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USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
« Last post by Katheryn Brighton on Today at 04:18:28 AM »

Katheryn was stood at the main sec/tac console monitoring the scanners not wanting to leave anything to chance especially when they still didn't know exactly who they were going up against or their true intentions when it came to the inhabitants of Vindii Prime. Weapons and shields were on standby should they be needed but of course she hoped that they wouldn't.

When it came to preparing for going to the planet had spent her time prior to coming to the Bridge, briefing her team about the meeting in the Conference Room especially with ensuring that all crew going to the planet would be carrying a weapon, why they were here and that Chief Ezac would be in charge and choosing the team to go with him. She finished by saying that she would be on the Bridge to monitor the situation and liaise with the Chief.

It felt strange her not being the one to go with the away team but knew that Ezac would do well and keep everyone safe. She was also glad to be able to quickly share with Cal that she wouldn't be going on any more away teams for the foreseeable future especially after he squeezed her hand during the briefing and it gave them both peace of mind that she wouldn't be causing any unnecessary risks. For now she returned to the scanners ready to notify if anything changed. 

USS Shran [NCC- 81735] / Re: S2-M2 Shatterpoint (Discussion)
« Last post by Caelene Tam on Today at 03:40:07 AM »
Tag to Kalro, Miller, Garrison, and potentially Hawke

Kalro - I've been writing under the idea of the departmental duties on the SF site:,6310.0.html Based on that, I believe Engineering would usually be doing power transfers (as I did for Kinley at Science) and Ops would be assisting with power transfers if Engineering couldn't get to them. :)
USS Shran [NCC- 81735] / Re: S2- M2 - Shatterpoint
« Last post by Caelene Tam on Today at 03:36:44 AM »
[USS Shran, Bridge]

As some of the newer crewmembers made their way onto the bridge during the yellow alert, Caelene glanced back to see who had come onto the bridge. A woman in sciences teal and a man in services yellow. She didn't recognize either of them offhand, but the man was in fact a Zakdorn and unless she was mistaken, he had been assigned to the Security/Tactical department. The Trill turned back to the Engineering console and made a few adjustments.

Her attention went back to the bridge as a commotion started. As she looked over, her eyes went wide as she watched Will faint at the sight of the woman in teal. Apparently they had known each other... Everything seemed to be happening quickly, then. Caelene watched as people scrambled to help the Chief Operations Officer and, after a brief glance at the console, she made her way over as well. There was little she could do, but she was relieved when Medical arrived to help.

With that situation settled, she made her way back to the center of the bridge. Raising an eyebrow at James, she shook her head slightly. With a killer ship on the loose, they really didn't need additional issues. Caelene was relieved to hear that the shuttle they'd found was retrieved successfully. Perhaps the survivors could tell them more...

"Sirs, he suggested, "if this runabout is from a ship destroyed by our mirror-universe adversary, I wonder if it might be possible to beam aboard some small pieces of the local starship debris.  Perhaps into storage bay three.  Even two or three pieces of the outer hull would give us useful information.  Analyzing molecular changes to hull materials could tell us the strength and EM frequency of the threat-vessel's weapon systems.  In any eventual confrontation, we may be able to optimize our own shield frequencies based on what we learn.  It could give us a tactical advantage in a fight."

Caelene, hearing the request, glanced over at James before turning towards the Zakdorn, "Go ahead Ensign. Any information we gain would be helpful. I'd like a containment field around it though, at least until we ensure that there are no dangerous residual material..we don't know exactly what that ship is using. Also, please ask someone from your department to help analyze it; I'll contact Engineering and do the same."

=A=Tam to Engineering. I need someone to meet up with one of the Security/Tactical personnel in Storage Bay Three to analyze some debris from the ship that was destroyed and help determine what kind of weaponry was used so we can potentially adjust our shields and defenses to be more effective. Report back with any relevant findings. Tam out.=A= Although Caelene wasn't entirely sure who would go help with the analysis, she trusted those in Engineering to find someone suitable. They'd recently gained a new Engineering Officer, a Lieutenant Miller, who she still needed to formally meet. She frowned slightly. Normally she would have already met him, but with her additional duties as Executive Officer and some conflicting shifts, she hadn't had the chance. It was something that had been on her agenda for the day.

