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Fleet News Service / Welcome Back - Alex Campbell & Derek Black
« Last post by Kirok on Today at 10:01:20 AM »

Please help me welcome back two players.

Alex Campbell has been assigned to the Engineering Department on the Discovery.

Derek Black has been assigned to the Medical Department on the Columbus.


USS Discovery / Re: Discovery WAR Board (Welcome and Recognition Board)
« Last post by Kirok on Today at 09:59:03 AM »

Please help me welcome Alex Campbell to the ship.

He will working in our Engineering Department!


USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M4: The Delta Quadrant Vultures
« Last post by EQ Kimball on Today at 09:54:03 AM »

Vincent listened, ignoring the klaxons. "Talaxians using Borg technology..." He had stated aloud as he considered the ramifications of anyone adapting such technology and using it against Starfleet. "Talaxians.." He murmurred as if trying to come to terms with just who was attacking them. "Understood, Sir." One thing he didn't have a problem with was orders and the engineer turned around and headed to the very Borg that, only seconds earlier had gave him that awkward moment.

"Mr. Kimball, I'm at your disposal. What do you need?" He didn't want to stare at the other's Borg implants that were still fused to his body. Curiosity was something that could wait a heck of a bit longer and he felt pretty confident the poor fella has had his share of both sympathy and busy bodies.

Vincent nodded and sat himself at the closest vacant station. A few taps of the console and Kimball's file was on screen. "I have it, Mr. Kimball." The screen changed to a digital image of the array with a number of computations. Using the array was clever; tightening the directional comm beam with different frequencies maybe enough to punch through the interference.

He brought up another screen with more computations as his sapphire eyes darted between them as he discarded some as Kimball's file helped with the heavy lifting. It felt like an eternity, lost in his work though the duration was under the time frame confined by conflagration and despair.

"Done, Mr. Kimball. I may have to modulate it if the Talaxians become wise on it but we should be able to contact the shuttlecraft." The engineer was feeling confident as he looked to the Borg, then over his shoulder at the XO.


EQ looked down at this board.  Red light began turning to green.  Declan had apparently succeeded.

Kimball held out his right hand.  Then offered the man a thumbs up.  "Good job, Buddy" he said.
Mess Hall / Re: Rayek’s Biography one-shot prompts
« Last post by Rayek tr’Lhoell on Today at 03:49:11 AM »
Prompt - grief

'Centurion' Rayek
(Undercover Tal'Shiar - Acting Bodyguard for Ambassador Kalavak)
[USS Vanguard]

Ambassador Kalavak was dead.  The man survived  5 months under Dr. Mountain-Khan's care, before surcoming to the ravages of Pa'nar.   It had not been a pain-free or peaceful death in the least and Rayek could scarcely believe that the man had maintained his determination to forego the standard treatment that would have saved his life.

Rayek had called the Praetor just after the Ambassador's passing to make arrangements to have the body returned to Empire for a proper funeral and burial, but had been told to just have the Federation incinerate the corpse and for him to return immediately.  That had been yesterday morning.

Since that time Rayek had stayed with the body, keeping vigil.  He'd drawn on his own skin symbols representing Respect, and Remembrance.  It was variation of an archaic mourning custom but given that there was no other funerary rites being followed Rayek felt it was the least he could do to honor the man who had sacrificed his life for the well-being of the Empire.

As the Ambassador's sole remaining retainer - the others having left shortly after his transfer to the Starfleet vessel - it was Rayek who contacted the ship's Commander, then Captain, to make arrangement for the body to be burned.  Incineration was set for 2000 hrs ship's time. Currently, it was 0800.  Rayek tried not to think of what would come after the cremation but his thoughts were very dark and pessimistic despite his best attempt - focusing more on his own plight than the now-free-from-pain Ambassador.  Rayek almost envied the man.

A chime sounded at the door to the VIP quarters.  Rayek ignored it.   He ignored the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chimes as well.  There was a moment of silence when he believed his would-be visitor - the doctor no doubt, as no one else ever bothered to stop by - left.  But then the doors suddenly opened and Rayek turned to see Dr. Mountain-Khan hurrying in looking worried.

"Doctor?" Rayek questioned her presence.

"Oh! You're okay..? When you didn't answer... I was worried that... "  she left her sentence unfinished, as she moved to stand beside him by the Ambassador's bedside.  She looked exhausted and emotionally spent.

