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HELP: Specialties
« on: April 02, 2017, 07:04:06 AM »
Specialties are special assignments within an existing department on a starship. While these cover typical things like an Operations officer being a specialist in alien languages (like Hoshi Sato) or a doctor being a specialists in cybernetics it also covers other less typical jobs like JAG and Intelligence officers and is generally used (on this site) to describe such things.

As a reminder, all characters are considered to be highly proficient in the skills and areas of expertise that someone in their department typically has. Adding a speciality doesn’t detract from that. A specialty is an area of interest that is decided upon for stronger characterization.

Adding a Specialty
A member can add specialty by simply talking to their CO. This isn’t a formal thing and is really just between you and them. Please keep requests for “I’m good at something” or “areas of interest” out of this. Such things should be included in your character’s background.

What a Specialty Is
  • A posting on a ship that requires a special set of skills, within a department.
  • A narrative concete that adds to the enjoyment of the other members of the ship.
  • A furtherance of your character concept.
  • A job that a ship in deep space could conceivably have a use for on a regular basis.
  • Something discussed and defined between you and your CO.
  • Assigned on a case-by-case basis, as needed.
What a Specialty Is NOT
  • A promotion.
  • Its own department.
  • A way to have more authority than other characters.
  • Simply something your character is good at. (That’s your backstory)
Example Specialties

JAG Officers
A JAG is an officer with a specialty in Federation law and investigation. They report directly to the Judge Advocate General (an NPC) but are still beholden to their ship's chain of command for things not directly related to their mission. They are typically assigned to the Operations department. Any "oversight" missions have to actually come from actual CLOs with permission of the CO in charge of the SIMM.

Intelligence Officers
An Intel officer is a Security officer who specializes in encryption, counter intelligence, espionage, and related skills. (Not, like, a black ops assassin, wetwork, "above the law" types). They are beholden to the normal chain of command and the normal laws of the Federation. (Please note that we are not accepting Section 31 members as player characters at this time. Starfleet Intelligence is an option. For returning S31 members, talk to Kirok to be reassigned to SFI.)

TIC Officers
Tactical Operations Command officers are in charge of piloting drones and coordinating the intelligence they receive. TIC officers are often assigned to the Flight Control department. Not all ships have these so it is something of a case by case.

A chaplain is a medical officer, not unlike a counselor, who oversees the myriad religious needs of the various members of a ship or starbase and advises the commanding officer on matters of religion. Chaplains typically do not hold a rank, serving more in an advisory capacity.

These are science officers with an emphasis on planetary survival skills as well as the ability to work alone for extended periods of time. A ranger candidate needs basic skills in piloting, self-defense, and a heavy background in planetary science. Rangers are taught survival skills for alien worlds, how to blend in, and how to sneak past enemy surveillance. They are dispatched as scouts (often in shuttles) to covertly observe and explore planets. They may be dispatched to observe enemy movements. On your average ship a ranger is assigned to the science department and is used for long term observational missions, help away teams, or to lend their expertise on planetary sciences.

These are officers trained in their department as well as emergency medical care. They fill in, offering triage and medical services to delay death. They are also trained in search and rescue techniques. This is a common set of skills for a medical officer to have, EMTs fill in when there are no medical officers on site.
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