"Sirs, some of the debris is drifting in an odd pattern inconsistent with its earlier drift vector.  It is as though the debris is responding to a gravitational or electromagnetic disturbance-"

He paused, his mind racing to the most likely explanations.  Then his fingers danced on the console, requesting that Ops provide emergency power to shields.  Doing so without orders could get him chastised, but if he was right...

When things calmed down a bit, Caelene moved back to the Engineering console to continue to monitor their systems and power requirements for the ship. Once again the Zakdorn caught her attention. "Can you make a determination of what is causing it, Ensign...or perhaps Commander Garrison," the Trill asked, addressing them both.

Seeing the request for emergency power to the shields, she frowned. Apparently the Ensign hadn't realized that she was taking care of Engineering duties on the bridge at the moment, but what really concerned her was the request itself. However, Caelene would rather err on the side of caution, so she quickly tapped on the power distribution command menu and transferred power over to the shields.

OFF: Tag to Kalro, Miller, Garrison, possibly Hawke
USS Shran [NCC- 81735] / Re: S2-M2 Shatterpoint (Discussion)
« Last post by Calandra Trilarck on Today at 03:11:03 AM »

So, I finally got around to posting in the Mission after finishing up my enlistment training like I promised!

Tag to all in Sickbay.

Alyssa, I just wrote a sentence in Sam's voice introducing Calandra to the room, using basically the same sentence you used to introduce Ruth. I hope that's okay! I don't plan on RPing him again, I just wanted the introduction without having to have her necessarily make it first.

I was wondering if there was any room for a side mission in this. Part of Calandra's history is that her twin brother died in childbirth. I would love the reasoning behind her having no Mirrorverse counterpart because in the Mirror reality, her brother is alive and she is the one who is dead. I would love for somehow her to be able to obtain news regarding Halii from the Aeries or even the Extinction so she can upload it to her computer. At the end of the day, I don't think she's even going to look at it, she'll probably delete the file as it's too painful. She needs to self preserve. If not, some other time!

So fun to get in on this! Night.

USS Shran [NCC- 81735] / Re: S2- M2 - Shatterpoint
« Last post by Calandra Trilarck on Today at 02:55:26 AM »
[USS Shran - Corridor]

Calandra was never nervous and yet a small sense of dread tightened the pit of her stomach. After having dropped off her belongings in her quarters, she had decided that it was time to get familiarized with Sickbay since she was offered a small station there due to her position. Although she had spent years working for Starfleet in the Ambassador's office after her training, this was her first time ever stepping foot on a Federation starship in the capacity as an officer. A counselor, for that matter, a designation in which deep down she knew that she was not truly suited for but the vacancy immediately needed to be filled and she had jumped at the chance. the runabout that she had arrived one was filled with a sea of faces unfamiliar, filled with species that she recognized and a very few who she couldn't quite place. According to the database Calandra was the first Haliian on the ship but she knew there were many more to come due to her father's insistence on a Haliian Starfleet Exchange program, whose sole mission was to recruit young Haliians to join the academy. Although she knew that this would be a successful endeavor to broaden her native species' horizons, she could not help but feel a bit of contempt towards the program.

First, as her childhood had dictated, she was once again used as a prop by the Federation by becoming the first Haliian to ever serve on the Shran in order to test out the merits of the program. Essentially, she was a guinea pig, whose overall mission was to impress her commanding officers enough that they would continue to recommend funding for this program. Calandra didn't mind the pressure that came along with this responsibility, however, she was irked at already having to meet a high standard the minute she stepped out of that runabout.  Secondly, the only reason that her father did not put up much of a fight when she tendered her resignation was because he knew better than to sabotage the program that he had worked so diligently on. In a small way, the Ambassador's daughter was slightly grateful that her father had convinced Starfleet to expunge her Maquis' record, it was better than sitting in jail. Well, perhaps this was another jail because once again, even though she was light years away, at any moment her father could still check up on her.

The ship had been on yellow alert in the midst of some sort of investigation. Calandra's eyes were glued to the tablet as she tried to digest the information rapidly, looking up from time to time as to not knock into any oncoming officer. Something or someone had completely destroyed the Haphaestus, barely leaving any debris in its wake. The shields were of no use and it seemed that ship seemed to explode from the inside out. Curious. Her index finger clicked on the message relayed by Admiral Sandstrom and it began to play instantly, his voice echoing off of the PADD's audio system. Calandra snorted silently as he wished them luck but the curiosity that she felt about encountering members of a mirror universe filled her head with resolve as she lifted up her gaze, Sickbay's doors were now within her sight.

