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SS Last Chance / Re: Active Mission - The Down Payment
« Last post by Jada on Today at 06:38:09 AM »
Last Chance

After giving Najem his golden handshake and exit interview, then shooing him off the Last Chance (and wholly out of her mind), D'Zyre resolved to be all business, all the time, from this point forward and through the rest of the voyage. She needed to keep her head clear and mind focused on work. But she'd made such vows before, and they'd never lasted long. Sooner or later, her lust caught up with her and her hunger needed to be sated. She'd already lined up the captain as a back-up plan, and she'd find herself working on the crew soon enough. It was an addiction, and she thought she managed it, but maybe binging before a drought wasn't the best approach. It left her thinking of little else.

Hoping no one heard any muffled screams from the storage closet (and would assume them to be some ordinary murder if they did), D'Zyre emerged, found a much more dismal replacement quarters, showered, and changed. She chose a boiler suit: practical working wear, with many pockets, yet still spotless white and with a zip that could sit halfway down her chest. And she didn't have to wear anything underneath.


"That's great Jenna, how about I stay here with you until we can?"

'Well, I can work with an audience watching.' D'Zyre said, gliding into Engineering and past the flirting couple. She really, really, really tried not to get involved... 'And don't mind me, I don't want to get between you. Though I wouldn't mind...' and she'd almost succeeded.

Locating the thruster control console, she checked the diagnostics, hoped they were correct and Jor Trem hadn't just sold them a lemon or a deathtrap (well, he wouldn't want them blowing up in his hangar, he'd wait until they were far out in space first), then engaged the VTOL systems. She hit the Bridge communicator. 'Engineering to Bridge, D'Zyre speaking,' Who else could sound so enticing? 'Thrusters are ready to fire, on your mark captain.'

When Roderick finally took off, the Last Chance began to rumble and shake as the thrusters and anti-gravs engaged, emitting a mighty force. The shaking was transmitted through deck and console and into the waiting drive technician. D'Zyre was so sensitive to vibrations. And there was something about riding a mighty engine that really thrilled her. Holding hard to the console, quivering, she fixated on the rising power flow readouts and accelerometers, 'Come on, you beautiful boy,' she urged the ship, before she finally got thrust that drove her and the freighter up and out of the hangar. 'Mmm, yes!' she cheered ecstatically. She stroked the console tenderly. 'I love a good thruster.'
Fleet News Service / Re: Happy Birthday Kali Reyes!
« Last post by T'Ra Jones on Today at 06:25:30 AM »
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! :)
Fleet News Service / Re: Happy Birthday Kali Reyes!
« Last post by Kyan Mackenzie on Today at 05:54:06 AM »
Happy celebration of your birth! I shall give yku a present in my next mission post!
SS Last Chance / Re: Active Mission - The Down Payment
« Last post by Solluk on Today at 04:49:07 AM »
[Last Chance, Bridge]

Standing on the bridge, Roderick laid his hand on the back of the Captain's seat.  It was likely the last quiet moment he'd have until this was all over.  Taking a deep breath, he let it out slowly.

"Well," he said to himself, "this is it."

Shifting the position of his hand to the arm-rest, he touched the intercom.  "This is the Captain.  We're going gear-up.  Engineering, we'll go to warp as soon as you confirm we're ready."

With that, he moved to sit at the flight console, carefully running the old bird through pre-flight checks.  From the console, he sent a clearance request to traffic control, hoping that their employer hadn't noticed any spare parts missing from his storage facility.

Once the clearance came through and the bay yawned open, Roderick set the ship into motion.

His life of crime had now officially begun.

USS Tempest / Re: S1 M8: Discussion Topic "By the Light of Helaspont"
« Last post by Klizh on Today at 04:09:33 AM »
Tag the Bridge Crew.
USS Tempest / Re: S1 M8: "By the Light of Helaspont"
« Last post by Klizh on Today at 04:03:16 AM »

The ship was in chaos, and K'lizh sat in his station almost statuesque, moving only to perform the duties required of him. Chaos reigned supreme and it was all he could do to process everything going on around him. Finally when faced with a problem, though, he snapped out of his silence. "Captain, the ship's schematics are all in the computer core. If we uploaded the schematics for the brig into the holodeck and disabled voice commands for the Tzenkethi, we could use that as a temporary brig."
USS Discovery / Season Twelve Missions
« Last post by Kyle Briggs on Yesterday at 09:34:13 PM »
SEASON 12 (June 2395 - May 2396)
Season Twelve of the USS Discovery SIMM

