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Holodeck / Re: The Forgotten Jungles (Caleb and Katheryn)
« Last post by Katheryn Carter on Today at 08:04:27 AM »
"Well now I'll have to cook for you sometime,"Caleb said. After taking a sip of win himself he looked into her eyes. That connection they felt was present again. "So I've gabbed on so much about myself. I'd love to hear more about you. I'd love to hear some stories about your home. I know I was a tad bit eccentric with my island stories," he said with a bit of a chuckle.

"I'd like that a lot Cal and something I'll definitely hold you to " Kat replied with a grin, watching him for a moment the connection between them pulling to her even more so as the wine took effect and the conversation flowed easily. " I've enjoyed listening Cal and you may think you are but that's all part of your charm and what made me want to get to know you more " she said honestly to what he said next and was being truthful with him. She had never met anyone like him and was genuinely fascinated and intrigued by what he had to say from the moment he told her about his notebook and some of his adventures.

She was also happy to talk about herself and some of her stories " As for me what would like to know ?" she asked " I can't promise that it won't be as exciting as yours" she teased.
The Arcade Board / Re: What to Do, What to Do...
« Last post by Mahak on Today at 07:49:00 AM »
Have a logical time.
Tag, I don't see this going well for us?

Tag Lena.... "Well" is in the eye of the beholder?
The Arcade Board / Re: What to Do, What to Do...
« Last post by Caelene Tam on Today at 07:32:01 AM »
If we're doing this "Q" style, there's no reason not to have lots of ginormous cakes and pies.
Mmmm cake.
Holodeck / Re: The Lounge [Open]
« Last post by Caelene Tam on Today at 07:30:53 AM »

"Please, call me Lizzie." She said, pausing before continuing. "I'm only Doctor when I'm on duty and also please never use my rank to address me unless there is no alternative. In sickbay, rank has no place. The person in charge is the senior Doctor, no matter their rank. In medical matters a CMO who is a Lieutenant can overrule a Captain or even an Admiral should the situation call for it." She finished.

Caelene nodded to the woman. "I'll try to remember that, doc--Lizzie." She'd almost slipped and called her 'doctor' again. Although it had been over a year since she'd graduated from the Academy, her instinct was still to address her coworkers by their title or rank. It was a difficult habit to break, especially when she was just getting to know someone.

Reaching for her glass, she slowly took another sip, trying to buy herself a little time before trying to come up with something else to say. How did some find it so easy? They could just talk about nearly anything, it seemed, and it was fine. For her, though, it was a struggle. What should she ask? Would the other person be interested? Was it appropriate?

She knew Milara hadn't particularly suffered from this particular issue. The part of her that was Milara told her to just ask something. It wouldn't be so scary if she'd just practice.

Clearing her throat slightly, the Trill offered a slightly uneasy smile as she attempted to make conversation. "So, what inspired you to become a doctor...and one in StarFleet for that matter?"

There, that wasn't so bad, right? It was better than sitting in silence at least. Or was it? Caelene took a few slow breaths to try to calm herself as she awaited Lizzie's reply.
[El'Dorian, Bazaar, back street]

"If we know its name do we know how big it actually is? I don't fancy the idea of dragging a shuttle sized block of equipment about?" Lena continued to talk about the technical specs of the gods eye before she stopped when Caelene pressed her hand to her shoulder.

"As far as I know, we're not looking for an actual piece of equipment...just the plans to make one. Although I suppose if there was a prototype it would be good to acquire it," Caelene answered thoughtfully. "If it is just the specs, the size depends on the person who made them. They could have drawn up physical blueprints if they didn't want the information digitized...or it could be on a PADD or isolinear chip. Or the equivalent anyway."

It was nice to have a goal in mind. Caelene's usual anxiety and awkwardness tended to be not as bad when what she was talking about was technical in nature. Perhaps it was because technology was, comparatively, black and white. People, on the other hand, were...problematic...messy...and prone to unpredictable things.

"Well it sure looks the symbol?" They stood examining the sign. "Imperatus shuttle mechanics." The sign read. "Let's go... Are you ok? You're sheet white?"

The Trill nodded slowly, "Yes, I'm fine..." She felt the urge to look behind her, but resisted. In a hushed tone, she whispered, "It just feels as if someone is watching us... Do you get that impression, Lena?" Caelene shuddered slightly, then darted her eyes forward, indicating to her shipmate that they should keep moving.

Suddenly, she heard a voice behind her.

"Where are you going, girlies?"

Caelene froze in place, wondering if there was something she could say that would encourage whoever it was to leave them alone. "We're for a birthday present for my older brother. likes interesting tech and we heard of the shops in this section had the most unique tech." Slowly she turned around to see who had addressed her.

OFF: Tag Lena, possibly others if you wish
Tag to the Intrepid Crew of the Mighty Starship Ankara, flagship of the damned!
USS Discovery / Re: Season 11, Mission 10: The Ghosts of War
« Last post by Kyan Mackenzie on Today at 07:08:30 AM »
[Ankara Bridge]

T'Vir wasn't one to smile, but she felt her mood lighten at Nevir's order. It hadn't taken very long at all for her to remove herself from beneath the Federation's thumb. Clearly the commander had a plan, and faith in his crew to execute it. She may be new, but she was both ready and eager to prove herself.

Her fingers danced across the now-familiar controls, pre-plotting vectors that would provide the smallest ship profile while maximizing the Ankara's weapon tracking.

"Standing by," the petite Vulcan acknowledged, merrily adding, "Hoist the black flag!"

Kyan had been occupying himself finding target points on the Discovery these last many minutes... and checking the transporter diagnostics for their part in his grand "blow stupid grups out of the sky" plan that Tekin was CERTAIN to want to use later when the shooting started. At least Kyan thought he would... and him being the tactical officer on the Ankara now... yeah. Commander Tekin was certain to want to use it. It would be a big fat thumb in the eye to Starfleet losing the Discovery to the Ankara. The which was just fine with Kyan. He'd put a hundred thumbs in their eyes if he could, but the gods only gave him two so.... his plan would have to suffice.

Which of course it would, being a solid plan.... brilliant really.

The final bits of diagnostic information were making their way across his console as he heard something from that Vulcan lady who had nearly got her pointed ears blasted off her skull a few moments ago. Kyan jerked his head up at the Vulcan's last bit. Did she just...? Perhaps he had heard her wrong. Grups didn't like pirate stuff. ESPECIALLY Vulcan grups. Twas an odd bit of something to hear the words "black" and "flag" come out ofa Vulcan's mouth. He thought he might see if she were talking about the same black flage that was now, and had been unfurled in his own heart.

"The King.. and his men... stole the queen from her bed..." he piped up in song from behind his console.
Website & Forum Discussion / Re: New ID Card Issues
« Last post by Katheryn Carter on Today at 07:06:09 AM »
Would I be able to request an id change  :)

Only change is my rank to Lieutenant everything else to stay the same  :)

The Arcade Board / Re: What to Do, What to Do...
« Last post by T'Ra Jones on Today at 06:55:47 AM »
If we're doing this "Q" style, there's no reason not to have lots of ginormous cakes and pies.
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