There was no service that she could provide to the Shran right now while the ship was underway examining the wreckage of the Hephaestus. Another chime rung out and she read that a runabout had been uncovered in the trail of the wreckage. Although she was an adept science officer, the Haliian believed it would be best to operate within the parameters of her function for the next few weeks before making herself available to the science team. For the first few months, she would concentrate solely on her duties as Counselor, including meeting with the crew members and facilitating First Contact. To her knowledge, the Shran was also receiving a new female Chief Science Officer and although Calandra wanted to get acquainted with her to assess the CSO's level of expertise, she deemed it inappropriate at this time. Instead, she continued her approach towards the doors and waited for them to open.

[USS Shran - Sickbay]

Traditionally, Doctors and Counselors saw each other through the lens of colleagues. Although their roles were very different, the similarities that overlapped allowed most doctor-counselor teams to be an effective combination. Starfleet had taught her that there was strength in the combination of minds but Calandra wasn't entirely sure  she was convinced of this. In this case, having a Doctor of a higher ranking working with her in Sickbay essentially meant that Doctor Meadows was her commanding officer. Therefore, her boss. Even during her days spent gallivanting around with the Maquis, there was an order and hierarchy that protocol dictated she adhere to. However, Calandra was worried as the Shran seemed to be more of a lax, unconventional ship. One thing that Calandra couldn't stand was laziness. Even though she came from a place of privilege, she had spent her entire life working to achieve her goals, never using her societal place as an excuse for her lack of production.

Calandra's eyes scanned the Sickbay as she entered, taking in the large room that contained sporadic beeping and the gentle rustling of the various medical machines.  Her eyes darted over to a blonde haired human near one of the bio bed before making their way to a crude chainsaw that had been laying on the floor. Immediately, the counselor recognized her as Lieutenant Meadows from having read over her mission briefing and the crew roster. When she opened up her mouth to speak, a voice interrupted her. "Greetings, Counselor Calandra Trilarck, identification number 43-964. I am Sam. Welcome to Sickbay."

Calandra's eyebrows shot up in surprise. While she was familiar with EMH programs and Starfleet's computer system, she had yet to encounter anything so lifelike. Even with only being able to hear the computer's voice, she noticed that the speech pattern varied, giving him an almost conversational tone of voice. It appeared to her that this system had personality, some sort of complex matrices in its personality subroutines that gave it artificial intelligence. Even though she was impressed, her face remained stoic and did not move, "Artifical intelligence assisting Sickbay?" She asked Doctor Meadows before her attention drifted to a redheaded woman that she vaguely recognized from the runabout trip to the ship and young man lying in the bed. Calandra took a step forward to further survey the room, "Crewman Counselor Calandra Trilarck reporting for duty. You must be Dr. Meadows," she assessed, her face never bending to a friendly expression.

Before she could inquire as to who the other two crew members were in Sickbay, the entire room began to rumble as if an earthquake ripped right through. Calandra's placed her arms at her sides to steady her balance and bent her knees slightly to absorb the vibrations of the shock. Instinctually, she grabbed a chair, using it to stabilize her balance. After the rumbling subsided, she heard the alarm blare signalling Red Alert. Locking her knees back up, she straightened out her spine and stood erect. "More importantly, what was that?"
USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 Discussion Thread
« Last post by Susan Venator on Today at 01:47:12 AM »
Tag Captain
USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
« Last post by Susan Venator on Today at 01:46:55 AM »
[Conference Room]

She had remained standing, listening as the senior officers took turns asking questions and both the Captain and the admiral answered them. It was great to see everyone work together as a team. This was how they got things done.

"These are all good questions. We can reasonable assume that anyone willing to break the Prime Directive won't easily go down without a fight. I want all our people armed, but I don't want you firing upon the natives unless the lives of your team members are at stake. Remember, they are innocent in all of this."

She turned to face the new science officer, reminding herself that she was going to have to set up some time to formally get to know the woman when not in the middle of a potentially dangerous mission.

"The lieutenant is correct. We will need to monitor our systems as well as the planet when we are within range. That is why I want science to work with engineering to make sure that we don't put ourselves within harm's way. I can assist medical in monitoring radiation levels and with any luck we can get our people in and out of there before being exposed to dangerous levels."

