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Nicholas Mortier - Reporting in
« on: April 23, 2017, 07:33:21 AM »
Name: Nicholas Mortier
Age: 63
DOB: 4/17/2332
Species: Terran
Family: Frederick (father), Joanna (mother, deceased), Francis (paternal cousin), Lauren (Wife), Jeffery (son), Edward (paternal uncle), Marshal Edouard Mortier, a marshal under Napoleon and later PM of France (distant paternal ancestor)
Bio: Mortier was born in Brighton, England in 2332. His paternal grandfather was French, but his other grandparents were English. His father was the heir to a weapons-manufacturing empire, which designed the phasers fitted on most Excelsior-class ships (that was his grandfather's proudest achievement).
Although Mortier could afford to live a life of leisure, he chose to work in his parents' company. To that end, he took part in writing the targeting software for the Photon Torpedoes on the Galaxy-class starships.
In 2361, Nicholas Mortier met Lauren Baker, a brilliant (and attractive) physicist. A year later, they married. Their only son, Jeffery, was born in 2365.
In 2367, at the age of 35, Mortier was CTO of his parents' corporation. He and his subordinates took part in the program that led to the development of Quantum Torpedoes by Starfleet. Although he supported the Defiant-class program, Mortier was excluded from it by a rival firm, and thus avoided the blame for its shortcomings.
During the Dominion War, Mortier entered an agreement with other arms manufacturers, in which they coordinated their efforts to the good of Starfleet. This was not his idea, however.
In 2380, Mortier's company won the exclusive contract to analyze the weapons brought back by Voyager, and fit them on existing starships. The USS Galaxy was used as a testbed for most weapons. During this time, he began to diversify the company, developing enhancements for Starfleet's main console UI.
In 2384, Mortier's mother died of an incurable disease. His father, who spent his life working, did not spend her dying years with her. A grief-stricken man, he retired, resolving to spend what time he could with his brother, Edward. Nicholas Mortier, at the age of 52, took over the company.
In 2393, Mortier retired, giving the company to his son, Jeffery. After spending 2 years touring the quadrant with his wife, Mortier realized that he wanted to see his inventions in action. To that end, he joined Starfleet.

Commissioned, Enlisted, or Civilian? Commissioned.
Previous RP Experience: Some RPs where each player runs a country. 2 games of D&D.
Primary Department: Engineering, particularly software
Secondary Department: Security, particularly weapons

Sample post:

Personal Log, Stardate... I don't remember anymore. Computer, what's the stardate?
Computer: *inaudible*
Yeah, that

Murphy's Law, it seems, is in full effect. The program directing energy flow to the phasers had glitched, on account of an awkward interface with the 2350's kernel. This, I'm sure, was caused by some shoddy "enhancement" constructed by the Vulcans during the Dominion War. They simply don't understand the concept of program usability. Every Vulcan program in existence is designed to operate under ideal parameters, with precise calibrations that only a Vulcan can achieve. Just when the power supply was running uneven due to repairs, we had to be stuck with Vulcan programming.
I had to spend the bulk of my day writing multiple protocols to get the thing running, and wound up with an inelegant mess. I'll have to refine it all tomorrow.
Just as I finished that, I was called to sickbay. Of course, Lauren picked just this time to catch Rubellan Measles. Now I can't leave her all alone, but I can't leave the Phasers teetering over the edge.
It's been a long day, and it will be a very, very long night.

How I found Shadow Fleet: I was told about it by James Hawk (no E)
Additional Information: I request to be assigned to the USS Tempest, in order to serve with Hawk.
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Re: Nicholas Mortier - Reporting in
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2017, 11:15:37 AM »

A very nice application.

I can put you on the Tempest in the Engineering Department.

And I will ask that your Officer Training Class get started.

Please report into Julia Rellek and James Hawk (no e).

Welcome aboard,



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