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About Me

Character Name: Solluk
Character Age: 35

Character DOB: Second Vulcan Month, third day of that month.

Character Image: Under Development, (will be Tom Hiddleston with pointy ears.)

Character Species: Vulcan

Gender: Male

Character Family:
Sorin (Father)
TíPran (Mother)

Character Bio:
Solluk was born on Vulcan to parents Sorin and T'Pran, who both worked within the Planetary Logistics Board, a division in charge of managing the efficient distribution of resources and equipment to government agencies on the planet.   Solluk was a mediocre academic, but exhibited a strong talent for athletics and displayed remarkable alacrity and reflexes.  At a young age, he took an interest in piloting, and this interest would remain with him throughout his life.

Shortly after reaching the age of majority, Solluk graduated from the Vulcan Technical Institute of Shikhar with certificates in aeronautical piloting, sublight piloting, astrogation, and warp maneuvers.  He was able to get a position on the Planetary Logistics Board as a Freight Transport Operator, ferrying supplies to and from Vulcan from outlying parts of the system on a low warp transport.   Solluk also began a courtship with a young woman in the Planetary Logistics Board's administrative branch.  Things looked good for his future.

Then, during a routine transport operation, an incident occurred that would change his life forever.  

Solluk was piloting a craft carrying refined Duranium ingots to Vulcan, when he noticed something amiss.  A Vulcan shuttle began moving erratically, and turned to ram a Starfleet science vessel undergoing a sensor refit in a shipyard facility in orbit of Vulcan.  The shuttle was being piloted by a mentally unbalanced Vulcan suffering from Bendii syndrome, although no one understood this at the time.  Seeing that the collision was going to occur, and having no tractor beam on his transport ship, Solluk deviated from his assigned flight path and purposefully collided with the shuttle to change its course.  

He succeeded in preventing a catastrophic collision, but he suffered injuries in the process when a damaged EPS relay overloaded and sent a powerful jolt of electricity through the cockpit of Solluk's transport.  The jolt cooked part of Solluk's brain, causing some permanent brain damage.  As a result of the injuries, he lost the ability to fully control his emotions.  

Anywhere other than Vulcan, this loss of control would have been unnoticeable.   On Vulcan, his minor emotional exhibitions became an offensive level of emotional display.  He was continuously embarrassing himself with smiles, frowns, and other subtle emotional cues.  This made fellow Vulcans uncomfortable.  He even sensed this discomfort within his own family.   The woman he'd been courting politely broke off the courtship without real explanation, but Solluk understood why.  He did his best not to show it, but he felt a great deal of shame.

Finally, Solluk made the decision that life on Vulcan would be too uncomfortable for him, and he turned his sights to a career outside of Vulcan territory.   Armed with a letter of recommendation and commendation from the Captain of the Starfleet science ship he'd sacrificed himself to save, he enlisted in Starfleet.

Starfleet turned out to be a breath of fresh air, as it was an organization that delighted in variety.  While Vulcans claimed the philosophy of infinite diversity, Starfleet personnel actually lived it.  Solluk completed basic training and received technical certifications that supplemented his existing piloting knowledge with knowledge of combat maneuvers and weapons systems, in addition to basic maintenance of the related technology.  His pilot training was further supplemented with martial arts skills- in which he excelled thanks to his natural dexterity and strength- and ranged combat skills that benefitted from his hand-eye coordination.

There is no real prestige for a Vulcan serving in the lowly capacity of enlisted crewman.  However, Solluk has left those Vulcan standards behind him, and has decided to embrace at least one of the basic emotions that his injuries have cursed him with:  He has decided to have fun.

Department: Flight Control, specializing in operating embarked craft.

Additional Training Certifications: Security

Service Type: Enlisted


Temporary Character: (Captain) Roderick Marks
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 03/20/2357
Age: 38


Height: 6'
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Characteristic elements: Scruffily handsome, with a dangerous glint in his eye when something irks him.  Has a large scar on his left torso covering four bioplast ribs, and a biomechanical left lung.


Roderick Marks' parents were scientists working on the Venus Science Colony, and he grew up on that inhospitable world in an enclosed facility.  He didn't see the stars with his own eyes until he was ten, when he accompanied his parents on an offworld vacation.  He was immediately smitten, and knew that he would someday be among the stars.