She looked to the captain and admiral once more before turning back to the crew, "If there are no more questions, I'd like for everyone to get to work."

2 hours later


Naira had been on the bridge when they arrived at Vindii Prime. The spinning blue ball looked not to dissimilar to Earth and many other M class planets from a distance. If it had not been for the solar activity in the system, it might have one day made for a nice place to visit. However, if their calculations were anywhere near accurate, all life on the planet was only days away from extinction.

She tried not to dwell on that fact for too long. As a doctor and a person of science, seeing an entire planet on the verge of collapse saddened her to think of all the possible future achievements that they won't have the opportunity to develop, the culture that they won't be able to share and the knowledge that will be lost. She tried to dismiss her feelings as merely hormonal sentimentality, but there was something more to it.

"I'm going to check in with medical to see what progress they've made. Keep me apprised to any findings we make. As soon as we locate the cause to the temperature anomaly, we should have a team together to investigate."

Naira got up from her seat and headed for the turbolift.


Suzie had been seated at Ops when they arrived at the planet. She decided that, to cover the whole planet they needed to launch several probes to act as relays for communications and to help pinpoint any signals while the Athena itself stayed out of sight. When the probes were ready, she looked up at the Captain.

"Permission to launch the probes Captain?" She asked.
USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 Discussion Thread
« Last post by Jules Bash on Today at 01:46:50 AM »
Tag Saya. Back to work we go!
USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
« Last post by Jules Bash on Today at 01:46:10 AM »

Jules nodded.

"Personally, I think every transported away team should have a master comm device anyway, but that's besides the point. Running the web through the tricorders would be the most feasible option. And yes, lets go ahead and program it. "

He walked back up the main holodeck console, and began writing the environment simulation, essentially two console desks, and a cargo bay full of away team possible equipment, as available on the Athena.

Jules leaned back in the chair, his mind feeling slightly overwhelmed by the entirety of the program they had been writing. It was far from complete, but the overarching classes and an index of proposed reference variables had been written. The amount of diagrams and rough drafts he and Ozu had been running through gave Jules a headache if he thought about it for to long.

Jules closed his eyes, rubbed them softly, and then reached out to grab his PADD as it chirped. He opened his eyes and ran over the message from the chief engineer. He began to mutter bits of the message to himself.

"Planet... Federation tech... Prime Directive... Ugh." He spun in his chair around to face Saya. "Brainstorming round two. You read the chief's message? Any idea's for what to start working on?" Jules said, as he tapped on the console in front of him, having the holodeck create a glass of water on his desk, which he then began to drink. There were benefits to working in the holodeck.
U.S.S Challenger [NCC-40117] / Re: S1E9 The Bright Side of Life
« Last post by Lizzie Vaughan on Today at 01:40:43 AM »
PO2 Rayek
[Corridor outside Engineering]

With confirmation of which bays were to be converted, Rayek was about to contact Cleroux with his draft schedule when the doctors comm call came in.

With an evacuation to the saucer section, security would no doubt be needed to assist.  Rayek moved off to the side of the corridor and looked at his PADD working out who he could send to assist.  Thanks to the Captain's all hands call, Alpha shift was currently still at their main duty stations starting into their 8th hour, Beta shift which should be just coming on shift was now Alpha's back-up, and Delta shift which had gotten off duty 8 hours ago were working their secondary duty stations.  It was unfortunate but Delta shift was going to get saddled with the evacuation task.  Even as Rayek came to that determination his comm badge came alive with Dr. Vaughan's voice.

Rayek tapped his commbadge  =/\= Acknowledged, Doctor.  I will have the Delta shift  report to Lounge to assist.  I will be available to discuss the plan in 10 minutes if that works for you? =/\=  The sooner he knew what the plan was the more effective he and his teams could be.


Lizzie had not been waiting long when Rayek replied.

=/\= Thank you Mr Rayek. I am in Sickbay whenever you are ready. =/\=

She then turned to her senior Tech, a Human male by the name of Roach.

"Chief. Round up some off duty personnel and head to the mess hall to co-ordinate with Security. We need everyone settled as quickly as possible." She ordered.

"On my way Boss." The Chief replied in his Texan accent.

He sent out a message to all the off duty med Techs and immediately headed out of Sickbay and up to the Lounge.
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