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Athena Mission: Ever After City
« on: Yesterday at 09:02:46 PM »
Continuing on from this thread on the Temp. site: Topic.

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Re: Athena Mission: Ever After City
« Reply #1 on: Today at 07:31:18 AM »
[Mega City]

Katheryn watched still full of concern as Ethan stretched his arm then smiled when he responded glad that her ministrations had worked as it had been sometime since she last used a dermal regenerator. When he then looked up and asked what they were going to do in order to get up to the Clarke crew, she looked up at the Captain and in a way could understand why he didn't want to leave and had fired at them.

It was if an inner battle was going on inside her mind over wanting to relocate here with Caleb and her duty to the Captain and the Away Team and at the moment that sense of duty was winning. Looking back at Ethan " Once the Captain gives the go ahead we'll either be sending Alpha Team up first to secure it for us or they'll create a diversion so we can find another way in ".


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