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USS Tempest / Re: S2 M1: Discussion Topic "Macrocosm"
« Last post by Jada on Today at 10:30:35 PM »
Tag Mortier and V'kee.

"Boffin" was a hobbit family name in The Hobbit, so it was more appropriate than you knew. :D The origin seems to be unknown, it was possibly originally derogatory but became generally positive through WW2.
USS Tempest / Re: S2 M1"Macrocosm"
« Last post by Jada on Today at 10:24:38 PM »
Main Engineering

Once they entered Engineering James could tell Jada was lost in Engineering. James was often lost in the huge room himself. It fascinated him how the technology in the room could propel them across space. However, like Jada, James was no Engineer. “Double check weapons and shields. We are still deep in unknown space and I want to make sure this universe hasn’t affected our ability to defend ourselves,” James said.

''Sir.' Jada acknowledged efficiently. Circling the pool table, she commandeered a spare general-purpose terminal and activated a program to monitor the EPS network supplying power to the phasers, shields, torpedo launchers, and other defence-critical systems. She ran diagnostics, starting at a fast and basic level 5, before moving up to more thorough levels 4 and 5. Although this engineering was outside her wheelhouse, all Starfleet personnel were trained in these standard functions and tests. The process was largely automated, anyway, with algorithms monitoring the variance, phase, and frequency of the electroplasma flow to detect vibration and thus damage in ship's systems.

Pursing her lips at the results, she crossed into the Warp Core room in search of Lieutenant Mortier, and found him working with an ensign. She knew they must be new aboard because, although humans had an unfortunate tendency to look a bit alike to her eyes, she would've recognised the bird-like face if she'd seen them around before. But like Selay and Caitians, she took it in her stride. 'Please forgive the intrusion, but I was monitoring the EPS. I suppose you know this micro-universe is draining power through the damaged nacelle, and the EPS system is working overtime to compensate?' she began, in order to give context to the problem. 'Well, it's having a knock-on effect through the rest of the EPS network. Most systems are probably fine, they don't require so much power, but phasers and shields are suffering extreme power fluctuations: drops in power followed by dangerous surges. Is there any way we can even out the power distribution?'
U.S.S Challenger [NCC-40117] / Re: S1E3 United We Stand
« Last post by Lek on Today at 10:22:49 PM »
"Shields are at 22% and that's all we're going to
Jackson hit the control at the word "now."  Now, it was a matter of seeing how close the shave with the shields would be.  "It's done, sir!"

[Gul Vanar Engineering]

Lek both felt and saw the core eject and transferred as much power to shields as was available, then tapped his commbadge.

=/\= "The core is away! All hands brace for shockwave impact! In four. Three. Two. One!" =/\=

The Gul Vanar rocked violently as the shields collapsed and, in engineering, several klaxons sounded as various systems failed. Lek had braced and that did keep him from being thrown across the compartment, but he tasted blood as hit bit his tongue from the powerful impact. When the room, and his head, stopped spinning, he called out.

U.S.S Challenger [NCC-40117] / Re: S1E3 United We Stand
« Last post by Martin Jackson on Today at 09:11:03 PM »

"Shields are at 22% and that's all we're going to
[Gul Vanar Engineering]

Lek smiled as he heard Jackson's question and checked the Cardassian ship's shield grid, which made him hiss viciously.

"Shields are offline! I'll see what I can do, but getting hit by a shockwave is going to be better than a breech!"

"Shields are at 22% and that's all we're going to get! Plasma flow has shut down! You are clear for ejection! We have forty-five seconds to breech, you have got to get the core ejected now or we'll be too close!"

Jackson hit the control at the word "now."  Now, it was a matter of seeing how close the shave with the shields would be.  "It's done, sir!"
Starbase Columbus / Re: Minisode 2: Discussion
« Last post by Katharoz Knox on Today at 09:02:55 PM »
Tag Naira.

Knox focused on her breathing. Her heart rate had increased, it felt as if she had ran around the entire Station. Trying to calm down, she pondered over what exactly a floating shop was. Blue had mentioned it, explaining that it required a permit. Knox believed it was very unlikely that the Ferengi involved in this would have gone through the proper channels for his establishment.

