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Shadow Fleet Chain of Command & Support Staff
« on: December 28, 2016, 11:30:45 PM »
“Shadow Fleet” is comprised of 3 Task Forces. We are in Task Force 10. The site focused on the adventurers of one of the Task Groups (a smaller unit within Task Force 10) called “Task Group Alpha”.

Fleet Executive Staff
Commanding Officer of Shadow Fleet: Fleet Admiral Chris Newberry
Currently Stationed on Starbase Columbus

Fleet Captain of Task Group Alpha: Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Kirok
Currently Stationed as Captain of USS Shran

Executive Officer of Task Group Alpha: Captain Constance Lafayette
Currently Stationed as Captain of USS Athena

USS Shran Command Staff
Odyssey-class starship - NCC 81735
Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Kirok
First Officer: Commander James A. Hawke
Second Officer: Lt. Commander Jamie McConnell
Chief of the Boat: (NPC)

USS Discover Command Staff
Akira-class starship - NCC 78393 - A
Commanding Officer: Captain Kyle Briggs
First Officer: Commander Tekin Nevir
Second Officer: (NPC)
Chief of the Boat: PO3 Kali Reyes

USS Athena Command Staff
Intrepid-class starship - NCC 31415
Commanding Officer: Captain Constance Lafayette
First Officer: Commander James Carter
Second Officer: Lt. Commander Dylan Torngate
Chief of the Boat: (NPC)

Starbase Columbus Command Staff
Citadel-class starbase
Commanding Officer: Captain Luke Stafford
First Officer: Lt. Commander Daniel Howell
Second Officer: Lieutenant Michael Tritter
Chief of the Boat: (NPC)

USS Tempest Command Staff
Galaxy-class starship - NCC 71863
Commanding Officer: Captain Julia Rellek
First Officer: Commander William Waring
Second Officer: (NPC)
Chief of the Boat: (NPC)

Site Owner: Chris Newberry
Site Administrator: Kirok
Site Administrator: Constance Lafayette

Academy Commandant: Julia Rellek
Head of Media & Recruitment Officer: Kirok
Facebook Account Manager: Dylan Torngate
Site Data Manager: Constance Lafayette
ID Card Creator: Daniel Howell
Face Claim List Manager: Constance Lafayette
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Commanding Officer, USS Athena
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