Physically and mentally gifted, his performance in school was stellar, and when the time came, his application to Starfleet was accepted.  He climbed the ranks, serving in Flight Control, Security, and Operations before attaining his own command of a Rhode Island class vessel, the USS Hawaii, when he was just 35.  Early performance in the role was superb, with him gaining citations for fighting off a Nausicaan pirate incursion near Shelliak space, and for resolving diplomatic issues with the Trovalans.  Everything seemed primed for Robert to become one of the great Captains of Starfleet.

Then 'The Makrasian Incident' occurred.  The USS Hawaii was observing a sublight-capable pre-Warp civilization called the Makrasian Republic, as they seemed to be on the cusp of attaining warp technology.  He watched in horror as he saw them being invaded by the nearby hostile Penusian Empire.  The Penusians were an expansionist and xenophobic group who had recently achieved Warp technology and were using it to destroy their neighbors.  

The Penusians began their scorched-earth conquest with the outer colonies of the Makrasian solar system, committing total destruction and absolute genocide at each location attacked.  Roderick's mind and heart cracked as he watched the carnage unfold under intermediate-range sensors from just over the border from Makrasian space.  He listened to Makrasian tachyon broadcasts as they begged for help.  He watched video feeds of beheadings, and people being hung by their own entrails.  He ordered the Hawaii to intervene.

Though the Hawaii was technologically superior to the Penusians, it was vastly outnumbered.  The fighting was fierce, and the ship only barely managed to come out on top.  The Makrasian invasion fleet was fought off, and the Penusians were able to preserve their core world and their two lunar colonies.  Their outer colonies were all lost, and ten million of their people had been slaughtered, including men, women, and children.

Roderick was court-martialed for the incident, charged with violating the Prime Directive and even brought up on charges of committing war crimes during the fight.  Roderick took full blame for the incident, to the point of explaining that he threatened his crew with disciplinary action if they failed to obey his orders.  (Although this was not true.)  The war crime charges were quietly dropped as Starfleet and the Federation desired to avoid a scandal, but he was drummed out of the service on a dishonorable discharge.  He only avoided a prison sentence because of political machinations designed to minimize the incident in the public eye.

With his career and reputation ruined, Roderick now seeks a career in the private sector as the operator of a civilian freighter.  But it turns out that a dishonorably discharged Starfleet officer can't easily get a loan, and a lifetime of saving his credits seems to mean little outside of the blue line of the Federation border.  If he wants to buy a ship, he will have to go through unorthodox channels to do so...


Temporary Character: Bota M'Bala

Date of Birth: May 26th - 2121
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Nigerian)
Height: 6'
Hair color: Bald (Black)
Eye color: Brown
Additional features: Lithe, muscular frame
Face Claim: Taye Diggs

Mother: Oasi M'Bala
Father: Shaza M'Bala
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None

Early life  Bota M'Bala was the son of Shaza and Oasi M'Bala, Professors at the Nigerian Institute of Technology.  A good student who was always fascinated with the stars, he would often jog out at night into the wilderness surrounding his hometown and gaze at the sky, his view unfettered by the glare of city lights.  He eventually gained an Aerospace Industries scholarship to the University of Ibadan.  Upon receiving his Doctorate in antiparticle reaction physics with a minor in subspace theory, he applied to join Earth Starfleet.  

Starfleet career At age 30, he graduated Starfleet and was assigned to serve on the USS Mercury, where he would spend the majority of his career.  It was exciting for him to serve on the engineering department of the Mercury, an NV class starship which was kept flying only through the benefit of continuous maintenance.  He worked diligently there, receiving numerous letters of commendation for making improvements to the ship systems and performing critical repairs under difficult conditions.  The apex of his service occurred during an incident where the vessel was severely damaged while defending a transport from pirate raiders.  A coolant leak during this incident caused severe burns that, while they were eventually successfully healed, rendered him permanently bald.  During this incident, he managed to restore power during a critical stage of combat, potentially saving the lives of everyone aboard.  Recently, he received a promotion and assignment to the NX class Lexington.

Service history

2147 - Joined Starfleet Academy
2151 - Graduate of Starfleet.  Assigned to the Mercury
2156 - Assigned to the Lexington

Effective dates of promotion
2151 Assigned rank of Ensign upon graduation from Starfleet and assignment to the Mercury
2156 Promoted to rank of full Lieutenant and assigned to the Lexington

Click to access my profile which contains my character bio under 'about me.'

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I love the mission ideas you're coming out with! They're awesome!

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