Zak was humming to himself, but moved towards Knox to whisper to her.

"Knox, Knox, Knox - look - the most amazing Feemale is coming this way! Look!! I wonder who she is. I wonder if she knows Oo-mox? Knox, you know something, I think she knooooows you. Very iiiintriggguing!"

Knox was paying very little attention to Zak as her left arm began to vibrate slightly.

"Ensign, how are feeling?" Had she been on duty, Naira would have likely had a tricorder on her to scan the Trill woman, but she wasn't expecting to encounter anyone on her way to sickbay.

"Hello Doctor. I am ..."

"Aaaaa Doctor? Well, brains aaaand beauty! Have you heard of the tympanic tickle? I betttt you have the skillllls! Herr Heeerrrr Heeerrrrrrrr. Knox, remember that time you convinced that Doctor to play that game with you, Doctors and nurses or something. It was certainly ..." 

Knox cleared her throat.

"Doctor, I was distracted by the current situation on the Station and I forgot that I am still recovering. How are you feeling? I am glad to see you walking. I hope you and your daughter are enjoying the festival!"

For some reason, Knox was nervous around Medics and would just talk and talk. Zak was laughing.

"Stillllll have not lost your touch with the ladies, Knox! Sooo, tell me Doctor. When can I be your nurse?! Herr Heerrrr Heerrrrrrrr!"

Zak looked to Knox to find out if he asked to play that game correctly whilst Knox debated if Zak could handle any further interactions with the 'feemales' on the Station.
USS Tempest / Re: S2 M1: Discussion Topic "Macrocosm"
« Last post by Nicholas Mortier on Today at 08:22:52 PM »
From what I've read, it was considered a term of respect during World War Two for scientists and code breakers. I could not find any insult attached to its use.
Oh, you're right. Coffee would probably just end up being spilled because Mortier is old.
USS Shran [NCC- 81735] / Re: S1- M6 - Under a Killing Holodeck
« Last post by Caelene Tam on Today at 08:10:37 PM »
[Holodeck 1, Victorian London, Dorchester House, Green Drawing Room]
Something Miss Wright had said caught her attention, causing T'Ra to tilt her head slightly. "Can you clarify what you meant by 'in all but one case'?"

Margaret (NPC) paused, considering the question and how best to answer it. Chuckling slightly to lighten her response, she said, "There was a young woman I knew who started...well...she started hearing things. Voices mostly. I suggested she speak with Edward (NPC) to see if he could help. He likes, err...liked challenging cases and no other doctors seemed to be able to help. I'm afraid I'm not well-versed in medical matters, but he performed a procedure on her to try to help and she died a few days later. He felt so horrible about it, after I had sent her to him, but all doctors lose patients from time to time."

A few feet away, Caelene had perked up at T'Ra's question and the young woman's response. Perhaps it was nothing, or perhaps it was a reason for her to kill her fiancé. Partly it depended on how close of a friend Margaret was to the woman who died. And she would have had to have access to the poison.

The sound of Kay's voice brought Caelene out of her musings.

"Where did you find these?" K-5 turned to Caelene, a questioning look written all over her face. The sooner they got to the bottom of this, the sooner they would solve their mystery. But K-5 questioned why on earth the Captain's blood had been spilled- surely Dr. Drury hadn't wanted to use him as a test subject? Without the proper safety precautions in the holodeck working, that would have been a very bad situation. She shuddered, this time out of her own thinking and horror.

"I found them in what appears to have been Doctor Drury's medical laboratory. It's just down the hall - I found Doctor Adams (NPC) in there, rather interested in a desk although he claimed to be looking for medical supplies for James. Once he left, I checked one of the drawers and found these. I imagine they could be a motive for someone to murder Doctor Drury....especially if he performed some of these procedures on a friend or family member of someone here. Or perhaps it's nothing," Caelene answered, frowning.

Milara was more of a detective than she was, but that was really with archaeological type information, not a murder. Still, Caelene felt her observations were likely correct, at least from a logical point of view. Interrogations and solving crime weren't her particular forte though.