"You've been crying?" Rayek said in surprise as he studied her face.

Saqa7's eyes didn't turn to him, instead they settled on the Ambassador's face, as he lay  before them.  "I just needlessly lost a patient.  How would you expect me to feel?" Her voice as she spoke, quickly became thick with barely contained grief.

Rayek did not know what to say in response.  That she would weep at the death of the Ambassador should not have surprised him.  The doctor had changed much during their time aboard the USS Vanguard.  She'd gone from being wary and distrustful of her Romulan patient and guard, to greeting them daily with a cheerful and optimistic smile.  Rayek found himself missing that smile today.

"You did all you could.  He knew that."  Rayek said in an attempt to ensure that she knew that there was no blame.

"No, I didn't.  If I had - he would still be alive," she said miserably. "I miss his stories about Romulus.  He made it sound so beautiful."

Rayek nodded, recalling Kalavak's stories as well.  The man had been an excellent Ambassador - telling his stories with tears in his eyes, all so that he could obtain aid for his people.  "Yes, he had a way with words."

"I'd been to Romulus once - did I ever tell you that?  Of course I can't go into details but my ship the Bradbury was once invited there and I even got to spend an afternoon on the planet having a picnic with my fiancee.  But at the time I was so scared of your people... I couldn't enjoy it - not one bit.."

Rayek frowned at her story, recognizing at least part of it.  When he didn't say anything in response she turned to look to him and seeing his frown she quickly apologized.  "I'm sorry - I suppose that was rude of me to say.  I just ..  I wish I could have seen it through the Ambassador's eyes.  He loved his homeworld."

"Yes, he did and he loved his people even more...  It is unjust that he will be mourned more by his Starfleet doctor than by any Romulan alive."  Rayek commented bitterly.

"I wouldn't say any Romulan," the doctor replied quietly.  And at his questioning look she touched his face lightly and her fingers came away wet with tears he hadn't known he'd been crying.
Starbase Columbus / Re: Season 2 Episode 3 - Discussion Topic
« Last post by Kyan Mackenzie on Today at 02:18:42 AM »
Tag to the XO!
Starbase Columbus / Re: Season 2 Episode 3: Monsoon Season
« Last post by Kyan Mackenzie on Today at 02:04:54 AM »
"And so you see me boyo, ye always wanna have some backups. Several if ye can manage, the which being a grup... ye should be able." Kyan explained as he indicated the assortment of weapons laid out before him. "Oi meself always loik tae have several options fer when the thing takes a southerly turn. Yenever can be knowin when one of these aliens, the which we have never met before, will get the idea to harvest our innards oe try tae have us for his dinner or any other crazy thing. An oi've seen all that an more happen. Specially now that our boss is an Admiral. They're always after getting themselves in trouble." The ancient child shot a glance over at the Admiral. 'An its as if when they get promoted, their sense goes away you see, and they get a bit wompy."

He packed up his twin phasers in the shoulder holster as he spoke, then went about sheaving his various knives. The young security officer in front of him, who was going on his first away mission clutched his own phaser.... his only phaser... a little tighter as he listened.

"An ye should invest in some knives too, for they don't ever run out of batteries.' Kyan noted jovially. An this too....." he continued before being interrupted by the booming voice of their XO.

[Location: USS Gibson, Ramp]

Tritter knew he knew to get the Security Officers up to speed on their mission, as he still kind of saw it as his department. Theres a certain part of him that is hard wired that way. He had taken a moment to scan the area, he had noticed some... hostility forming with some of the locals he could notice from afar. He than tapped his comm badge and said, "Lieutenants McKenzie, Davis and Cadet Lachlyn, meet me at the ramp" His tone was it's usual confident and assertive, his speech was deliberate as he spoke. He had heard that the local's were having issues with keeping the peace and that they were going to need to step in.

"Welp, duty calls us the now, sure and it does." he noted, placing his last weapon - a miniature mek'leth in it's sheath on his back. After which he hopped down from his seat, followed by the other two security officers. The group made their way over to Tritter. Kyan peered up at him, craning his neck to do so.

"Here we are Commander, ready the now for your instructions!"
USS Shran [NCC- 81735] / Re: S1 -M10 - A Race against time Dicussion
« Last post by T'Ra Jones on Today at 12:52:55 AM »
Tags to Tam, Jaeger, Inzjana, and Bytes.

