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At Shadow Fleet, we pride ourselves on our professional structure, which is actually based on real-world military organization and practises.

Two Major Fleet Commands make up the fleet - the Personnel & Training Command, responsible for the recruitment, retention and training of all Shadow Fleet members; and the Operations & Support Command, tasked with managing the fleet's individual task forces, task groups and SIMMs.

Each Major Fleet Command (or MFC) is managed by a senior player holding the rank of Vice Admiral. They are each assisted by numerous Rear Admirals who head up several Subordinate Fleet Commands (SFC).

The role of the Personnel & Training Command is to recruit and retain new members to the fleet as well as provide training and support to existing members. Naturally, the Command includes the Media & Recruitment Team whose job is to promote the fleet externally; and Shadow Fleet Academy, tasked with training the latest Officer Candidates for a future role on one of our SIMMs. Additionally, the Head of the Personnel & Training will oversee player applications, leaves of absences and member disputes.

The Operations & Support Command is tasked with managing and providing operational support to each of the fleet's SIMMs. This ranges from ensuring posting activity levels remain high, to providing detailed help guides and templates to commanding officers. Without the organization the Operations & Support Command provides, each SIMM would remain completely independent from one another, going against one of the fleet's core principles - community.

Each SIMM in the fleet is structured in a similar manner seen in the U.S. Navy, on which Star Trek and Shadow Fleet is primarily based.

At the top of the chain is the Commanding Officer, an experienced player who has graduated from Shadow Fleet's intense Command Officer Training Course (COTC), designed to assess Command Officers on their posting, inter-personal skills and dispute management. S/he is assisted by the First Officer, also a graduate of the COTC, and the Chief of the Boat (COB), the senior enlisted player on the SIMM.

Beneath them are the Department Heads, each of whom is responsible for the players in their department. Usually holding the rank of Lieutenant or above, Department Heads are considered senior players on a SIMM and the first port of call for any new player in trouble.

Should you decide to join Shadow Fleet, you will be placed in one of our SIMMs, as listed below. You may begin as an Enlisted Crewman Recruit, or Cadet 4th Class and be posted to your ship right away, or you can choose to take either the Enlisted Officers or Commissioned Officers Training Course first and then be assigned as a PO3 or an Ensign. Then, there will be ample opportunity for you to progress through the ranks and for you to become a senior officer or even a Command Officer. Who knows, perhaps your name will be listed here one day?

Task Group Alpha

Akira class USS Discovery-A

Intrepid class USS Athena

USS Phoenix (NCC 65420)

Nebula class USS Phoenix


Shadow Fleet is run by a small but dedicated group of experienced role-players led by the Fleet Commander, a Admiral. Assisting him is the Fleet Executive Officer, an Vice Admiral, who directs the commanders of each Major Fleet Command, Vice Admirals in rank.

Each Vice Admiral has at least one Rear Admiral beneath him, who runs one of his Subordinate Fleet Commands, such as the Shadow Fleet Academy within the Fleet Personnel & Training Command or Task Force 10 within the Operations & Support Command.

The SFCs are sometimes then further split into Low-Level Fleet Commands, or LLFCs. This is usually the case in the Operations & Support Command, where each Task Force is subdivided into Task Groups, consisting of at least three ships. LLFCs are usually commanded by a Rear Admiral (Lower Half).

Finally, each SIMM is commanded by a player holding the rank of either Captain or Commander, with a First Officer immediately subordinate to him. The Chief of the Boat, the senior enlisted player on the ship, assists them with minor tasks and ensures crew morale remains high.

Find out who's who in Shadow Fleet by taking a look at our Command & Support Staff roster.


Would you like to know more about Shadow Fleet's organization? Our help files contain a plethora of information to help you get to grips with our command structure. You might want to try:

You may also want to download our fleet organizational chart (.pdf).