"Regardless, Will and I haven't had much luck with the holodeck issues. Our best bet is to try to solve this murder so the program will end and we should be able to get out," the Trill explained. She wasn't entirely sure what she could do to help, but either one of the others would suggest something or she would follow her instincts. Either way, they needed to hurry so they could get James proper medical care.

OFF Tag any
USS Tempest / Re: S2 M1: Discussion Topic "Macrocosm"
« Last post by Solluk on Today at 07:41:35 PM »
Yes, it seems to be like 'nerd' but without the negative connotation.   Sort of like calling a smart person a 'professor' even if they're not a teacher at a university.  I just found it humorous that Boffin meant anything at all, as it was chosen strictly for alliterative purposes!
[ Engineering ]

Jenna immediately took a seat next to Molly. Molly was working out an algorithm to check the warnings. Jenna had other thoughts. When Molly looked over, she questioned in her mind what Jenna was doing. "What are you up to there Sherlock?" Molly asked. Jenna chuckled at that comment. "Well my dear Watson,"Jenna began. "While I was fixing the holosuite with the Chief, we noticed some parts were missing. I obviously replaced them, but it got me to thinking. The parts that were missing actually emit a frequency. It's on a spectrum a human can't register. It emits minimally on the ultraviolet spectrum. Too bad it didn't harm my locket thief."

"So, you're thinking that the signal is traceable yeah?"Molly asked. "Exactly and if my calculations are correct,"Jenna said as he began to feverishly type on her terminal."I should be able to trace the source. Now if I cancel out the signal on any holosuite on the base and ships, I should be able to at least get a general idea where the anomaly is. We will find this thief yet I doubt miss priss and her friend are smart enough to come up with this."

[ Engineering ]

"Chief, I got a signal. It's coming from the promenade and faintly from the Ferengi section of the base. The signal there is too faint, but I'll bet you it's our culprit. I have a program running to alert us if the signal spikes again to quickly trianguate. Best I can do now is help point security in the right direction.Who knows if he is there now. I am wondering because it is coming form there, could our thief be ferengi or do you think they struck up a deal with them for protection?:"Jenna asked.
Dan had resorted to going through the power grid logs. He hoped that by reviewing them, he could spot the issue and therefore stabilize the power grid. He was interrupted various times by engineering crewman that he was trying to co-ordinate. His attention was then bought to McKinson, who had discovered some kind of a signal. He walked over to her and looked at the terminal to confirm what she had found. It seemed like a safe assumption. He was about to reply when another officer quickly got his attention.
[ Promenade ]

Lissy and Sorcha were laughing hysterically. They had hoped their plan had worked, but  it seemed the icing on the cake was getting a Star Fleet officer to bend to their whim. "Thank you my dear Mathew for planting the locket,"Lissy said to Mathew."I am kind of mad we didn't think of it,"Sorcha said. "Now all we have to do is wait. Once she is in custody, I put on my sappy face," Lissy said. "Then the locket is as good as mine and she goes away forever." Normally Matthew would have some kind of conscience, but he knew he needed the credits. Plus, the possibility of leading Romana on a wild goose chase seemed to amuse him.

[ Engineering ]

Jenna was working feverishly with the others in engineering to tackle the 999 errors that were thrown when there was a visitor. She paid no attention, but noticed the woman was from security. She then noticed the woman was holding her locket. Jenna's heart raced. She excused herself to go speak with the security woman who looked like she was there to find someone. Jenna wondered how the locket got into the possession of security as she pinned the woman who stole her locket as one to hold her stolen things tight.

"Excuse me miss, but I lost a locket earlier, along with most of my other things. A Bajoran woman stole it from me and now you seem to have it. I have paperwork through customs to prove it's mine. That and I am the only one who can open it. If I show you the paperwork, may I have it back?" the normally confident Jenna said in a shaking voice.

He turned back around to see Jenna had moved from her position. He looked to the left to see her talking to Ramona Pilgrim, who was a security crewman. Dan's run ins with security had never been fantastic, he always seemed to be in trouble with them. He saw Ramona holding what he thought was the locket that Jenna was talking to him about earlier. He turned back to coordinating other engineers whilst keeping a loose watch on the on-going discussion between Pilgrim in McKinson.
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