Bytes, you have a direct tag from T'Ra (yelled to the Ensign at Ops) as well as an indirect tag if you want it (to fire at Dylan's ship). Plus you have a new ID Card.

(Oh, do I hate double posting Xp)
USS Shran [NCC- 81735] / Re: S1-M10 A Race Against Time
« Last post by T'Ra Jones on Today at 12:50:29 AM »
Inzjana had been in her quarters feeding her rabbit when her combadge chimed with Commander Jones' question, so she patted the bunny, washed her hands and tapped her combadge to reply.

 =/\= "I memorized the Academy when I was a cadet there commander. How might I be of assistance?"  =/\=
[Battle Bridge]

=^=I’m sure you’ve heard the captain’s announcements by now,=^= T’Ra began, replying to her fellow Vulcan. =^=He plans to continue towards Earth with the saucer section. Given your knowledge and skill set, I want you to go along. =^=

[USS Inquisitor]

Other than shields, the Inquisitor was ready, torpedoes and weapons active and ready. Now was a matter of what the Shran would do. To doublecross and almost certainly enter a firefight with the two sovereigns, or to follow the Captain’s word.

He armed himself with a phaser, strapped to his hip. Minutes later, the ships exited warp.

The Excalibur took up station just toward the bow of the Shran, her phasers armed and ready for battle, as the Inquisitor approached the Shran, presenting her unshielded, unprotected flank. It presented a maximum target for the Shran, while putting the ship in a blind spot of the Inquisitor. It was the maximum vulnerability the Inquisitor could present, and the most diplomatic pose. Any torpedo volley would do significant damage, if not cripple the ship.

=/\= Torngate to Shran, we are ready to raft. =/\=, he said, meaning the ship was ready to dock. He saw that the ship was seperated, and was confused. Why had this happened? =/\= Excalibur, keep with the Saucer section. Don't let them go to warp. =/\=
[Battle Bridge]

“I’m as ready as I can be.” responded Ardy determinedly as she cracked her knuckles, The ship jolted as the latch clamps that kept the ship together disengaged.  “I can confirm we’ve disengaged. Moving into position now.”

“I’ve got a plan, but I’m going to need as much of the shields as you can give me.” Ardyn barked to the general bridge. “And tell some of those Cadets to prepare to jettison the waste receptacles and spare parts and supplies on my mark. If they go after us with missiles, I’d rather the trash get it than we do.”

Her hands twitched on the controls, palms sweating. The steering mechanism in her hands and ready. Looking to T’Ra with a glance of apprehension, she nodded. “On your mark.”
[Battle Bridge]

T’Ra nodded in appreciation. “Thank you, Miss Tam.” Now that the ship was split in two, they really had their work cut out for them. “Ensign,” she yelled to the officer at Opps, “have you changed the prefix code?”

Her back ached, and she could feel the pain as it pulsed up and down her spine, pulling her away from her thoughts. She didn’t have the time to deal with it, so instead she took a seat, giving her back some relief while still allowing her to focus on the matter at hand. Like what the two Sovereign ships were up to -- and why the USS Inquisitor was coming in with its shields down?

“Steady...” T’Ra cautioned, furrowing a brow. Jaeger’s plan was solid, but the wheels in her head needed a split second longer to spin, to formulate a strategy. “Tam, boost power to shields,” she began, knowing that engines were already operating at peak efficiency. “Fire at will to cripple, no more.” And lastly, she turned towards the helm. “Go for it, Jaeger. I want to see some fancy flying.”
Starbase Columbus / Re: Season 2 Episode 3: Monsoon Season
« Last post by Michael J. Tritter on Today at 12:21:59 AM »
[Location: USS Gibson, Ramp]

Tritter knew he knew to get the Security Officers up to speed on their mission, as he still kind of saw it as his department. Theres a certain part of him that is hard wired that way. He had taken a moment to scan the area, he had noticed some... hostility forming with some of the locals he could notice from afar. He than tapped his comm badge and said, "Lieutenants McKenzie, Davis and Cadet Lachlyn, meet me at the ramp" His tone was it's usual confident and assertive, his speech was deliberate as he spoke. He had heard that the local's were having issues with keeping the peace and that they were going to need to step in.
Fleet News Service / Re: Welcome - Declan Vincent
« Last post by Naira on Today at 12:07:20 AM »
Welcome to the fleet!
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