Mission 1: Anti-Gravity   (June 1-June 30)

While traveling through an area of space known to be frequented by pirates, the Discovery gets struck by an undetectable alien mine and is severely damaged to the point of being unable to move. To complicate matters, the instruments that controlled the gravity on board ship is now damaged beyond repair, causing everyone to float around in zero gravity. So for the time being, the Discovery is a sitting duck in pirate-infested space. Can repairs be made before company arrives or will they have to try to defend themselves while making repairs?

Submitted by: Kinley Garrison

Mission 2: This Left Behind   (July 1-July 31)

The Discovery is patrolling in the Halara System when Kyan receives a sub message from someone claiming to be a child slave. He goes to the Command Staff and they pass by the planet a scan reveals that they are using kids but only theirs. They are a non Federation planet so the Discovery can not interfere with them. Kyan ends up bringing her/him aboard, the kid tells us there are other species being enslaved including Federation ones and that they are being held in a shielded area. The Command Staff decide to send in an Away Team undercover. 

Submitted by: Kyan Mackenzie

Mission 3: What's Yours Is Mine   (August 1-August 31)

The Discovery crew are returning from a trip to an uninhabited planet, when they find memories being forgotten. Not simple forgetfulness, but large chunks of their life missing. The first time they rode a bike, their first pet Sehlat, even people that made a small, but important impact on their lives. Maybe their first lover, or someone who gave them advice they would carry with them. Regardless, these memories seem to be disappearing in everyone.

Submitted by: Jettis Jyur
USS Tempest / Re: S1 M8: Discussion Topic "By the Light of Helaspont"
« Last post by Nicholas Mortier on Yesterday at 09:17:08 PM »
Tag Hawk.

USS Tempest / Re: S1 M8: "By the Light of Helaspont"
« Last post by Nicholas Mortier on Yesterday at 09:16:36 PM »

When Lucian requested to be dismissed to lead a Security Team, James responded with a curt nod to indicate his permission. Once Lucian had left, James took his place at the Tactical Station and reached out to the Starbase and Ticonderoga.

=/\= Starbass 621, USS Ticonderoga, this is the USS Tempest. Do either of you require assistance? =/\=

James quickly got a response from the Starbase.

=/\= We've sustained heavy casualties and damage in some areas but are working on repairs and treatin wounded. Any assurance would be appreciated but take after your own crew and ship first. =/\=

The Ticonderoga then sent it's reply.

=/\= We've got many casualties as well but we have heavy damage to our Warp Coils. If you have any spare Deuterium Injectors we would be much obliged. =/\=

James then taped his combadge to get onto engineering.

=/\= Hawk to Mortier. The Tugonseroga needs spare Deuterium Injectors. Do you have any spares that we can give them? =/\=
[USS Tempest - Brig]
Nicholas was getting a little ruffled-up. The work was endless and tiring. On top of it, he needed to be two places at once now.
=//\\= I'll check the inventory, sir, but it would be better to get new ones from the industrial replicator on the starbase.=//\==
Computer, he called, how many spare deuterium injectors do we have?
There are 3 spare deuterium injectors
=//\\= We have 3 spare injectors, sir. The team can get them prepped for shipments in an hour or so.=//\\=
To account for his fatigue, Nicholas then ordered the finest elixir. Computer,
Holodeck / Re: The Forgotten Jungles (Caleb and Katheryn)
« Last post by Katheryn Carter on Yesterday at 07:37:26 PM »
"So this is the cave eh? It's so much more awesome in person," Caleb said as he adjusted his backpack. The time he had spent there already was wonderful, but this was the start of something different. He let her into his jungles and he was glad she took him here. Each meeting of their seemed to only progress their relationship. It was so nice to get to learn things about her.

From what had happened back at the house to walking up here with him made Katheryn realise just how much she loved their relationship and being with him. Now he was getting to learn more about her and she wanted to show him as much as she could so when he then spoke about the cave she smiled. " It is and I'm glad you like it Cal in fact you'll soon find out why its so special to me once we get inside ".
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