained temporal wakes occurring from 2395. If this continued and the crew he sent back couldn't fix the problem, himself and everyone on the Nemesis would vanish from history. The future would be devastated and changes unknown to calculate. By now the Red Alert klaxxon and red hue was back and going off respectable as he entered a few commands on the tlcars terminal.

He wasn't letting the two other Shran officers be harmed and if they did fix it, the nemesis may well be going to war after this. Setting the cooridates, Doctor McConnell disappeared off the bridge in a bluish-yellow beam, along with Ms. Kane down in the bridge. After it was completed he made his way thru the rocking bridge to the command chair.

"Leave standard orbitable pattern, full power to temporal shield. Go to max warp any direction." Justin said as more power was diverted to reinforce the shielding. To the Earth sensors, a rogue vessel was appearing and disappearing off Mars as it went broke orbit before it disappeared in a warp stream.

[Bridge - Shran]

Three bluish-yellow transporter beams appeared on the darken bridge of the Shran near Admiral Kirok and Commander Hawke. Except the third was a padd dropping into Commander Hawkes hands with a short sentence on it "Trust Nobody. Will be in contact when I can. J.C."

The other two were Doctor McConnell and Ms. Kane being beamed back from the Nemesis.

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M1: Shall we Begin (Discussion)
« on: February 24, 2017, 01:26:53 AM »

please come to the Bridge - where all good things happen ;-)

any particular place you want me to beam Ms. Kane and Doctor McConnell back too? Thats before my ship is rip to shreds by Temporal shockwaves tearing my shields to pieces.

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M1: Shall we Begin (Discussion)
« on: February 21, 2017, 02:43:56 AM »
Don't worry, James. I'll just send us back in time and you can relive that moment we shut down the computer core.

Wait!!! Are you planning also to airlock me in eternity? 

BTW, this sucks for me...I hope all of you having fun.

It's lucky she doesn't have a time machine to do this to you, James. Though I do but I don't feel like doing it. Maybe to Dylan though.

Mission logs / Re: S1 - M1: Shall we Begin
« on: February 20, 2017, 02:07:55 AM »
James placed his hands on his hips and responded “Ok, what your plan? I’m Listenting.  I was proposing to try and disintegrate him and not really kill him”

He heard the plan with the scans “If you send me back to the Shran I will have ops to reconfigure the scans to the settings you requested”

James then noticed the Doctor in the ship and asked “Ok…seriously, am I the least person to know what is going on?”

"No, not the last but definitely not the fir..." Justin was cut off as a temporal shockwave hit the Nemesis which meant things were not right. Especially since they weren't even in 2395 anymore. The TLCARS terminal beeped showing a new change in the timeline, one that could spell trouble for the present, and future.

Crap, is all Justin though when he saw it. Seems Sloan was definitely intending to destroy the Shran after all and he picked the second easiest way to do so. "Temporal records are showing the Shran has been destroyed. Someone has remotely activated the Saucer Separation remotely and skipped several steps in the process. I need to send you back the same moment you left to shut down the entire ships computer system and purge the command."

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